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Student page

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Student page

I. Listening part

First time

? Task one: answer this question.

Where are they?


Listen again, write the missing words.

Amy: a great food ! All the food so delicious.

Chang: Yes. What’s your food here?

Amy: I love the the best. But I the sausages, too. What about

you, Liu Chang?

Chang: I really like the hot and sour soup from .

Amy: So, what you like to now?

Chang: Just a little tea!

II. On your own: make your own dialouge.

A: delicious food!

B: Yes, foods do you like best?

A: I love the best.

B: is it/are they?

A: It’s/They’re . How about you?

B: I really like from .

A: do you like best?

B: Because it’s/they’re A: do you eat them?

B: .

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