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How do you connect with your friends, have a call, write a letter or send an e-mail?

have a call

write a letter

New Words








pleasure n.

blind adj.
deaf adj. unable adj.

聋的 不能的,不会的 想象

imagine v.

shut v.


carry v.
help (sb.) out


specially adv.
fetch v. at once support v. appreciate v. donation n.

(去)拿来;请来 立即;马上 支持;帮助 感激 捐赠物,捐款

Section 1 Before You Read
1a How many different kinds of letters can you think of? Discuss this with a partner.

How is a letter different from an article? List three differences.
1. A letter needs an address.

2. A letter needs greetings at the beginning
and end.

3. A letter usually uses informal language.

Section 2 While You Read
Read and answer.
What did Liz write this letter for? Liz wrote this letter to thank Miss Li for sending money to “Animal Helpers”.

Unit 8 Reading

Good to Know
Guide dogs (导盲犬;导路犬) Guide dogs are a kind of working dogs (工作犬). They are good helpers to disabled(残疾的)people, especially the blind(盲的). With the ring around their necks, they can lead the owners to many places. They can understand different instructions (指示)and help the owners do many things.


can’t use her arms

What can we do for the disabled people?


What will we do for the disabled?
For example:cheer them up, chat with them, make friends with them, carry things, open and shut doors, cross the street, clean the room, answer the telephone… …


What’s the passage mainly about?
A. Miss Li is a kind woman.

B. An organization “Animal Helpers” C. Liz and her dog “Lucky”

listen and check

What’s the passage mainly about?
A. Miss Li is a kind woman.

B. An organization “Animal Helpers” C. Liz and her dog “Lucky”

Para.1&5 Para.2

How does Lucky help Liz Smith? Thanks Miss Li for donating money to “Animal Helpers"


What are Liz’s difficulties?


? Learning strategy学习策略 Using parts of speech使用词性
? If you don't understand a word or phrase in English,ask yourself what part of speech it is. It might be a noun,a verb or a preposition,for example.Knowing what it is can help you understand better.And it allows you to use the new English word or phrase correctly in the future

Read and fill in the blanks.
Character Miss Li Information She is a kind woman who (1) ________________________ to “Animal donated / gave / sent money Helpers”.


dog He is a helpful (2)____ and he helps Liz Smith with her daily life. Lucky had been trained for (3)__________ before he went to Liz Smith’s six months house.
Liz Smith is a (4)_______ person and it’s disab

led difficult for her to do normal things. She feels Lucky is a great (5)____ to her. help

Liz Smith

Read paragraph 1 and answer:

It’s an organization set up to help disabled people.

What is the “Animal Helpers”?

Language points
fill v. 装满,填满 常与介词with连用,构成fill ... with ...结构, 意为“用……装满……”。 Laughter filled the room. 房间里充满了笑声。 Please fill the cup with water. 请把这个杯子装满水。

be filled with ... 被装满/填满……(强调动作)

be full of ... 装满了……的(强调状态)

I was filled with fear at that time. 当时我的内心充满了恐惧。 The box is full of books. 箱子里装满了书。

pleasure n. 1) 不可数名词, 意为“愉快,快乐”。 I often read books for pleasure. 我经常读书以自娱。 with pleasure意为“愉快地,高兴地,十分愿意” He listened with pleasure to the beautiful music. 他陶醉在美妙的音乐中。 I will remember this meeting with pleasure. 我会愉快地记着这次的会晤。

2) pleasure还可以用作可数名词, 意为“快乐 的事”。 It’s a pleasure to work with you. 和你工作是一件快乐的事。 It’s a / my pleasure意为“不客气,乐意效劳”, 是对别人感谢的礼貌回复。

—Thank you for doing that. 感谢你那么做。 —It’s a / my pleasure. 不客气。

Read paragraph 2 and fill in the blanks
1.Liz is a disabled person. She use her arms can’t legs or ⑴ answering the telephone well. 2.Normal things are ⑵ opening and shutting difficult for liz, like doors Para.2 ⑶ carrying things She would talk to 3.A friend would like “Animal Helpers” Liz would love to have to help Liz out a dog

Read paragraph 3&4 and fill in the blanks
After six months of training with a dog. The ways Lucky helps her: 1.Understand different instructions fetch For example, fetch her book (用短语) 2.Understand many English words

Read paragraph 5 and answer:
1.What does Liz think of Lucky? She thinks Lucky is an amazing dog. 2.What is important for the organization “Animal Helpers”? It’s very important that this organization does not run out of money.

Section 3 After You Read
noun pronoun verb 名词 代词 动词

adjective 形容词
adverb 副词

preposition 介词
conjunction 连词

exclamation 叹词

Adjectives: disabled, blind, deaf, normal …
Adverbs: easily, well, last year, at once … Prepositions: for, with, of … Conjunctions: but, and, because, or … Exclamations: You see, Lucky!

3a Find one example of each part of speech in
the reading.

Nouns: money, animal, helpers, people, Lucky, organization … Pronouns: I, you, it, my, who, that …

Verbs: like, thank, send, set (up), fill …

3b Find three examples of phrasal verbs
from the reading. Use them to make sentences of your own.
set up 建立,成立 An organization was set up to help disabled people. cheer up 为……加油 I’ll

cheer up our football team in the next match. run out of 用光,耗尽

I am afraid we’ve run out of petrol.

Use information in the letter to make true sentences by matching the different parts.
SUBJECT Miss Li VERB can fetch OBJECT/ PREDICATE unable to move well.

Liz Smith


money to “Animal Helpers”. animals like Lucky. things for disabled people

“Animal Helpers” is

? The value of life is not what you gain, but what you give. 生命的价值不是索取,而在于奉献。

? Helping others will benefit yourself as well. (予人玫瑰,手留余香)

section 4
Write a reply to Liz Smith. In your letter: 1.Offer to help her more. 2.Say why you are able to help. 3.Say what you could do to help.

Dear Liz, I was so happy to receive your letter. Thank you very much for writing to tell me about Lucky. I would really love to come and visit you one day and see how Lucky helps you. I’d also like to help you some more because I have some extra time at the moment. Perhaps I could help you at home, or do some work for ‘Animal Helpers’. I’d enjoy watching them train the animals too. I’ll call them one day soon. Here is my phone number:468-3852. Please call me so we can arrange a time for me to visit.

Best wishes,

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