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Unit 10 I’d like some noodles.
Self check

Let’s chant !
--What, what, what would you like?
Beef, beef, I’d like some beef.

--What, what, what would he like?
Mutton, mutton, he’d like some mutton. --What, what, what would she like? Fish, fish, she’d like some fish. --What, what, what would they like? Chicken, chicken, they’d like some chicken.


Welcome. Can I help you?/What can I do for you? May I have a menu, please? Would you like something to drink? May I take your order, please? What would you like? Do you have today's special? Could you tell me how to eat this? I'd like …, please. May I have …, please. This is not what I ordered. Check, please. (麻烦请结帐) How much are they? Thank you a lot.

1. Put the words you learned in different groups.
Food Meat beef chicken mutton Vegetable Fruit Drink Other

carrot tomato onion

green tea cake orange dumplings orange strawberry juice porridge water apple

2 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the there be structure.
1. Customer: Excuse me, _________a fly(苍蝇) there is

in my porridge.
Waiter: Don’t worry(别急),sir. That spider

(蜘蛛) on your bread will soon get him.

There are 2. Customer:__________ two flies in my fish soup. Waiter: I don’t know. But we are short of fish. 3. Customer: We ordered mutton noodles, but _________ any mutton in the noodles. there isn’t Waiters: Put on your glasses and you can see the mutton.

3 Write a conversation with the help of the clues.

In a restaurant:
Waiter: Ask for the order
Customer: Ask about what is the food

Customer: Thank the waiter

Waiter: Ask for the size of the order

Design your noodle house(设计店中食物)
noodles kind size fruit salad kind size Other food kind

Useful sentences(供选用句子): What kind of noodles/salad/food would people like?

What size bowl of…would people like?

Make a menu for the week.
Mon. Breakfast Lunch Dinner Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri.

1. China is a l______ country with long history. arge
2. What s_____ of shoes would you like? ize 3. We often have rice, meat, _________ tomatoes (西红柿) for lunch every day. potatoes 4. The _________ (马铃薯) are very delicious(美味的).

porridge 5. John likes ________(粥), pizza(比萨),

salad and ice tea very much.
order 6. They usually _______(订购) food and

drink in this restaurant.
orange juice 7. My favorite drink is ______ _______(橘汁).

8. _________ (星期四)is the fifth day of a week. Thursday

9. T_______ is between Monday and Wednesday. uesday
10. My telephone n_______ is 834—8394. umber 11. --What’s your a_______? ddress

-- It’s 558 Bridge Street.

What size of _____ would you _____? cake _____ like I would like a _____ _____________. small birthday-cake S

What size of _________ ______ you ice-cream would like _____?
large ice-cream I would like a _____ __________.

What size of _______ ______ you T-shirt would like ____? medium T-shirt I w

ould like a ________ ________ .



Just do it. 只管去做。(耐克运动鞋) The taste is great. 味道好极了。(雀巢咖啡) Poetry in motion, dancing close to me. 动态的诗, 向我舞近。(丰田汽车) Good to the last drop. 滴滴香浓, 意犹未尽。 (麦斯威尔咖啡) Impossible made possible. 使不可能变为可能。(佳能打印机) Let’s make things better. 让我们做得更好。(飞利浦电子)

Obey your thirst. 服从你的渴望。(雪碧) Come to where the flavor is Marlboro Country. 光临风韵之境——万宝路世界。(万宝路香烟) To me, the past is black and white, but the future is always color. 对我而言,过去平淡无奇; 而未来,却是绚烂缤纷。(轩尼诗酒) Intelligence everywhere. 智慧演绎,无处不在。(摩托罗拉手机) The choice of a new generation. 新一代的选择。(百事可乐)

C 1. Jim doesn’t like tomatoes, potatoes ______ cabbages. A. and B. with C. or D. for D 2. My brother ________ dumplings with beef very much, but I don’t. A. like B. don’t like C. doesn’t like D. likes C 3. There ________ some food on the table. A. have B. are C. is D. had

4. I’m hungry. I would like ________ a D large bowl of dumplings. A. have B. eat C. eating D. to eat A 5. Do you like noodles ________ chicken? A. with B. of C. in D. to C 6. Do you like onion noodles, ________ cabbage noodles? A. and B. with C. or D. but

7. -- What size shoes do you want? -- ________. B A. Small shoes B. Size 36 C. 36 size D. Big shoes A 8.There are _______ tomatoes on the table. A. many B. much C. a little D. any B 9.Would you like _______ tea with ice in it? A. any B. some C. a few D. many

10.The noodles with orange juice ________ A only $1.5. A. is B. are C. for D. with 11.What size bowl of dumplings would C you like, small, medium, ______ large? A. and B. with C. or D. but C 12. He usually _______ breakfast at home. A. eat B. have C. has D. eats

13.My daughter likes to eat dumplings _____ C well ______ noodles. A. so;so B. so;as C. as;as D. as;so C 14.My family usually ________ bread, eggs and milk _______ breakfast. A.has;for B.eat;for C.have;for D.have;on B 15.It’s 11 o’clock. Please _______ our lunch. A.ordering B.order C.to order D.orders

A 16.Where do you have lunch ______ Sunday? A.on B.in C.at D.for

17. -- Would you like a cup of tea? B -- ________. A. I’d love
C. No, I wouldn’t

B. Yes, please
D. Sorry

D 18. — There is ______ with my eyes. — Don’t worry. Let me help you. (2007衢州市) A. wrong nothing B. nothing wrong C. wrong something D. something wrong

1. 我不喜欢汉堡包、比萨和冰茶。 don’t like I ________ ________ hamburgers, or pizza ________ ice tea. 2. 你喜欢什么类型的茶? What kind ________ ________ of tea would you like? 3. 我们也有色拉, 也有橘汁和苏打。 also We ______

have salad ____ ____ ____ as well as orange juice and soda.

4. 他想要一个牛肉的中碗的面条。 medium He’d like a ________ bowl of noodles with beef ______ _______. 5. 让我们列一份菜单吧! make a Let’s ______ ____ menu ______! 6. My father would like beef dumplings. (改为同义句) wants with My father ________ dumplings ________ beef.

7. Can I help you? (改为同义句) ________ can I ______ ____ you? What do for 8. I’d like a small orange juice. (改为一般疑问句) Would like _______ you ______ a small orange juice? 9. He’d like a large bowl of porridge. (对划线部分提问) What size _______ ______ bowl of porridge would he like?

1. 我们班准备在学校举办一个美食节, 请你策划一个宣传书。开头如下:
Dear friends, We are going to have a food festival. We have great specials…

2. 配制一份一日三餐健康的菜谱 For example: It’s good to have a glass of milk, some bread, porridge, an apple and an egg for breakfast….

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