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英语:Unit 3《Why do you like koalas》课件(2)(人教新目标七年级下)

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Why do you like koalas?
By Han Xue from Jiuhu Middle School

Step 1 Warming-up

Write these nine words in the squares. Let’s play the Bingo game.
tiger dolphin elephant Koala panda Lion bear

penguin giraffe

Step 2 Review the words and expressions
1.动物 animal

2.地图 map
3.害羞的 shy

4.美丽的 beautiful
5.友好的 friendly

6.懒惰的 lazy
7.放松 relax

8.有几分 kind of 9.欢迎到动物园 welcome to the zoo 10.吃草 eat grass 11.树叶—复数 leaf---leaves 12.在晚上 at night 13.在白天期间 during the day 14.和…玩 play with…

Step 3 Review the conversations
You are in the zoo with your friend.

Make a conversation about animals.
Which pair can show us?

Step 4 Make a survey and give a report
---What animals do you like?

---What animals don’t you like?
Name Like Miss Han Why Don’t like Why

dogs clever tigers

Miss Han likes dogs.Because they’re clever. She doesn’t like tigers.Because they’re ugly.

Play a game:

Can you guess the animals?
Read the description and guess what animals they are.

Do you know??? Match !!!
1.Talk horse.
2. Black sheep. 3. When the cat is away, the mice will play. 4.As hungry as a bear.


山中无老虎,猴 子称大王
爱屋及乌 大雨倾盆 饿得像狼

5.Love me,love my dog.
6. It rains cats and dogs.

Step 5 Make a big conversation
and act it out

Step 6 Design(设计)an animal mascot(吉 祥物) for our school and tell the reason.

We think a(an) is the best.Because it’s _______. Its name is _____. It’s ____ years old. It’s from______.

单选 ( )1.Most people work ____ the day and sleep ____ night. A.on; at B.during; in C.on; in D.during; at ( )2.-Please be ______! It’s a reading room. –Sorry. A.quiet B.shy C.clever D.quite ( )3.My brother often ______ his friends. A.play B.plays C.play with D.plays with ( )4.She likes ______ computer games. A.play B.plays C.playing D.played ( )5.My father is a teacher. My mother is a teacher, _____. A.also B.too C.either D.so Answers: D A D C B

用所给词的适当形式填空。 1.Do you want ________(play) football? 2.Let’s ______(go) to school on foot. 3.Let the girl come in _______(one). 4.My English teacher is very ________(friend) to us. 5.There are many _______(kind) of animals in the zoo. 6.Pandas _________(not eat) grass or meat. 7.Why _______ your father ______(like) penguins? 8.What other ________(animal) do you like? 9.She usually _______(relax) 10 hours every day. 10.The panda is three _______(year) old. Answers: 1.to play 2.go 3.first 4.friendly 5.kinds 6.don’t eat 7.does; like 8.animals 9.relaxes 10.years

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