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第一部分 基础知识运用 (65分)


( )1.You’d better _______ too much meat. You are much too fat.

A.not eat B.eat C.not to eat D.don’t eat ( )2. Don’t worry. We have _______ time to catch the train. A.plenty of B.a few C.little D.lot of

( )3.Jenny, you often get ill, so you should _______ your health. A.look for B.look up C.look at D.care for

( )4.Sally sings pretty _______ and she is also _______ at dancing.

A.well; well B.good; good C.good; well D.well; good

( )5.It’s hot here. Please keep the windows _______.

A.closing B.open C.closed D.opened ( )6.We _______ play on this road. There is too much traffic. A.must B.mustn’t C.need D.needn’t

( )7.The girl is eight years old. She is _______ to go to school. A.old enough B.young enough C.too old D.too young

( )8.You _______ wash your hands before meals. It is good for your health.

A.may B.can C.have to D.must ( )9.—I’m sorry to keep you waiting for me so long. —_______

A.I don’t think so. B.Don’t say so. C.It doesn’t matter. D.I’d love to.

第 1 页 共 7 页( )10.Do you prefer _______?

A.skate B.skates C.skating D.skated ( )11. My mother often tells me _______ my classmates when they need.

A.help B.to help C.helping D.helps ( )12.—Excuse me, can you do me a _______?


A.hand B.help C.ball D.favor

( )13.The doctor _______ and found there was something wrong with his eyes.

A.looked him afte B.checked him over C.looked him up D.checked him about ( )14.I didn’t know it _______ you told me. A.if B.because C.until D.after ( )15.—She _______ 350 yuan for it.

A. paid B.spend C.cost D.take Ⅱ. 情景交际。(10分)


( )16.Could I open the door for you?

( )17.Which do you prefer, football or basketball? ( )18.What do you think of the skirt? ( )19.Are you interested in skating? ( )20.How about sending her flowers?

A.I’d love to. Thank you. B.Good idea.

C.Sure. Thank you.

D.Not bad. I like its style. E.No. I enjoy climbing. F.I like football better.

(B)根据对话情景,在空白处填入合适的句子。 A.Hello,Michael.This isKangkang speaking.


B:I’d love to, but I’m afraid I’ll have to go to the library. A:22. _____________________?

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