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----------------------------------------------------------------2012-2013英语中考全程复习--------------------------------------------------------- 名师预测

( )1.-Have you ever listened to the song Pretty-boy?

-Yes.It really beautiful.All of us like it very much.

A.looks B.smells C.sounds D.tastes

( )2.-What time do you usually get up on weekends?

- around eight.

A.At B.On C.In D.For

( )3.There some milk,two eggs and a few cakes on the table.

A.is ·B.are C has D.have

( )4.-Have you bought the digital camera?

-No.I can’t afford it.The price is a bit .I think

A.low B.high C.cheap D.expensive

( )5.It’s raining outside. a raincoat with you,please.Remember to it back


A.Bring;take B.Take;bring C .Take;carry D.Take;take

同步训练2七年级(上)Units 7—12



( )1.I like comedies, I don’t like documentaries.

A.and B.but C.or D.then

( )2.—What is your favorite ? —Science.

A.sport B.movie C.subject D.food

( )3.They have a basketball game December 22nd.

A.in B.on C.at D.for

( )4.I can play football but I can’t play violin.

A.the;the B.a;the C./ ;the D.the;/

( )5.Do you want some vegetables?

A.buy B.to buy C.buys D.buying

第3讲七年级(下)Units l—6





3.begin(v.)开始→start(v.同义词) →beginning(n.)开始




1.write to sb.给某人写信 2.post office邮局 3.pay phone投币电话

4.across from在??对面 5.next to紧挨 6.in front of在??前面

7.on the right/left在右/左边 8.go straight笔直走 9.turn left/right向左/右转

10.welcome to sp. 欢迎来某地 11.take a walk散步 12.the beginning of??的开始

13.have fun玩得开心 14.let sb.do sth. 让某人做某事.

15.have a good trip旅途愉快 16.during the day在白天 17.at night在晚上

18.kind of有几分 19.between...and... 在??和??两者之间

20.the way to?去??的路 21.tell sb.about sth. 告诉某人关于某事

22.in the neighborhood在附近 23.want to be想要成为

24.work with? 与??打交道 25.talk with/to sb.about sth. 和/对某人谈某事

26.give sth.to sb./give sb.sth. 给某人某物

27.get sth.from sb. 从某人那里拿某物 28.be busy doing sth. 忙于做某事

29.go out to dinners出去吃饭 30.work for sb.as... 作为??为某人工作

31.work hard努力工作 32.want sb.to do sth. 想让某人干某事

33.talk on the phone电话聊天 34.wait for sb.等待某人

35.thanks for(doing)sth. 感谢(做)某事 36.in order to为了 37.pretty good相当好

38.on vacation度假 39.take photos拍照 40.1ie on the beach躺在沙滩上

41.play beach volleyball打沙滩排球 42.have a good time过得愉快


1.-Where’s your pen pal from? 你的笔友来自哪里?

-He’s from Australia. 他来自澳大利亚。

2.-what language do you speak? 你说哪一种语言? --I speak English. 我说英语。

3.-Where does he live? 他居住在哪里? 一He lives in Paris. 他住在巴黎。



4.Does she have brothers or sisters? 她有兄弟姐妹吗?

5.-Is there a bank near here? 附近有银行吗?

-Yes,there is.It’s on Center Street. 是的,它在中心街上。

6.-Where’s the post office? 邮局在哪里?

-It’s next to/across from... 它在??隔壁/对面。

7.Just go straight and turn left. 只要一直往前走,然后向左转。

8.It is a very busy street. 这是条很繁忙的街道。

9.-Why do you like?? 你为什么喜欢???

-Because it’s/they’re... 这是因为它/它们??

10.What other animals do you like? 你还喜欢其他的什么动物?

11.-What do you do? 你是干什么的? --1’m a doctor. 我是一个医生。

12.-Where does your sister work? 你姐/妹在哪里工作?

-She works in? 她在??工作。

13.-What do you want to be? 你想成为什么? -I want to be a/an...我想成为一名??

14.-Why do you want to be a/an... 你为什么想当???

-Because it’s a/an...job.因为这是一项??的工作。

15.-What are you doing? 你正在干什么? -I ant watching TV. 我正在看电视。

16.-when do you want to go? 你想几点出发? -Let’s go at? 让我们??点出发吧。

17.-Where is he swimming? 他在哪里游泳? -At the pool. 在游泳池。

18.-How’s the weather in...?/What’S the weather like in...? 某地气候怎么样?

-It’s sunny/cloudy/windy. 晴朗/多云/刮风。

19.-How’s it going? 进展如何?

-It’s great/not bad/terrible. 很好/不错/糟糕透了。

20.-What do you usually do when it’s raining?当天下雨时,你通常干什么?

-I usually read a book. 我通常看书。



1.be from

be from意为“来自于??”,相当于come from,但come为实义动词,句子变化时应借助于助动词。 活学活用

Where is your pen pal from?(改为同义句) Where your pen pal ?

解析:本题考查be from和come from的区别用法,使用动词come时,第三人称作主语,在问句中应加


答案:does;come from

2.in front of

in front of通常指物体或人位于另外的物体外部的前面。如:

There are some trees in front of the house.房子的前面有一些树。


in the front of指在某个物体本身或范围之内的前部。如:

The girl is standing in the front of the bus.这个女孩站在公共汽车前部(在车内)。霹期 -Why are you standing there,Maggie?

-I can't see the blackboard clearly.Two tall boys are sitting me.

A.behind B.in front of C.beside D.next to



3.have fun

have fun意为“玩得高兴,过得愉快”,相当于have a good time或enjoy oneself。


have fun doing sth.意为“高兴地做某事”。


-I’m going to san-ya for the summer holiday.

- !

A.Have 8good time B.Well done C.Best wishes to you D.Thanks a lot




1.What does he do?他是干什么的?“What+do/does+主语+do?”可用来询问某人的职业或身份。如:What do you do?你干什么工作?



----------------------------------------------------------------2012-2013英语中考全程复习--------------------------------------------------------- 询问职业还可用:

(1)What+be+主语?如:What,S he?他是做什么的?

(2)What+be+one’s+job?如:What is his father’s job?他父亲是干什么的?


-What your father ?

-He is a teacher.

A does;do B.is;doing C.are;do D.do;do



2.there be句型

“There is/are+某物/人+某地/时”结构表示“某地/时有某物/人”。句中的be(is/are)和后面的名词在数方面必须保持一致。there be结构的一般现在时的基本句型如下:

肯定句:There is/are+?

否定句:There is/are+not+?


肯定回答:Yes,there is/are.

否定回答:No,there isn’t/aren’t.


there be句式符合“就近原则”,there be句式中的be的形式往往根据第一个主语的单复数来确定动词be的形式。 .


-Have you got some water to drink?

-Here you are.There still some in the bottle.

A.are B.has C.is D.have

解析:本题考查there be句型。water为不可数名词。故be动词选用is。





①pay sb.付钱给某人 ②pay sb.for sth./pay sb.sth.为某物而付钱给某人

③pay some money for sth.为??而付款 ④pay for sth.为??而付款,偿付

(2)cost只能用物或事作主语,而不可用人作主语,常用于sth.costs sb.some money或sth.Costs some money结构中。

(3)spend的主语必须是人,常用于spend time/money on sth.或spend time/money(in)doing sth.结构中,其中in可省略。

(4)take主要指花费时间,其常见结构为:It takes sb.some time to do sth.,it在此作形式主语,真正的主语是后面的不定式to do sth.。

活学活用 I bought some CDs for my friend and they me$30.

A.spent B.paid C.cost D.took

解析:they指前面的some CDs,表示“花费”,且主语是物而不是人时,应用cost。



真题1(2011·南充) -How,s it going? -

A.It’s great B.You are welcome C Thanks a lot



真题2(2011·湘剐The of most trees will fall in autumn.

A.1eaf B.1eafs C.leaves

解析:本题考查名词复数的用法。根据句意:秋天,大多数的树叶都会落。leaf的复数形式为leaves。 答案:C

真题3(2011·湘潭) -Excuse me.Is there a hank near here?

-No, .But you can find one in Zhongshan Road.

A.there isn’t B.it isn’t C.they aren’t

解析:本题考查there be否定句的用法。根据句意:一请问,这附近有银行吗?一不,没有。但中山路上有一个。there is的否定句直接加not,或简写为there isn’t。


真题4(2011·北海)David usually takes 一walk for an hour after dinner.

A.a B .an C.the D./

解析:本题考查冠词的用法。take a walk意为“散步”,是固定搭配。




真题5(2011·凉山)My pa。rents often ask me too much time computer games.

A. not to spend;playing B.not to spend;to play C.to not spend;play

解析:本题考查非谓语动词的用法。根据ask sb.not to do sth.和spend time(in)doing sth.结构可知答案选A。



( )1.Don’t worry.Let me you.

A. helping B. helps C.to help D.help

( )2.- at this season of the year in the north?

-It’s much hotter than last year.The high temperature has lasted for days.

A.How are things going

B.How are you getting on

C.What’S the weather like

D.What do you do

( )3.The American student could speak only Chinese,but he managed to communicate

with US.

A.few B.little C.a few D.a little

( )4.I like flowers.I’m going to buy a house a small garden in front of it.

A.in. B.near C.with D.between

( )5.一Is the woman a teacher? 一Yes,she teaches English.

A.you B.US C.our D.you

同步训练3七年级(下)Units l—6



( )1.—Can you French? —Yes,but only .

A.speak;a little B.talk;much C.say;a little D.speak;much

( )2.Look!There a bank and two pay phones near here.

A.have B.has C.are D.is

( )3.Koalas are from Australia.They’re cute.

A.a kind of B.kinds of C.kind of D.all kinds of

( )4.—Excuse me.Can you tell me the way the hospital? —Go along this street,it's

your right

A.to;on B.to;in C. of;on D.in;in

( )5.Tom likes very much and he can very well.

A.drawing;draws B.drawing;drawing

C.to draw;draw D.to draw;drawing

( )6.—Let’s to the movies now. —That great.

A.go;sound B.go;sounds C.going;sound D.going;sounds

( )7.—How’s your family vacation going?— .One of my sisters is lost.We can’t

find her.

A.Terrible B.Not bad C.Pretty good D.Great

( )8.Mr Zhang,thank you very much for me math so well.

A.teach B.to teach C.teaching D.teaches


I am Li Lei.I am a student in No.10 Middle School.I (1) (住)in Linhai,Zhejiang.My house is on Jinshan Avenue.

There is a big(2) (超市)near my house.It is“CBEST”.It has a lot of things.You can buy many things,like pens,rulers and exercise books.You can also buy drinks,fruits,and all(3) (种)of food.

Some of them are cheap,but(4) (另外的)are expensive.It is(5) (营业的)every day from 9:00 a.m.to 9:00 p.m. The workers in it are very(6) (友好)to us.They wear beautiful uniforms,so they(7) (看起来)cool.They work(8) (努力)all day.They can help you to find what you want.The“CBEST”is full of people on weekends.It is a very interesting place.The people are really very(9) (放松).Look!Today many people are(10) (购物)there!So let’s go to the supermarket!


1.I like (elephant),because they are very cute.



2.Jimmy (come)from Australia.But he can speak very good Chinese.

3.Tony,let’s go (shop).OK?

4.My grandparents want (take)a walk after supper.

5.Listen,who is (sing)in the next room?



Here is an e-mail from Hu Dong to Tom.

Hello,Tom!Nice to read l .My name is Hu Dong.I’m a 2 boy from Beijing.Beijing is the capital of 3 .It is big and nice.There are many universities in Beijing.I’m a student in Beijing University.There are 4 foreign students in our university.They 5 hard. I’m 6 English now.I want 7 English with foreigners, 8 I find it very difficult.I know English words,but I can’t speak English well.I don’t know why.Can you help me?

I am 9 to know you are 10 to China soon.Then we can talk about everything in English.

( )1.A.his letter B.your e-mail C.my letter D.his e-mail

( )2.A.Chinese B.China C.Australia D.Australian

( )3.A.Chinese B.China C.our D.we

( )4.A.one B.many C.any D.a

( )5.A.play B.works C.are work D.study

( )6.A.1earn B.1earning C.work D.to work

( )7.A.speak B.to speak C.say D.to say

( )8.A.or B.but C.and D.so

( )9.A.happy B.well C.fine D.sorry

( )10.A.go B.going C.come D.coming


This is a beautiful park.Most people like to go to the park after work or at the weekend.Some of them go to the park every day.Look!This is Ms Black.She is sitting under a tree and watching the birds flying in the tree.Many children are playing the game of hide_and seek under the tree,too.Some boys are playing with yo-yo.Some women are singing and dancing near a

small river in the park.We can see some boats in the river.The boats are like ducks.This"is really a nice park.I come here to read English after school every day.But today I am boating with my parents here.I am so happy.

( )1.Most people like to go to the park

A.every day B.after work C.on weekends D.B and C

( )2.Ms Black is watching

A.the birds under the tree B.the birds in the tree

C.the children under the tree D.the children in the tree

( )3.The writer can’t see in the park.

A.ducks B.children C.women D.men

( )4.What are the writer’s parents doing now?

A.They are singing. B.They are reading English.

C.They are boatin9. D.They are dancing.

( )5.Which one is WRONG?

A.The writer is having a good time today.

B.The writer likes the park very much.

C.The writer isn’t reading English now.

D.The writer comes to the park to read English before school is over.


Who makes your lunches?Who takes care of you when you are sick?Who is always there for you? It’s your mother.That’s why there is a special day for mothers around the world.This year it is on May 9.

There are many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day.Lots of people buy gifts and carnations for their mothers.In the language of flowers,carnations mean happiness and love.

1.Your makes your lunches.

2. is a special day for mothers a round the world.

3.In the language of flowers,carnations mean and .

( )4.We can infer that the writer won’t for her mother on Mother’s Day.

A.make breakfast B.do housework C.make a card D.dress up





Dear Dick,

I’m in Hainan on vacation with my family.The weather is sunny.And it’s very hot now.We are on the beach.My mother and my sister are playing games.My brother is swimming in the sea.My father is lying on a chair and watching them.What am I doing ? Look!I’m drawing a picture.We are all having a good time.








一、1—5 ADCAC 6—8 BAC

二、1.live 2.Supermarket 3.kinds 4.Others 5.open 6.friendly 7


三、l.elephants 2.comes 3.Shopping 4.to take 5.singing


一、1—5 BABBD 6—l0BBBAD

二、1—5 DBACD

三、1.mother 2.Mother’s Day 3.happiness,love 4.D

四、0ne possible version:

第6页(共6页) .look 8.hard 9.Relaxed

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