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unit9 can you come to my party

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Make a list of the kinds of 2a parties people have. birthday party, Singing party Dancing party English party Ice-cream party housewarming

Skim the messages below. Why did the people write them? Match the reason with each message.

Message 1: ________________________ accept an invitation
turn down an invitation Message 2: ________________________

Message 3: ________________________ make an invitation


Read the messages again and answer the questions.

1. What kind of party is it? 1. ____________________________ It’s a saying goodbye party. 2. Who is the party for? 2. It’s for Ms. Steen. _____________________________ 3. When is the party? 3._____________________________ It’s on next Friday, the 28th.

4. Who did David invite to the party? _______________________________ 4. All the classmates. 5. What can people do at the party? 5. People can say “Thank you and _______________________________ goodbye” to Ms. Steen; They can _______________________________ also play games, eat things. ______________________________

Complete the invitation with words and

phrases from the messages on Page 69.

We are planning a housewarming party _______ at our new house this Saturday. come Can you _________? Our house is at 2 food London Road. We are serving ______ and drinks ____________ from 7:30 p.m. Please bring __________ your friends and family. A surprised party is more __________ with more people! Please let us _________ by know Wednesday ______ you can come to the if party. Hope you can make it!

Imagine one of your favorite teachers is leaving. Plan a party for him/her. Answer the questions with a partner.

1. Why is he/she one of the favorite teacher.

__________________________________ Because she’s really good with us.
2. What do you want to say to her? __________________________________ I want to say “Thank you and goodbye” __________________________________ to her.

3. When is the best time to have the party? I think Saturday afternoon is the best time. ____________________________________ 4. Where can you have the party? _____________________________________ We can have the party in the classroom. 5. What kind of food will there be? Some fruits, cakes, candies and hamburgers. _____________________________________ 6. What kind of drinks would you like to serve? Cola, Spring, tea and water. ____________________________________

7. Who will come to the party? All the students in our class. ________________________________ 8. What activities will there be at the party? Singing, dancing, playing the guitar, ________________________________ playing the violin, cross talking… ________________________________ 9. How can you make the party a surprise for your teacher? ________________________________ We are going to bring her to the party ________________________________ without telling her.

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