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Unit 10 I’d like some noodles.
Section B

Let’s Chant
What would you like? What would you like?

Noodles, noodles. I’d like noodles.
What kind of noodles? What kind of noodles?

Beef and potato, beef and potato.
What size bowl of noodles? What size bowl of noodles?

A large bowl of noodles. A large bowl of noodles.
A large bowl of beef and potato noodles.

Memory Game
Make a sentence: I’d like ... noodles. beef beef potato

beef potato cabbage
beef potato cabbage mutton beef potato cabbage mutton tomato beef potato cabbage mutton tomato fish

Do you know these

food and drinks?

Do you like to drink these things?

a glass of water

a bag of milk

a cup of tea

a bottle of juice

a tin of coke

a cup of coffee

What do you like ?

I like … , … and …
I don’t like …, …or ….


orange juice


green tea






potato chips




1a. Match the words with the pictures.
b 1.____ meat g 2. ____ dumplings a 3. ____ porridge h 4. ____ green tea 5. ____ orange juice c e 6. ____ soup i 7. ____ onions d 8. ____ fish f 9. ____ pancakes

1b. Circle the things you like in 1a. Put an “X” next to the things you don’t like. Then tell your partner what you like and don’t like.
I like dumplings, fish and orange juice.
I don’t like onions, green tea or porridge.

1c. Listen and complete the food order form.
ORDER FORM 15 North Street Address:___________________________ 398-2845 Telephone number:______________ Order: cabbage chicken Dishes:___________, fish,_____________ carrot Dumplings: 12 beef and _____________ Soup: one______________________ tomato soup green tea two Drinks: one large_______________ and________ small________ juices. orange

2b. Read the article about food traditions and complete the chart. Birthday Food Around the World
What _______ would people like to eat on their birthday? The answer would different be _______ in different countries. birthday cake In many countries, people have ______________ with candles. The number of candles is birthday person the person’s age. The _____________ must make a wish and blow out the candles. If he or she blows _______

out all the candles in one go, the wish will come true _________. In the UK, people sometimes put a candy in the birthday cake. The child with the candy is lucky. China In ________, it is getting popular to have cake on ______________ your birthday. But many people still eat very ____________________________. long noodles for their birthday They never cut up the noodles because the long noodles are a symbol of long life. In some places, Chinese people also eat eggs on their birthday. They are a symbol of life and ___________. good luck All of these birthday foods may be different, but the ideas are __________. They bring good luck to the same the birthday person.

Country Food UK


birthday cake Blowing out candle on a cake makes a wish come true. it is lucky to find a candy in a c

ake. long noodles, eggs Long noodles mean long life. Eggs mean life and good luck.


2c. Read the article again and answer the questions.
1. How can a person make his or her birthday wish come true? ___________________________________ He or she can blow out all of the birthday candles in one blow. ________________________________ 2.What do people in the UK sometimes put in a birthday cake? _________________________________ They put a candy in a birthday cake.

3. Why do people never cut up birthday noodles in China? Because long noodles mean long life. __________________________________ 4. Why do people eat special foods on their birthday? They eat special foods for good luck. ___________________________________

3a. Fill in the blanks in the ad with the words in the box.

order bowl kinds strawberry specials

The Ice-cream and Pancake House
Would you like to eat ice-cream or pancake? At our restaurant, we have some great specials _______. We have different_______ of fruit ice-cream, kinds strawberry like__________, banana or orange. Would you bowl like a big ______for four yuan or a small one for just two yuan? You can also _______ our delicious pancakes for just order five yuan.

3b. Image you have a special restaurant. Write the foods and their prices. 3c. Write an ad for your restaurant. These sentences structures may help you.

Would you like….? We have…..for… You can try our… ….is very good/delicious.

Introduce your noodle house(介绍你的面馆):

Good morning! Welcome to my noodle house! This is Jojo(99) Noodle House ! We have…noodles in my house. We also have…. They are very nice. Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to Jojo(99) Noodle House!

Languge Points
1. 有许多与食物、饮料有关的名词是不可数 名词,如: water, milk, bread, juice, tea,

lemonade, cheese等。不可数名词没有复数
形式, 只把表示容量的名词变成复数就可以了。

如: a glass of milk 一杯牛奶
some cups of tea 几杯茶

a piece of bread 一片面包

2. drink n. 饮料

e.g. Do you want some drink?
你要点饮料吗? drink可以用作动词: e.g. Do you want to drink something? 你想喝点什么吗?

Which do you think is healthy food? Which is junk food (垃圾食品)?

Where would you like to eat?
I’m a Chinese. I like to eat at home or in a Chinese food restaurant. Would you like to eat at home or eat out? Why? Where else?


Steak house


Pizza hut


Dumpling house

To keep healthy , vegetables we should eat more _________. fast food we should eat less __________.

Eat healthy food and keep healthy! (吃健康食品, 保持健康.) An apple a day, keep the doctor away!

(一日一苹果, 保证远离医生.)

Ⅰ. 改错
将错误处的序号填在题前的括号内。 ( C )1. The man under the tree look young. A B C D ( A )2. Are one of the photos Jim’s? A B C D ( A )3. He mother is a teacher. A B C D ( A )4. What’s color is your blouse? A B C

D ( D )5. Some pictures are in the wall. A B C D

Ⅱ. 词汇
ungry 1. I’m a little h______.Would you please give me something to eat? 2.There are many k_____ of pizza in this shop. inds 3.What s____ of shirt would you like? ize pecial 4.This hamburger is very s______.It has beef in it. drink 5. Apple juice is a kind of ______. (饮料)

Ⅲ. 单项选择
1. --Would you like some more? D -- _____. I’m full. A. Yes, please B. I’d love to C. No, I would not D. No, thanks A 2.There are few____in the fridge. Let’s go and buy some peas, carrots and cabbages. A. vegetables B. fruit C. meat D. eggs

3. -- I don’t like mutton _____ beef. C -- I don’t like mutton, _____ I like beef a lot. A. and, but B. and, and C. or, but D. or, and C 4. Some chicken _____ in the bowl. And some eggs ______ on the table. A. is, is B. are, are C. is, are D. are, is C 5. --Is that apple large? --_________. A. Yes. It’s. B. No, it’s small apple. C. No, it isn’t. D. No, that’s a small.

6. I’d like some _____ and _____. B A. porridge, vegetable B. broccoli, tomatoes C. potatos, bananas D. French fries, orange juices 7. Andrew usually has fruit ______ dinner. B A. of B. for C. at D. with D 8. Julie would like ______ TV. A. watch B. watches C. watching D. to watch

C 9. We often eats ice cream in a dessert ______.
A. home B. shopping C. house D. family

B 10. -- _____ of shoes do you wear?
-- Size 7. A. What B. What size C. What kind D. What color

D 11. The oranges in the store are good ______ cheap.
A. as B. or C. with D. as well as

A 12. --Would you like some tea? --_________.
A. Yes, please. C. No, I don’t. B. No, please. D. Yes, I would

B 13. Daniel plays chess __________, if not better than, David. (2006苏州市) A. as well B. as well as C. so well D. so well as
14. ― Would you mind my smoking ? A ― ____. ( 中考真题 ) A. Not at all B. I have no idea C. Yes , please

Ⅳ. 句型转换
1. kind, what, they, like, of, would, noodles
(连词成句) What kind of noodles would they like? ___________________________________ 2. She has a strawberry. (用they替换she) They ______ some _____________. have strawberries 3. Nancy wants some salad. (同义句转换) would like Nancy _______ ____ some salad.

4. He’d like a medium bowl. (改为一般疑问句) Would he _______ _____ like a medium bowl? 5. My phone number is 62885151.

What’s your _______ ______ phone number?

6. I’d like a cup of tea.(就划线部分提问)
would like What ________ you ______?

1. Make a survey. Ask what your class eat
at school/at home. See if they eat healthy food.

2. Read and learn the conversation we’ve

3. Complete Self check.

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