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绝密★启用前 试卷类型:A


英 语 试 题






第I卷(选择题 共55分)


第一节 单项填空(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)


1. —Does Heze have ________ airport?

—No, but we can take ________ bus to Jinan or Zhengzhou.

A. an; the


A. company B. store C. office D. website

3. —What do you think of the traffic in our city?

—It’s ________ than it used to be, but there’s still a long way to go.

B. an; a C. the; a D. a; a 2. If you want to get more information about English learning, please visit our ______: A. worse B. worst C. better D. best 4. —Do you like seeing a movie on your mobile phone? —No. I ________ do that because it makes me uncomfortable. A. seldom B. often C. usually D. sometimes 英语试题 第1页(共10页)

5. Most of the kids in our school enjoy pop songs, ________ some hit songs on the Internet

like Gangnam Style.

A. besides B. including

the underground train to most places.

A. amazing B. expensive C. convenient D. exciting

7. —Don’t be angry with your kid when he makes a mistake again, will you?

—No, I won’t. I know that ________ of us are perfect after all.

A. none

doesn’t get bored.

A. suggested B. supported C. taught D. supposed

9. —Can we run across the road now?

—No, we ________. We have to wait until the light turns green.

A. needn’t B. mustn’t C. couldn’t D. shouldn’t 10. —Why do you collect so many old bikes? —I’ll have them _______ and give away to the children who don’t have bikes.

B. given up C. fixed up D. set up A. used up B. neither C. each D. all 8. You are ________to type quickly when talking to each other on QQ so the other person C. except D. without 6. Traveling around big cities by taxi can cost a lot of money, but it’s usually ________to take

11. —Linda, I called you this morning, but nobody answered the phone.

—I’m sorry. I ________ football with my friends then.

A. play B. played C. am playing D. was playing

12. The World Health Organization has given some advice on ________ to protect us from being

infected (感染) with H7N9.

A. how B. what C. where C. While D. when D. Once 13. _______ the children have fun, parents can take dance lessons on the beach. A. When B. If

14. —How often do you chat with your friends online?

—________ I’m busy with my study.

A. Only one month. C. Almost every day. B. About twice a month. D. Maybe in two weeks.

15. —Sir, could you please put out your cigarette? This is a smoke-free (无烟的) school. —__________

A. I’m sorry about this.

B. No problem. D. Never mind. C. Sure, I’d love to. 英语试题 第2页(共10页)

第二节 完形填空(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)


It’s very common to meet different people in public places.

When I was 12 years old, I got a small job in a ’t come home for lunch. When I came home at night, Mum asked, “How did you your lunch, dear?” I answered, “I made some new friends in the supermarket, twin brothers, their mom and dad. They were my customers. They invited me lunch.”

Mum was happy that I had made new friends but she wanted to know what kinds of they might be.

Several days later, I asked my friends to come to the supermarket where I worked let Mum meet them. Mum was very to find out that the twin brothers were joined at the chest (胸部). She felt very strange because I didn’t tell her about that before.

When Mum asked me about this, I said, “I know that too. But do you know that their mom has to make all clothes because it’s difficult to find anything to fit them? They’re also good ”

When Mum saw the twins, she must have thought how strange they what I cared about was that they had difficulty clothes and they were good cooks. 16. A. supermarket 17. A. find 18. A. at 19. A. men 20. A. and 21. A. surprised 22. A. so 23. A. friends 24. A. smelled 25. A. selling

B. post office B. make B. for B. women B. but B. excited B. very B. singers B. looked B. making

C. factory C. manage C. after C. boys C. or C. interested C. too C. workers C. felt C. wearing

D. bank D. eat D. before D. people D. so

D. disappointed D. really D. cooks D. sounded D. buying



英语试题 第3页(共10页)


A 7-magnitude (震级) earthquake hit Ya’an, Sichuan at 8:02 on April 20, 2013, and it killed at least 196 people and injured more than 11,000.

Together with other students, Yang Xuelan ran out to the playground. She was safe. But all her textbooks and exercise books were buried (埋) in the teaching building.

What can we do when an earthquake happens? In fact, there’s little we can do to stop natural disasters (自然灾害) such as earthquakes happening. But, some methods can harm they cause. The American Red Cross introduced the “Drop, Cover & Hold on”


◆ Drop down onto your hands and knees. This way can protect you from falling.

◆ Cover your head under a strong table or desk. You can also stay along a wall, and cover your head with your arms and hands.

◆ Hold on to (守住,抓牢) your shelter (遮蔽物) until the shaking stops. Be prepared to move with your shelter if the shaking continues.

Schools can normally take the earthquake drills (演练) to help student stay alive.

26. How many people lost their lives in the earthquake in Ya’an?

A. At least 196. C. Less than 196. A. at home B. More than 11,000. D. About 11,196. B. at school D. playing on the playground

C. 增加

B. stay at home

D. run out of the house

英语试题 第4页(共10页) D. 减少 27. When the earthquake happened in Ya’an, Yang Xuelan was ________. C. on her way to school B. 阻止 28. What does the underlined word “reduce” mean in Chinese? A. 提高 29. According to the writer, we can ________ to reduce the harm natural disasters cause. A. do nothing C. take some methods

30. Which of the following can help you stay alive in an earthquake?

A. Dropping down onto your hands and knees.

B. Covering your head under a strong table or desk.

C. Holding on to your shelter until the shaking stops.

D. A, B and C.


Lots of kids hate school, a new study found. Usually this kind of feeling doesn’t last long. But what happens if you feel this way too much? School is a fact of life and getting a good education can help you build the kind of future life you want. So let’s talk about school and what to do when you don’t like

If you don’t like school, the first step is to find out why. You might not like school because you don’t have enough friends, or maybe you don’t get along with your teacher. Sometime it’s a big problem with your classes and school-work. You may be getting farther and farther behind, and it may seem like you’ll never catch up.

When you know why you don’t like school, you can start taking steps to make things better. It’s a good idea to talk to someone about your problems with school. Your mum, dad, teacher or school counselor (顾问) will be able to help you. Another good idea is to write down your feelings about school in a notebook. It’s a great way to let out emotions (情绪). Remember, you don’t have to share what you’ve written with others.

31. Lots of kids ________, according to the writer.

A. like school very much

B. are good at reading and writing D. have the thought of hating school B. School. D. Friendship. B. go to see a doctor D. leave school for a short time C. Four. D. Five. C. don’t like doing homework A. A good education. C. Future life. A. find out why C. ask your parents for help A. Two. B. Three. 32. What does the underlined word “it” refer to (指的是) in the first paragraph? 33. If you don’t like school, the first step is to __________. 34. How many reasons why you don’t like school are given by the writer? 35. When you start taking steps to make things better, one of the good ideas is to __________. A. keep silent about your problems B. share what you’ve written with others C. write down your feelings about school D. get along well with your classmates 英语试题 第5页(共10页)


Gao Wenqi, 49, owner of a restaurant in Xi’an, Shanxi, started to offer a new service on April 13,2013: suspended meals (待用快餐). Now many restaurants in China, such as in Henan, Chongqing and Yunnan, have joined the program.

You can pay 10 yuan for a meal, which should be sold at 16, and leave it at the restaurant. Then other people in need, such as the disabled (残疾人), the poor elderly or homeless children, can have it without paying.

This idea comes from the cafes (咖啡馆) in Naples, Italy. It’s a tradition that someone there pays 额外的) cup or two. Then another coffee-drinker can take them for free.

“The program is meaningful. It offers help with dignity (尊严),” said Gao to Xinhua. However, people are worried that someone who is able to pay would also ask for the suspended meals, so there should be rules for this program.

36. According to the passage, this program may possibly take place ________.

A. in a restaurant B. at a bus station

B. workers

B. 预先

B. the U.S. C. in a school C. people in need C. 优先 C. Canada D. on a train D. the rich D. 胜过 D. China 37. The suspended meals are offered to ________. A. students A. 滞后 A. Italy

38. The underlined phrase “in advance” in the third paragraph means “________” in Chinese. 39. It’s said that the idea of “suspended meals” comes from________. 40. Which of the following is NOT true? A. Someone who is unable to pay can ask for the suspended meals. B. The program is meaningful and it offers help with dignity. C. Gao Wenqi’s restaurant joined the program on April 13, 2013. D. All customers must pay an extra meal at the restaurant. 英语试题 第6页(共10页)

绝密★启用前 试卷类型:A


英 语 试 题

第Ⅱ卷(非选择题 共45分)


1. 第 II卷共4页,用钢笔或圆珠笔直接答在试卷上。

2. 答卷前将密封线内的项目填写清楚。

三、任务型阅读(共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分) 阅读下面的短文,完成相关任务。

In the Charles F. Johnson Elementary School in New York, there is a special radio. It gives people warnings (警报) about bad weather.

One day, there came a sound from the radio. This sound brought the piece of news: a heavy storm was coming. William Tomic, principal (校长) of the school, asked teachers to bring children indoors and put them in a safe place at once.

Minutes later, the storm came. However, because of the warning of the radio and the quick work of the principal, no one was hurt.

“The radio really did work very well. ________________________(我们对它的工作感到很高兴),” William Tomic said. “The parents were as well.”

The U.S. government hopes there will be more such success stories. It plans to give this kind of radios to all 97,000 public schools in the country.

Every year, more than 10,000 big thunderstorms, 2,500 floods, 1,000 tornadoes (龙卷风) and some hurricanes (飓风(一)请根据短文内容,简要回答下列问题。

41. What does the special radio give people?


42. Why was no one hurt in the school in the storm?


英语试题 第7页(共10页)


43. ______________________________________________________________________


44. ______________________________________________________________________


45. ______________________________________________________________________


阅读下面短文,根据短文内容用方框内所给词汇或短语的适当形式填空,使短文语义完整。( 温馨提示:一定要注意词语的形式变化!)

One day, when Bill was home from school, he heard a noise coming from the bushes (灌木). He went over to see it was. Behind a bush, he found a black dog. Bill went back home as soon as he with the dog and showed her to his parents. Bill’s dad found that the dog had a broken leg, they brought the dog to a doctor for animals by car. On the Bill’s parents decided that Bill could keep the dog if they couldn’t find the owner.

When they arrived, the doctor checked the dog. He told Bill that she going to have babies! The next day, Bill signs (牌子) like “FOUND DOG BLACK” around his neighborhood. He wrote his family’s phone number on the signs.

Two days later, Bill got a call the owner of the dog. The owner thanked Bill. When he came to pick up his dog, he said Bill could have of the babies. Bill was very happy! Finally Bill got a baby dog from the owner. He named him Rosco and liked him very much.


46.__________ 47.__________ 48.__________ 49.__________ 50.__________

51.__________ 52.__________ 53.__________ 54.__________ 55.__________ 英语试题 第8页(共10页)

五、情景交际(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分) 阅读下面对话, 从方框中选择五个最适当的句子完成对话


Li Yang: Good morning, Mathew.

Mathew: Good morning, Li Yang. (56) ________________?

Li Yang: There’s still smog (雾霾) today. We’ll have to go to school with face masks (口罩). Mathew: (57) ________________ According to the news, PM2.5 pollution is the main

problem with air pollution.

Li Yang: Yes, and air pollution has done harm to people’s health.

Mathew: So the Chinese government and Chinese people must take action to fight it. Li Yang: (58) ________________

Mathew: Since PM2.5 is mainly caused by vehicles (机动车) and factories, cars with large

emissions (排放) should not be allowed and factories should be closely watched.

Li Yang: (59) ________________ We hope that more and more people will join us in making

the blue skies return for good.

Mathew: (60) ________________


56.______ 57._______ 58._______ 59._______ 60._______

英语试题 第9页(共10页)


亲爱的同学,你的初中学习生活马上就要结束了,请你以“My English Study”为题, 谈一下三年来学习英语的心得体会。



My English Study





英语试题 第10页(共10页)

第I卷 (选择题 共55分)

一 ~ 二(满分55分)

1—5 BDCAB 6—10 CADBC 11—15 DACBA 16—20 ACBDA 21—25 ACDBD 26—30 ABDCD 31—35 DBABC 36—40 ACBAD





第II卷(非选择题 共45分)


41. It gives people warnings about bad weather.

42. Because of the warning of the radio and the quick work of the principal.

43. We felt / were happy about its work.

44. 它们不但给人们关于坏天气的警报,还发出关于其他危险事情的警报。

45. A special radio. / The warning radios. / Radios to help keep students safe.






46. walking 47. what 48. could 49. so 50. way

51. was 52. put up 53. also 54. from 55. one





英语试题 第11页(共10页)

56—60 FDBEA


1.每小题1分,共5 分;



My English Study

How time flies! My three-year middle school life will be over soon. Looking back, I have many memories of my English study.

When I entered the middle school, I had so many difficulties with my English. I was not able to understand the teacher in class, and I couldn’t master the words and phrases. For a time I wanted to give it up. Later, with the help of the teacher and my classmates, I listened to the teacher carefully in class, kept on reading English every day and spoke English as much as possible. Step by step I made great progress in English. In a word, only when you develop interest in studying English can you learn it well.








英语试题 第12页(共10页)

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