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Unit 10 I’d like some noodles.
Section A

I’d like= I would like
意为: 想要, 愿意
与动词want同义, 但语气上比 want 更委婉, 更礼貌。

What does he do? He is a cook. What does he look like?

He has a big nose and he wears a white uniform.
What is he doing?

He is cooking.
But what is he cooking?

He is cooking some noodles. Would you like some noodles? Yes, I’d like some noodles.

What can you see in these pictures? Do you like these vegetables and fruits? Do you know these vegetables and fruits?

What kind of fruits would you like?





What kind of vegetables would you like?






mushroo m



broccoli 花椰菜

What kind of meat would you like?

beef 牛肉
mutton 羊肉

chicken 鸡肉

What kind of food would you like?








I’d like noodles.

He’d like noodles. She’d like noodles.

What kind of noodles would you like?

I’d like beef and tomato noodles.

I’d like chicken and cabbage noodles.

I’d like mutton and potato noodles.

I’d like pork and cabbage noodles.

I’d like egg and tomato noodles.

1a. Match the words with the foods. g 1. mutton _____
2. beef _____ b

c 3. noodles _____
4. chicken _____ d 5. cabbage _____ e

f 6. potatoes _____
7. tomatoes _____ a

8. carrots

_____ h

Noodle house

What kind of noodles are they?

Special 1

Special 2

Special 3

Special 4

My sister works in a restaurant. They have many kinds of noodles for you to choose. They have some specials. Welcome to our restaurant!

1b. Listen and check the noodles that the person orders.

___ Special 1 √

___ Special 2
___ Special 3

1c. Pairwork.

A: what would you like? B: I’m not sure yet. Are there any vegetables in the beef noodles. A: Yes, there are some tomatoes. B: OK. I’d like the beef noodles, please.

What size bowl of noodles would you like? a small bowl of noodles A medium bowl of noodles

a large bowl of noodles

What size bowl of noodles would he/she like? He/She’d like a…bowl of noodles. medium small large

2a. Listen and check the names of the foods you hear.

√ √ 1. ______ noodles 5. _____ tomatoes
√ 2. ______ beef √ 6. _____ cabbage

√ 3. ______ mutton 7. _____ potatoes
√ 4. ______ chicken 8._____ vegetables √

2b. Listen again . Complete the sentences.
large Boy: 1. I’d like a ______ bowl of noodles. potato 2.I’d like _________, ________ chicken cabbage and _________ noodles, please. medium Girl: 1. I’d like a _________ bowl. 2. I’d like ______ and tomato noodles, _______ beef please.

2c. Pairwork.
A: What kind of noodles

would you like? House Noodle
B: I’d like beef noodles, please.

2d. Role-play the conversation.
Waitress: Good afternoon. May I _______________? take your order Sally: Yes. Are there any vegetables in the beef soup? Waitress: Yes. There are some tomatoes.

Sally: OK. _______________one bowl of beef soup. We’d like What size Waitress: Sure. _______________would you like? Sally: Large, please. Tom: We’d also like gongbao chicken and some mapo tofu with rice. Waitress: OK. One large bowl of _______________beef soup, one gongbao chicken, and one mapo tofu with rice.

Tom: Yes, _______________. That’s right


Order food in a noodle house.
(学生分别扮演顾客和服务员, 编排对话)

Language points



some和any 既可以修饰可数名词又可以修 饰不可数名词, some常用在肯定句中, 而 any则常用在否定和疑问句中。所以, some 和 any 的区别在于: some和any 的用法主要 是考虑用在肯定句、疑问句还是否定句中, 与名词的可数与否无关。

some的用法: some意为“一些”,可作形 容词和代词。它常修饰可数名词复数。

如:some books 一些书,
some boys 一些男孩,

some 常用在 肯定句中。

some water 一些水,some tea 一些茶叶,

any的用法: any意为“任何一些”,它也
可修饰可数名词复数或不可数名词,常 用于疑问句和否定句。如:

I can’t see any tea. 我没看见茶叶。 Do you have any friends at school? 你在学校有些朋友吗?

期望得到肯定回答时,多用some而不用any。 如:Would you like some coffee?

How about some fruit juice?


当any表示“任何”的意义,起强调作用时, 它可以用在肯定句中;

如:Any student can answer this question.

Grammar Focus
1. What kind of noodles would you like? 2. What size would you like? 3. Would you like a large bowl? Is there any meat in the tomato and egg soup?

I’d= I would She’d= She would
I’d like beef noodles, please. I’d like a large bowl, please. Yes, please. No, there isn’t any./ No, there’s no meat.

Countable nouns

Uncountable nouns

Countable and Uncountable nouns chicken, salad, ice-cream, cabbage

bowls, apples, beef, meat, milk, mutton, oranges, strawberries water

可数名词: 可以计数的名词称为可数名词。 一般有

单数与复数两种形式, 前面可加a, an或数词来修饰.
不可数名词: 不可计数的名词称为不可数名词。 没有复数形式, 前面不能用不定冠词a, an, 也不能 直接加数词, 但可以跟某些量词短语搭配, 表示数量。如: a glass of water, two cups of tea.

Countable nouns

Uncountable nouns
beef mutton




orange juice


green tea

用 a, an或 some填空。
a 1. _______ potato some 2. _______ beef some 3. ________ milk a 4. ________ strawberry some 5. ________ chicken 6. ________ egg an 7. ________ mutton some 8. ________ apple

an a 9. ________ tomato 10. ______ noodles some

1. dumpling __________ apple_______ dumplings apples boxes watches 2. box ______ watch _______ leaves thieves 3. leaf _____ thief _______ 4. country _________ countries strawberry ____________ strawberries 5. policeman __________ woman _______ policemen women 6. potato ________ tomato _________ potatoes tomatoes

3a. Complete the conversation below.
1. May I have your order?___ D 2. What kind of noodles A would you like?____ 3. We have beef, chicken, mutton, cabbage, potato, tomato…____ F 4. Yes, there are some C carrots.___ 5. Sure. What size would E you like?____ 6. We have large, medium B and small bowls.____ A: What kind of noodles do you have? B: Oh, a medium bowl, please. C: OK, I’d like the mutton noodles then. D: I’d like some noodles, please. E: What sizes do you have? F: Are there any vegetables in the mutton noodles?


A: Can I help you? B: Yes, I’d like some …. A: What kind of …would you like? B: I’d like some …. A: What size bowl of …would you like? B: I’d like a … of …. A: Is that all? (就这些吗?) B: No, I’d like some…salad, too. A: OK. B: How much are they? A: They’re ... yuan/dollars. B: OK. Here is the money. A: You’re welcome! B: Bye!

3b. Write questions and answers using the words in brackets.
1. What kind of noodles would you like? (kind)

________________________________________ I’d like chicken, beef and tomato noodles. /
I’d like chicken and beef noodles with tomatoes. __________________________________________

(chicken / beef / tomatoes)

2._____________________________________ What size would you like? (size) I’d like a medium bowl, please. _______________________________________ (medium) Is there any cabbage in the beef noodles? 3._____________________________________ (any / cabbage / beef noodles) No, there isn’t any. ______________________________________ (no)

3c. Work in small groups. Find out who would like the food below. Write their names on the cards above the food.

A: Anna, what would you like to eat? B: I’d like beef noodles with carrots.

4. Make a survey
Names kind of noodles size bowl of noodles

Give a report like this:
I’d like …

He’d/She’d like…

Language Points
1. What kind of noodles would you like?

kind 在此句中作“种类”讲,a kind of “一种”

all kinds of “各种各样的”。
比一比:kind of “有几分”

A cat is a kind of animal. The cat is kind of smart.

2. May I take your order?/Can I help you?

1) 这都是服务用语, 可根据不同的服务场合 翻译成不同的意思。如: 在餐馆, 都可以用, 翻译成: “你想吃点什么?” , 在商店, 用后者,则是“你想买点什么?” 2) 类似的服务用语还有What can I do for you? 此句的本义为: “我能为你做点什么?” 它与Can I help you?是同义句。

3. What size would you like? 你要多大的? size n. (

尺寸、体积、规模、身材等的)大小; (数量的)多少;(衣服、鞋帽的)尺码 e.g. take the size of a box 量箱子的尺寸 houses of all sizes 大大小小的房子 boys of all the same size 一样个头的男孩子们 What size of shoes do you want? 你要多大号码的鞋子?

4. We have large, medium and small bowls. 1) large adj. “(形状、面积、数量等方面) 大的, 巨大的 ” e.g. a large mouth 一张大嘴 a large office 一间宽敞的办公室 2) big adj. “(面积、体积、数量、规模、程度 等方面)大的, 巨大的 ” e.g. a big city 一个大城市 a big pie tree 高大的松树

NOODLES fish mutton beef chicken tomato potato cabbage Soup Rice Dumplings Porridge

Useful expressions
Welcome to … Can I help you? This way, please. Here’s the menu. What kind of … would you like? What size would you like? Is that all? Wait a minute, please… I’d like … I’d like a table for two. How much is it, please?

Grammar Focus
What would you like? I would like… / I’d like… What would she/he like?

She/He would like…
She’d like… He’d like…

What would they like? They would like… They’d like…

I would like some beef.
What would you like? I would not like any beef. Would you like any beef ? Yes, I would. / Yes, please. No, I wouldn’t. No, thanks. I’m full. / I don’t want it now.

would like “想要” (表示一种委婉的语气)

would like an apple (want an apple) would like to play soccer (want to play soccer) 1. would 是情态动词, 没有人称和数的变化, 可与 人称代词缩写为’d, 与其它情态动词一样可帮助

我想要些牛肉。 I’d like some beef.

她想去打乒乓球。She would like to play ping-pang.

2. Would like 句型总结

1) would like + n. = want + n. e.g.
--What would you like? --I’d like some drinks. --What kind of drink would you like? --I’d like some orange juice.

--What size cup of orange juice would you like?
--I’d like a medium cup of orange juice. --How many bowls of porridge would you like? --I’d like two bowls of porridge.

She’d like mutton and cabbage noodles.

2) Would you like sth? 是提建议的一种句型,
如需用一些, 用some而不用any。 其否定回答是: No, thanks. --Would you like some bananas? -- Yes, please. / No, thanks.

肯定回答是: Yes, please. /All right. / Yes. / OK.

3) would like to do = want to do

eg: --What would you like to do today?
-- I would like to play basketball.

-- What would he like to do tomorrow?
-- He would like to have a party. --Would you like to see the dolphins? --Yes, I’d like to.

4) 一般疑问句: 情态动词 would 提前:

Would sb. like sth. / to do sth.?
eg: She would like to go shopping.

Would she like to go shopping?
5) 否定句: would not like n.

would not like to do
eg: I would not like the red tea.

They would no

t like to swim this afternoon

Ⅰ. Fill in the blanks.
1. Li Lei likes eating _________ (羊肉) mutton and ________(萝卜). carrots tomatoes 2. I eat a lot of ___________ (西红柿) cabbages and _____________(洋白菜). 3. Do you like ________ (土豆) and potatoes beef _______ (牛肉) noodles? kind would 4. What _______ (种类) of noodles ________

(想要) you like?
some 5. Would you like _______ (一些) apples?

Ⅱ. 英译汉
1. There are all kinds of animals in the zoo. 动物园里有各种各样的动物。 2. What kind of bag would you like? 你要哪一种包? 3. Look! The baby koala is kind of cute.

Ⅲ. 汉译英
1. 我想要一台电脑。
I would like a computer.

2. 他想要带有牛肉和西红柿的面条。
They would like beef and tomato noodles.

3. 他们不想要那些鸡蛋。
They wouldn’t like those eggs.

4. 她想要带有羊肉和卷心菜的面条吗?
Would she like noodles with mutton and cabbage?

5. 李雷想去看电影。
Li Lei would like to go to the movies.

6. 南希和王莉想去买东西。
Nancy and Wang Li would like to go shopping.

7. 超市里有各种各样的钢笔。
There are all kinds of pens in the supermarket.

8. 那只小老虎有几分可爱。
That baby tiger is kind of cute.

Ⅳ. 单项选择
1. Would you like _____ hot soup? c A. little B. much C. some D. any

2. --Would you like to come to dinner today?
--I’d like to, _____ I’m too busy. c

A. and

B. so

C. but

D. as

3. Mario likes _____ cold hot dogs. B A. eat B. eating C. ate D. is eating

A 4. I would like ____ in my noodles. A. tomatoes and mutton B. tomatoes and muttons C. tomato and mutton D. tomato and muttons C 5. They would like _____ noodles. A. tomatoes and mutton B. tomatoes and muttons C. tomato and mutton D. tomato and muttons 6. -- Bob, would you like to come to the party? B -- ________. A. Yes, I would. B. Yes, I’d love to. C. No, I wouldn’t. D. No, I don’t.

7. If you are lost in the forest, what ____ you do? C

A. would like
-- _______. A A. No, thanks.

B. like C. would

D. can

8. --Would you like something to drink? B. Yes, thanks.

C. No, just a little. D. It is not good.

9. Don’t eat hamburgers _____ drink tea B
in your bedroom!

A. and

B. or

C. with

D. /

10. -- Which scarf would you like best?
-- I’d like _____. B A. red ones B. the red one C. a tie D. ties C 11. We would like _____ small hamburgers. A. eating B. eat C. to eat D.ate 12. --What size pizza would you like? --I’d like _____ pizza. C A. large B. a large cup of C. a large D. large size

13. —Ben, would you like to play football with us? D — ________, but I have to wash the dishes first. (2008 重庆市) A. No, I can’t B. I don’t want to C. Yes, please D. I’d like to

1. New words: noodles, beef,

mutton, chicken, cabbage,
potato, tomato, special, would.

2. would like 的用法
would like +n would like to do sth 3. What kind of + n. would you l


1. 了解父母所喜欢的食物, 并为家人

配制一星期的菜谱, 说明理由。

2. Workers Wanted
一家新开张的饭店要招聘员工, 要求编写食

物广告。学生自己组合搭配, 设计广告。评出最
佳广告创意奖, 并展示他们的成果。

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