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( )11.What did they paint? A.The front of the house. B.The back of the house. C.The outside of the house.

( )12. Why did they do the painting themselves? A.They wanted to spend less money. B.The house is very easy to paint. C.No one else could do the work well. ( )13.How long did the work last? A.One day. B.Two days. C.Three days. ( )14.How many windows did they have to mend? A.Seven windows. B.Three windows. C.All the windows. ( )15.What will they do if the windows need to be painted next time? A.They will spend more money to do that. B.They will ask someone else to do it. C.They will do that themselves.


A.You need to work hard and never give up. B.You have to think carefully.

C.You will make your invention work.

D.You have to make a good plan and make sure that there is need for your invention. E. You must study hard.

16._____ 17._____ 18._____ 19._____ 20._____ Ⅴ.听短文,填空。短文读三遍。(5分)

Telephones in cars are very useful. Drivers can use them to not only crimes and accidents, but also those who traffic rules. With their information, the police can

at the spot quickly and doctors can provide medical care as as possible. Drivers can also telephone the station to report traffic jams, so other drivers can avoid the trouble.

21._____ 22. _____ 23._____ 24._____ 25._____

第二部分 基础知识运用 (65分)


( )1.—Hello! May I speak to Alice?

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