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英语:第10单元 课件(人教版七上)

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Unit 10


Period 1
Period 2 Period 3 Period 4

Can you play the guitar?

Yes , I can . / No , I can’t

Can you play basketball?

Can you / swim / Swim ?

Can you /si? / Sing ?

Can you /spi:k / speak English?

Can you /d? ns/ /dɑ:ns/ dance ?

Can you / peint / Paint ?

Can you play /t?es / chess


a 1.Dance __ e 2.Swim __ f 3.Sing __ b 4.Paint __

What can these people do? Match the words with the people .这些人会做什么呢? 将词与人物匹配。

6.Speak English__ c g 7.Play the guitar__

1b Listen and number the conversations
(1-3). 听录音,给下列对话编号(1-3)。
A:Can you swim? 2 A:I want to join the art 3 club. B: Can you paint ?

B:No, I can’t

A: Yes, I can.
A:I want to join the music club. 1 B: Oh, can you sing? A: Yes, I can.

1c PAIRWORK 结队活动
1.Practice the conversation above with you Partner. 2.Show your conversations to the class.


Listen to these two conversations and circle

the club you hear . 听两段对话,圈出你听到的俱 乐部。 a. English club b. Art club

c. Music club
d. Chess club

e. Swimming club

Complete the conversation with the words in the box. Then listen to the first conversation again and check you answer. 用方框中的单词补全对话。再听一遍第一段对 话并检查答案。




do David: what club___ you want to __ join? want Lisa: We _____ to join the chess club ____. play David: Can you ____chess? Can’t Lisa: No, I _____. Joe: I can.





Practice the conversation above. Then make your own conversations.练习上面对话,然后

Let’s do some pair work:

Can you / she / he /they play basketball ? Yes, I /she /he/they can. No, I /she /he/they can’t

Writing Write something about your family members what they can do or can’t.

Can he sing ? Yes , he can .

Can he play volleyball ?

No , he can’t.

Can she sing ? Yes , she can .

Can she play soccer ? No, she can’t.

Can they sing? Yes, they can./No, they can’t.

dance can → I can dance. can’t → I can’t dance.


→ can
I can play the guitar.

play the guitar


I can’t play the guitar.

play chess


主语+can+动词原形 → I can play chess.


→ I can’t play chess.


can can’t

主语+can+动词原形 I can paint. → → I can’t paint.

Can you dance?
Can he paint?

Yes, I can.

No, I can’t. No, she

Yes, he can. No, he can’t. Yes, She can.

Can she speak English ?
Can you speak English ? What club do you want to join ?


Yes, we can. No, we can’t. We want to join the chess Club. I want to join the basketball club.

Put these sentences in order to make a conversation.将下列句子排列成对话。
2 __ I don’t know.

3 __ What can you do?
1 __ What club do you want to join?

__ I can play the 4 guitar.

Ask your partner what he/she can do.

Then make a list and tell your class.

A: Can you play the guitar? B: Yes, I can.

A: Can you play it well ?
B: No, I can’t.

Help wanted
Are you good with kids?

We need help for our Beidaihe
School Trip. Can you help with:


Come and join us!

Now interview your classmates for the job.

1. I can sing.(改为否定句) ___ _____ sing. I can’t 2. Bob can dance.(对划线部分提问) _____ ___ Bob ___ ? what can do 3. friend, not, basketball, can, my, play(将所给的 单词连接成结构完整的句子) ___________________________. My friend can’t play basketball 4.What club do you want to join?(补充句子) ___ _____ ___ ____ the chess club. I want to join

Music Club

Art Club

Swimming Club

English Club
Chess Club

What club do you want to join?

I want to join the…

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