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( )1. --This is___ useful book. I think.

--So it is, and it’s ___ unusual one.

A. an, 不填 B. an, an C. a, an D. a, a

( )2.Which team are you going to play________?

A.to B.with C.on D.against

( )3.There is a post office _________ the street.

A. at the end of B.by the end of

C.in the end of D. end up of

( )4.I am sure that our team will ______ theirs.

A. win B. fail C. beat D. take

( )5. This is one of this year.

A. the most interesting film B. the more interesting films

C. the most interesting films D. the more interesting film

( )6.How far do they live? __ I know, they live in the same town.

A. As long as B. As far as C. As well as D. As often as

( )7、____a player,I'm looking forward _____the 2012 Olympic Games.

A. For;at B. As;to C. With;for D. Of;to

( )8、The bike is old but still ______. I often go to school on it.

A、 use B、 useless C、usable D、user

( )9、What a beautiful sweater! How much did it ______ ?.

A. cost B. pay C. spend D. buy

( )10. –Do you know __________? --He is a driver.

A. where is he B. who he is C. what he is D. who is he

( )11. The workers _________ work 14 hours a day.

A.make to B.are made to C.are made D.are making to

( .

A.don’t eat B.not eat C.not to eat D.doesn’t eat

( )13. –Which do you like better, French fries or hamburgers?

--__________, I just like Chinese Tofu.

A. Both B. Neither C. Either D. All

( )14. The whole class _______ to the East Lake if it is fine this Sunday.

A. goes B. have gone C. go D. will go

( )15Look at the signs below. Which one means you can’t walk dog(s) around here?

A. B. C. D.

( )16. There’s ______ apple on the table. _______ apple is for my little brother.

A. a; An B. an; An C. the; An D. an; The

( )17. Some students are so ______ that they often make mistakes in their homework.

A. carful B. serious C. careless D. successful

( )18. I’m not sure whether I can hold a party in the open air, because it ______ the weather.

A. stands for B. depends on C. lives on D. agrees with

( )19. —I’m going to Hainan with my aunt for my holiday after the exam.


A. Have a good time B. It doesn’t matter

C. You are welcome D. Thanks a lot

( )20. As everyone knows, rubbish _______ everywhere.

A. need be thrown B. mustn’t be thrown

C. can’t throw D. may throw

( )21. We’ll have dinner at Qianxilong Restaurant, which is famous ____ its food.

A. of B. to C. for D. as

( )22. —How do you like the story?

—Interesting. _______ the end of it is not perfect.

A. so B. though C. or D. because

( )23. I have two cats. One is black, and ______ is white.

A. another B. some C. other D. the other

( )24.—Will you please go to see the movie Guanyinshan with me?

—No, I won’t. I ______ already.

A. saw B. have seen C. see D. will see

( because he has lived here for

ten years.

A. family B. house C. home D. room

( )26.This a____magazine.

A.month B.monthly C.a month D.every month

( )27.WTO____World Trade Organization.

A.stand in B.stands in C.stand for D.stands for

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