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Unit 10 How much are these socks第四课时

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How much are these socks?

2b Read the ad and fill in the price tags.
Mr cool’s Clothes Store
Come and buy your clothes at our great sale! We sell all our clothes at very good prices. Do you like sweaters? We have green sweaters for only $15! Yellow sweaters are only $12! Do you need trousers? For boys, we have black trousers for only $22. And shorts are only $16. For girls, we have skirts in purple for only $20. How much are our jackets? Only $30! And we have black shoes for only $28. Socks are only $2 for three pairs! Come to Mr. cool’s Clothes Store now!

1.Translate the following phrases: at our great sale at very good prices need trousers for girls/ boys skirts in purple come to … a pair of 在我们大甩卖(的时候) 以很优惠的价格 需要裤子 对女孩/男孩来说 紫色的女裙 到…来吧 一双

2.We have red T-shirts.
in red =We have T-shirts _____ ____. buy 3.You can______ (buy) socks for only 5 yuan each.

1. price 价格
Example: at very good prices 以一个好 价格 2. buy (v.)

(1)come and buy 来买=come to buy
(2) buy… from… Example: I want to buy a book from the bookstore.

3.sell (v.)---sale(n.) 卖 Example(1)at our great sale 在华星的大卖场 at Huaxing Clothes Store


Fill in the blanks with at, for, in at (1)Come and buy your clothes___ Huaxing’s great sale! Do you need for bags ___ sports? We have great For for bags ___ only ¥12! ___ girls, we in have T-shirts___red, green,and For white for only ¥18! ___ boys, you __ for can buy socks ____ only ¥5 each! Anybody can afford our prices!
for at Come and see ____ yourself____

Huaxing Clothes Store!

Fill in the blanks with at, for, to, on
to (2)Come ___Mr Cool’s Clothes for Store! We sell pants____only ¥30. at (3)Hi,boys and girls! Have a look___ Zig Zag’s Clothes Store.We have black for and blue hats ___$15.The yellow shorts are also $15.The green shorts on for are ___ sale ___ $25.Come and see!




$6 $5

$2 $12 $20 $10


A: Can I help you? B: Yes, please. I want … How much is it / are they?

A: It is / They are…
B: I’ll take it / them. Thanks. A: You’re welcome.


Write an sd for your own clothes store!

Come and buy your Clothes at …! Do you like sweaters? We have all kinds of sweaters? We have all kinds of sweaters at a very good price only 20 yuan. We have great bags for sports for only 10 yuan. For boys, you can buy shorts for only 7. For girls, we have bags in red, green, white, blue for only 10…. Come to our store now!

Go shopping for your classmate. Your group each has ¥ 100. You can buy anything you like.

Group Task: You may have two minutes for shopping. 限时两分钟购物。 Please speak English when you are shopping. 购物时请讲英语。

Who is the best actor/actress?
The Best Actor


The best actor in the dialogue performance. Class3, Grade 6

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