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初中英语语法讲解 动词的时态(2)-2

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[00:07.44]A.had givenB.gaveC.was giving[00:25.96]4.Lood at thoseclouds!(B)[00:44.32]A.It's raingingB It's going to rainC.It'll rain[01:05.82]5.The boy is stillin hospital.He(B)afever since last week.[01:41.28]A.hadB.has hadC.had had[01:58.23]6.Be quiet! I wantto hear what theteacher(A)[02:36.68]A.is sayingB.saysC.has said[02:50.17]7.___Don't forget tocome to the meetingthis afternoon.___No,I(A)[03:11.20]A.won'tB.can'tC.don't[03:20.77]8.Henry ___his keysin his office .so hehad to wait untilhis wife(B)[04:10.20]A.left ,was comingB.had left ,cameC.had left , would come[04:40.17]9.The father toldthe son that theearth (C)round thesun.[05:33.37]A.wentB.was goingC.goes[05:36.67]10.Over 10 people(C) in the trafficaccidents in thepast few weeks.[06:21.86]A.are killed,B.were killed,C.have been killed[06:50.58]A.was comingB.had comeC.will come[07:09.56]12.While Mr.Liu __TV,his wife ___books.(B)[07:34.04]A.watched,was readingB.was watching , was readingC.had watched ,read[07:41.58]13.The girl likedthe book that she(C)for three hoursbefore she went to[07:58.52] bed last night.A,readB.was readingC.had read[08:51.56]14.They (A)to thestation to meet usbut they didn'tsee us.[09:32.05]A.wentB.would goC.has gone[09:51.51]15.Could you ask her when we __again when you___her next week?

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