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第10讲 八年级(上)Units ll—12
























1.do the dishes洗餐具 2.take out the trash倒垃圾

3.fold the clothes叠衣服 4.sweep the floor清扫地板

5.make the bed铺床 6.clean the room打扫房间 7.get a ride搭车

8.do chores做家务 9.do the laundry洗衣服 10.borrow some money借钱

11.invite sb.to do sth. 邀请某人做某事 12.take care of照顾

13.take sb.for a walk带某人去散步 14.play with sb. 和某人玩耍

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15.see you再见16.come over过来 17.comfortable seats舒适的座位

18.be close t0?离??近 19.in a fun part of town在城镇的闹市区

20.friendly service友好的服务 21.the best movie theater最好的剧院

22.good quality质量好 23.do a survey做调查 24.play music播放音乐

25.win the prize for? 赢得??的奖项 26.without music没有音乐

27.the price of???的价格 28.cut the price打折


1.-Could you please sweep the floor?你能扫一下地板吗?


2.-Could I use your computer?我能用一下你的电脑吗?

-Sorry.I’m going to work on it now.对不起,我马上就要用了。

3.Thanks for taking care of my dog.谢谢你照看我的狗。

4.Don’t forget to clean his beck别忘了打扫他的床。

5.It has the biggest screens and the most comfortable seats.它有最大的荧屏和最舒适的座位。

6.She played a beautiful piano piece.她演奏了一首非常优美的钢琴曲。

7.The price of a hotel room is about 320 yuan a night.宾馆的价格大约是一个晚上320元。

8.Tourists need to wear warm clothes.游客们需要穿保暖衣服。

9.Hotels usually cut their prices in winter.冬天宾馆通常会打折。



1.forget v.意为“忘记”,通常指忘记具体的东西(如名字、号码、地址等)。

(1)forget to do sth.指的是“忘记要做某事”。如:Don’t forget to turn off the light when


(2)forget doing sth.表示“忘记已经做了某事”。如:I forgot telling him about it.我忘记了



remember to do/doing sth.的用法与forget相同。如:Remember to post the letter for me.记住给我邮寄这封信。I remember seeing him once.我记得见过他一次。


(2011·怀化) -Don’t forget your homework,John.-OK.I’ll do it right now.

A.doing B.do C.to do

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----------------------------------------------------------------2012-2013英语中考全程复习--------------------------------------------------------- 解析:forget to do sth.忘记去做某事(将要做的事);forget doing sth.忘记做过某事(已经做过的事)。句意:-约翰,不要忘记做作业。-好的,我马上就做。


2.take care of是动词短语。意为“照顾;照看”。同义短语是look after。

He is smart and can take care of himself.他很精明,可以照顾他自己。


take care意为“小心;注意”,同义短语有be careful,look out。如:

Take care not to cut off the buds.当心不要把幼芽切掉。


(2011·贵阳) -Marcia,could you please my dog when I’m on vacation? -Yes,sure.

A.look after B.1ook at C.look for

解析:本题考查动词短语辨析。look after照顾;look at看;look for寻找。一Marcia,当我度假的时候,你能帮我照看一下我的狗吗?一是的,可以。


3.without prep.没有。无

She sang an English song without music.她清唱了一首英语歌曲:


without的反义词是with。如:He passed the exam with the help of his teacher.在



(2011·金华)We eouldn’t finish our work so early your help.

A.without B.with C.for D.by




1.-Could you please clean your room?你能打扫一下房间吗? -Yes,sure.当然可以。

Could you please??句型通常用于请求某人做某事时,也可说:Can you?please?肯定的回答常用:Certainly./of course./With pleasure./No problem./Yes,sure. 否定的回答常用:I’m afraid not./Sorry,I can’t./Certainly not./No,I can’t.I have to?如:-Could you please do the dishes?你能洗一下餐具 吗?-Sorry,I can’t.I have to do my homework.对不起,我要做作业。

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----------------------------------------------------------------2012-2013英语中考全程复习--------------------------------------------------------- 适时点津


Would you like to do sth.?你愿意做某事吗?

Would you mind doing sth.?你介意做某事吗?


(2011·青岛) -Could you please pass me the book?-

A.Yes,I could B.No,I couldn’t

C.Sure,Here you are D.No,that’s do problem

解析:本题考查交际用语。根据Could you please pass me the book?“请你把书递给我,好吗?”可知这是一个表示请求的一般疑问句,选项C意为“当然可以。给你”。


2.It has the biggest ScrEens and the most comfortable seats.它有最大的荧屏和最舒适的座位。biggest是big的最高级,the most comfortable是comfortable的最高级。形容词的最高级用于三者或三者以上(人或物)的比较,它前面一般要加定冠词the,后面可带of/in短语来说明比较的范围。如:The Sunshine Hotel has the friendliest service.阳光假日酒店的服务最好。









(2011·东营)Of all Gong Linna’S songs,I like her Uneasy(忐忑) .

A.well B.better C.best D.the best

解析:本题考查形容词最高级的用法。由all可知比较对象是三者或三者以上,在三者或三者以上作比较时用最高级。like best意为“最喜欢”。句





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He likes doing nothing.他喜欢什么事也不做。

what shall we do?我们该做什么?

Then she did a very strange thing.接着她做了一件很奇怪的事情。


Let’s make a plan.咱们制订一个计划吧。



(1)do good,do one’s best,do business。do with

(2)make an excuse,make a noise,make a mistake,make the bed,make a phone call,make money 活学活用

-What are you doing? -I’m (做)a cake.




(1)borrow是动词,意为“借,借入”,borrow sth. from sb.意为“向某人借”。如:

How much have you borrowed from him?你向他借了多少钱?

(2)lend也是动词,意为“借给,借出”,lend sb.sth.一lend sth.to sb.意为“借某物给某人”。

如:Would you please lend me your pencil?请把铅笔借给我用用好吗?


keep在表示“借”的含义时,通常表示“借多久”。如:You can keep the book for two days.这本书你可以借两天。


(2010·东阳) -How long have you the bike?-For about two weeks.

A.bought B.kept C borrowed D.1ent




(1)my是代词,意为“我的”,是形容词性物主代词,后面必须接名词或者名词短语。如:My hat fell

to the ground.我的帽子掉在地上了。

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(2)mine也是代词,是名词性物主代词,意为“我的”,后面不再接名词或者名词短语。如:-This is

my dictionary.Where is yours?这是我的字典,你的呢? -Mine is over there.我的(字典)在那里。





(2011·烟台) -Do you know this dictionary belongs to? -Let me see.Oh,it’s .

八who does;mine B.who;me C.whose;mine D.who;mine

解析:本题考查疑问词和代词的用法。belong to后面应该加某人,而不是加物主代词,所以第一个空用who;名词性物主代词mine想当于my dictionary。句意:-你知道这本词 典是谁的吗? -我看看。哦,是我的。



真题1(2011·广安) -which is the season of a year? - Summer.

A.hot B.hotter C.hottest

解析:本题考查形容词的最高级。夏天是一年中最热的季节,要用hot的最高级形式:双写“t”+est。 答案:C

真题2 (2011·广安) -How nmch is the pair of shoes? -Twenty dollars enougk

A.is B.are C.am

解析:本题考查be动词的用法。根据句意,twenty dollars看成一个整体,表示单数概念,所以用



真题3 (2011·济宁) -would you come to my birthday party tomorrow evening?

-I’m afraid I .I have to look after my


A.wouldn’t B.can’t C.won’t D.mustn’t

解析:本题考查情态动词的用法。根据答语“I have to look after my sister.”可知是去不了的。 答案:B

真题4 (2011·威海) -Please to return my book by Friday.I’ll use it on

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Saturday.-No problem.I’ll finish reading it on Thursday.

A.don’t forget B.not to forget C.not forget D.forget not to

解析:本题考查祈使句的用法。由题意可知,这是一个否定的祈使句,故用“don’t+动词原形”。 答案:A


( )1.We have a lovely room.It’s one of in the hotel.

A.nice B.nicer C.nicest D.the nicest

( )2.You wear sports shoes when you climb a mountain.

A.can’t B.shouldn’t C.mustn’t D.have to

( )3.-Could I borrow your computer,Bob? -Sorry I am it.

A.taking out B.turning on C.working on D.putting on

( )4.I don’t know how to begin a talk with Betty.She can sit all day long a word.

A.by B.with C.in D.without

( )5.Water Park is a good place .

A.to have fun B.have fun C.having fun D.to have a fun

同步训练l0八年级(上)Units ll—12



( )1.I could my bed and my clothes.

A.make;fold B.make;do C.fold;do D.fold;wash

( )2.—CouId you please buy drinks and snacks? —sorry,I don’t have money.

A.some;any B.any;any C.some;some D.any;Some

( )3.—Mom, I play computer games? —Yes,you can.But you have to finish your homework first.

A.must B.may C.will D.need

( )4.— I bought a new book about stamp-collecting yesterday.

—Really?Could you ?

A.show me for it B.show me it

C.show it for me D.show it to me

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( )5.—Could you tell me how to get to Xuzhou Railway Station,please? —

A.No,I couldn’t B.Don’t ask me

C.Thank you all the same D.Certainly.You can take the No.1 bus

( )6.—Shall I help you move it to the corner?

— .I can do it myself.

A.No,thanks B.Not at all C.Help yourself D.Never mind

( )7.—Could you please ?It’s so dirty.—I will do it fight away.

A.do the dishes B.clean the rooms

C.make breakfast D.sweep the floor

( )8.—Could you please go sightseeing with us this Sunday? — .I have to finish my


A.Yes,sure B.I’m sorry C.Excuse me D.Good idea

( )9.I think Liu Dehua is one of the movie stars in China.

A.popular B.Popular est C.more popular D.most popular

( )10.His house is our school

A.close B.closely to C.close to D.close near

( )11.My little brother is to go to school.

A.old enough B.enough old

C.young enough D.enough young

( )12.Hainan is the south of China.

A to B.on C in D.at

( )13.When you choose what theater to go to ,which is ,friendly service or high price?

A.important B.importanter

C.more important D.the most important

( )14.He the prize the running this year.

A.made;on B. got;about C.won;for D.made;for

( )15.—Which is month of the year? —July,I think.

A.hot B.hoter C.hotter D.the hottest


1.Who runs (fast)in your class?

2.I think Ma Li is (athletic)of the three girls.

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3.You’d better ask your father (send)you to the hospital.

4.The students clean the (read)room every day.

5.Could you please (not shut)the door?

6.Does everyone hate (make)the dishes?

7.All the movie theaters are good,but the Big Screen Complex has (comfortable)seats.

8.I don’t want to go Jasper’s clothes store.It has (bad)clothes in town.

9.What do you think is (creative)of all the music videos?

10.Who is(good)in physics in your class?


1.Jason has b quality than Trendy Teens.

2.Tom is a bad worker,but Jim is even w than him.

3.There isn’t e food for sixty people,so I’ll go and get same.

4.We need some more actors for the t show.

5.His answer is positive,but mine is n .

6.Our teachers are having a m in the teachers’office.

7.Could I use your CD player?M is broken(坏了).

8.Thank you for f my dog when I go out.

9.Let’s go to the supermarket and buy some drinks and s to eat.

10.We s the floor just half an hour ago.


1.Do you like to live in the country or ?

2.What do you the play last night?

3.The restaurant has ,so I often eat there.

4. food for the party,I have prepared it.

5.The shops for the old clothes.


1.They sang a cute song (一起).

2.Could I (借)your bike?Mine is broken.

3.Last week’s talent show was a great (成功).

4.Do you like to (听)to music?

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5.I can’t buy the computer because it’s too (昂贵).

6.She often helps her father (洗)the car.

7.Jason’s clothes has the (最好)service.

8.Jasper’s has the (最友好的)service.

9.I think Cride Theater has the most (最舒适的)seats.

10.The Art Festival (持续)for ten days.



I didn’t cry when I learned l was the parent of a disabled child.I just sat still and didn’t say anything.

When Jenny was old enough。I sent her to a kindergarten(幼儿园).On the first mornin9,Jenny spent hours playing by herself.It seemed that she felt very 1 .However,to my joy,Jenny’s classmates always 2 her。“You got all your spelling words right today!”In fact,her spelling list was the 3 .Later,she faced a very painful 4 at the end of the term.there was a game which had. 5 to do with physical education.But Jenny was 6 in it.

My husband and l were anxious about the day.I wanted to let my child stay home!But my heart wouldn’t let me off that easily.So I 7 a pale.unwilling Jenny onto the school bus. At the kindergarten,1 was quite worried because of her 8 action,Jenny would probably hold up her team.The game went well until it was time for the sack(19袋)race.Surely Jenny would find it 9 .Now each child had to climb into a sack,jump to the finishing line,return and climb out of the sack.I noticed Jenny standing near the end of her line of players.

But as it was her turn to join,a change took place in her l0 .The tallest boy behind Jenny placed his hands on her waist(腰).Two other boys 11 in front of her.The moment the player before Jenny stepped out from the sack,the two boys l2 the sack suddenly and kept it open while the tall boy lifted Jenny and l3 her into it.A girl nearby took her hand and supported her l4 Jenny got her balance.Then she jumped forward,smiling and proud.In the cheers of the teachers,schoolmates and parents。I silently thanked the warm,understanding people in life who made it l 5 for my disabled daughter to be like her fellow human beings.Then I finally cried.

( )1.A.excited B.lonely C.happy D.weak

( )2.A.greeted B.expected C.encouraged D.followed

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( )3.A.easiest B.10ngest C.smallest D.tidiest

( )4.A.choice B.problem C.result D.exam

( )5.A.nothing B.anything C.everything D.something

( )6.A.forward B.fast C.behind D.up

( )7.A.threw B.pushed C.knocked D.fixed

( )8.A.slow B.quiet C.quick D.secret

( )9.A.stupid B.simple C.relaxing D.difficult

( )10.A.school B.family C.team D.heart

( )11.A.ran B.1ay C.walked D.stood

( )12.A.picked up B.gave up C.cut up D.made up

( )13.A.drove B.hid C.put D.hit

( )14.A.when B.until C.after D.unless

( )15.A.popular B.special C.necessary D.possible



It’s l0:00 pm.A man leaves a restaurant,gets into his car and drives away.200 meters further he’s stopped by a police officer.

Officer:Good evening,sir.We’re testing drivers for drunk driving.Would you please blow(吹)into

this machine?

Man:I’m sorry,I can’t do that.If I blow into that machine.I will get out of air. Officer:Please come along to the office and we can give you a blood test.

Man:I can’t do that.If you give me a blood test,I will bleed(流血)to death.

Officer:Then you’ll have to get out and walk five meters along this white line.

Man:I can’t do that,either.

Officer:Why not?

Man:Because l’m dead drunk!I can’t open the door.

( )1.The man is stopped meters away from the restaurant.

A.5 B.10 C.200 D.205

( )2.The conversation probably happens in a(an)

A.office B.street C.hospital D.restaurant

( )3.The man wouldn’t have the test for drunk driving because .

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A.he is badly ill B.he will get out of air

C.he is dead drunk D.he will bleed to death


Some people think only school children do not agree with their parents,however,it is not true.

Communication is a problem for parents and children of all ages.If it’s hard for you to communicate with your parents。don’t worry about it.Here are some advice for you to bridge the generation gap(代沟).

Don’t argue(争辩)with your parents.Don’t get to your parents when you are angry.Your parents probably won’t consider your ideas if you are shouting at them.And you can’t express yourself well if you are angry.Go someplace to cool off.Make sure you understand why you are unhappy.Then think about what you want to say to your parents.If you don’t think you can speak to them at the moment,try writing a letter,

Try to reach a compromise(和解).Perhaps you and you parents disagree on something.You can keep your disagreement and try your best to accept each other.Michael’s mother didn’t agree with him about buying a motorcycle.They argued over it.But they finally came to a compromise.Michael bought the motorcycle,but only drove it on certain days.

Of course,your parents might refuse to compromise on something.In these situations,it is especially important to show love and respect(尊敬)to them.Showing respect will keep your relationship strong.

Talk about your values.The values of your parents are probably different from those of your own.Tell your parents what you care about,and why.Understanding your values might help them see your purposes in life.

A good relationship with your parents can make you a better and happier person.It is worth having a try!

( )4.According to the passage who have a communication problem?

A.Parents and other people.

B.Only school kids and their parents.

C.Teachers and their students.

D.Parents and children of all ages.

( )5.How many pieces of advice does the writer give us to bridge the generation gap?

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A.5. B.4. C.3. D.2.

( )6.The underlined word“bridge”in the passage means“ ”.

A.建立 B.消除 C.通过 D.到达

( )7.If the values of your parents are different from those of yours,you’d better .

A.argue with them B.keep away from them

C.agree with them all the time D.tell your parents what you care about

( )8.The best title for the passage is .

A.How to bridge the generation gap B.How to deal with family problems

C.How to be good parents D.How to be a good child



I have a wonderful family,because we often have fun in many places and we often do chores.Xiamen is a beautiful city in southern China.There are many interesting places in Xiamen.The best restaurant in Xiamen is Jason’s.It has the friendliest service and the most comfortable seats.We often feel the most comfortable having lunch there.On weekends,my mom and I usually go to Jinyi to see the movies.Because it has the biggest screens.It is also the closest to my home.As for chores,my mom usually cleans the room.My dad does the dishes.And I sweep the floor.I like doing chores very much because I think it’s a good way to express my love to my parents.

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一、1—5 AABDD 6—10 ADBDC 11—15 ACCCD

二、1.fastest 2.the most athletic 3.to send 4.reading 5.not shut 6.to make 7.the most

comfortable 8.the worst 9.the most creative l0.the best

三、1.better 2.worse 3.enough 4.talent 5.negative 6.meeting 7.Mine 8.Feeding

9.snacks l0.swept

四、1.in town 2.think about 3.good service 4.As for 5.cut the price

五、1.together 2.borrow 3.success 4.1isten 5.expensive 6.wash 7.best 8.friendliest 9.Comfortable



一、1—5 BCABD 6—10 CBADC 11—15 DACBD

二、1—3 CBC 4—8 DCBDB

三、1. (1)More than four million people die from smoking each year. (2)The American Cancer

Society says smoking harms the body greatly. 2.not easy to give up smoking. 3.你戒烟越早,就会更大地减少你患癌症和其他疾病的风险。4.Stop smoking before smoking stops you! 四、1.I hat doing chores. 2.Could you please take care of my cat when I am on vacation? 3.Yao

Ming won the prize for the best basketball player last year.4.Mom,don’t forget to feed the goldfish. 5.Could you help me clean the living room?

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