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Unit 7 Shopping

1、我想要去购物,但是我没有钱。 I'd like to go shopping, but I don't have any money. 2、那么你可以给他买一些邮票。 Then you can buy him some stamps. 3、我想要一些足球卡片。 I want some football cards. 4、这里有一些新的卡片 Here are some new cards. 5、你有什么主意吗? Do you have any ideas?

any some some


any some

? We get ________ red packets . some ? There is ________ money in the red some packets. some ? Here are _______ presents for you. ? There are _________ birds in the tree. some some ? Tom has many pens. ________ of them some are red, ______ are black.

Some一般用于肯定句, Some+可数名词复数/不 可数名词.

?Would you like ______ tea? some some ?Would you please have ______ food? some ?What about_________ posters? ?Can I have _______ water? some ?Could you get me _________ water? some ?Can I borrow some money from you? ______
Some 用于疑问句中表示客气的请求、邀请或 征求对方意见等含义,并期待得到对方肯定的回 答.

any ? We don’t play _____ games. ? Do you have _____ good news? any any ? Do you have ______ stamps? ? There aren’t any Halloween parties. ___ ? If the children don’t get any ___sweets, they can play a trick on them.
any 用于否定句或疑问句中, any+可数名词复数/不 可数名词.

any ? 1. I don’t have ________meat, but I have some ________ eggs and cakes. ? 2. Don’t worry. There is some ________ milk in the glass. some ? 3. What about ________ fruit juice? ? 4. “Would you like something to drink?”“ I’d like some milk.” ________ ? 5. Do you have _____ rulers? any ? 6. Would you like some water? ________ ? 7. I don’t have _________ apples to eat, any but I have _________ juice to drink now. some

Using ‘some’/ ‘any’
We use ‘some’ or ‘any’ to talk about the amount of something. Question Positive sentence Negative sentence offer Request

Does he give you ____ cakes? any

He gives me _____ cakes. some
He doesn't give me ____ cakes. any Would you like _____ cakes? some Can I have _____ cakes? some

(1)There are many students in the classroom. 教室里有许多学生。 (2)There is a picture on the wall. 墙上有一张画。 (3)There are seven days in a week. 一周有七天。 (4)There is some milk on the table. 桌上有一些牛奶。

就近原则 (1) There is a box of apples on the table. (2) There is a pen and two books on the desk. (3) There are two books and a pen on the desk.

“there is/ there are”的使用 There is 单数可数名词 不可数名词

There are + 可数名词的复数形式 否定形式: be + not

There be的句型转换: 一般疑问句及其回答: Is (Are) there...? Yes, there is. No, there isn't. 否定句: There is (are) not...

用 there be结构完成下列句子: There is 1、________ a bird in the tree.
There is 2、________ only one docto

r in the hospital today. There are 3、________ lots of people in the shop. There is 4、________some bread and eggs on the table. There are 5、________two pens and a bag on the chair. Is there 6、________any rice in the bag? are there 7、How many toys ___________ in the toy shop?

there are There’s There are There are There are there is there are

B 1、There ____ a lot of meat in the fridge.
A、are B、is C、have D、has B、any bread D、some bread

B 2、There is _____ on the desk.
A、any cake C、some cakes

B 3、__ there two cups of tea on the table over there?
A、Is B、Are



C 4、——Do you have _____ meat for dinner?
——Yes, we have_____. A、some; some C、any; some B、some; any D、any; any

A 5、——Would you like ______ bananas?
——No, thanks. I'd like _____ pears. A、some; some C、any; some ——Yes, it's full. A、There is C、Are there B、There are D、Is there B、some; any D、any; any

D 6、—— _______ any water in the bottle?

7、——_____ there any food for the students?

D ——Yes, ______.
A、Are; there are B、Is; it is

C、Are; they are

D、Is; there is

B 8、 —— I want to buy ____ bananas, but I don't
have ____ money with me. Can you lend me ____?
——Sorry, I don't have_____, either.

A、some; some; any; any
C、some; any; any; any

B、some; any; some; any
D、any; some; any; some

is ? There _____ a glass on the desk.
How many glasses are there on the desk?

is ? There _____ some milk on the desk. How much milk is there on the desk? is ? There _____ a glass of milk on the desk. How many glasses of milk are there on the desk?

? There _____ two glasses of milk on the desk. How much milk is there on the desk?



There be 句型: 表示一种“存在”,即“某地有某物 ”
对某地有某物提问用What’s…? 对某地有某人提问Who’s…?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1.瓶子里有太多的糖. There is too much sugar in the bottle. 2.图书馆里有很多书架. There are many bookshelves in the library. 3.盘子里有些鸡肉. There is some chicken on the plate. 4.冰箱里有三盒牛奶. There are three cartons of milk in the fridge.

? 5. There are some packets of salt on the table.(划线提问) ? What’s on the table? ? 6.There are many tomatoes on the desk. ? What’s on the desk? ? 7. There are some girls in the reading room.(同上) ? Who’s in the reading room? ? 8. There are so many babies in the room.(提问) ? Who’s in the room?

? 1. 在我的书包里有两盒牛奶. ? There are two cartons of milk in my schoolbag. ? 2.讲台上有一些西红柿吗?是的. ? Are there any tomatoes on the teacher’s desk? --Yes, there are. ? 3.那里有一公斤肉吗? ? Is there a kilo of meat over there? ? 4.桌上有一些鱼吗? ? Is there any fish on the table? ? 5.商店里有很多包盐. ? There are many packets of salt in the shop.

? 5.你家里有两

箱苹果吗? ? 没有,有几盒果汁. ? Are there two boxes of apples in/at your home? ? No, there’re some cartons of juice. ? 6. 这里有几片面包. ? There’re some pieces of bread here. ? Here are some pieces of bread. ? 7. 这里有一些面包. ? There is some bread here. ? Here is some bread.

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