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5 语法分类汇总练习(特殊句型)

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语法分类汇总练习(特殊句型) — by乐加乐英语孙晨皓


疑问,祈使,感叹及there be句型

1. the boy has a new Mp4, _?

A.does’t he B.isn’t he C.does he D.is he

2.-_will you come back?

-in an hour.

A.how soon B.how often C.how far D.how long

3.-Let’s go to the zoo by taxi,_?

-maybe we can go there _ .it’s not far.

A.won’t you,on foot B.won’t you,by foot C.shall we,by foot D.shall we,on foot

4.-it’s very cool this summer,_ it?

-Yes,it is much cooler than last summer.

A.is B.isn’t C.does D.doesn’t

5.-how often do you go to school in your country?

-_ .

A.in five days B.for five days C.five days a week D.five days ago

6.-there is some beef in the fridge,_ ?

-Yes, there is.

A.is there B.isn’t there C.has there D.hasn’t there

7.E-mail is very popular today. People seldom write letters now, _ ?

A.did they B.do they C.didn’t they D.don’t they

8.Sally has returned to Guangzhou ,_ ?

A.did she B.didn’t she C.has she D.hasn’t she

9.-_is the library from our school?

-it’s quite near.Just go _ the road.

A.how far,cross B.how long,across C.how far,across D.how long,cross

10._ terrible weather we had last Sunday.

A.what B.what a C.such D.how

11.-two _ died in the accident .

-_ terrible it is !

A.policemen,how B.policeman,what C.police,what D.policemans,how

12.-Look ,there _ a lot of people over there .what is happening?


语法分类汇总练习(特殊句型) — by乐加乐英语孙晨皓

-There is a traffic accident.Two _ were driving too fast and their cars hit each other.

A.is,woman drivers B.are ,women drivers C.are ,woman drivers D.is,women drivers

13.-Peter is never late for school, _ ?

-_ . he always comes on time.

A.is he,yes B.isn’t he,no C.is he,no D.isn’t he.yes

14.- _ fun it is to walk and cycle along the Mangrove(红树林)!

- _ .

A.what a ;so it is

B.what;so it is

C.how a ;so is it

D.how;so is it

15.-Jack,look at that Japanese sumoist(相扑) -Wow,_ !

A.how a strong man B.what a strong man

C.how strong man D.what strong man

16.-Could you tell me _ the new library will be completed?

-In two years.

A.how long B.how soon C.how often D.how far

17._ wide the streets are!

A.what B.how C.what a D.how a

18.-_ good news ! our class has won the first prize in the race.

-That’s really _ !

A.what a ;exciting B.what;exciting C.how;exciting D.how;excited

19.there _ a football match on TV this evening.

A.will have B.is going to be C.has D.is going to have

20.-_ difficult question it is ! would you like to help me _ it?

- Yes,l’d love to .

A.what;begin with B.how ;begin with C.what a;deal with D.how;deal with

21.-How can l improve my oral English ,Dr Smith?

- _ afraid of making mistakes and _ speak loudly, and then you’ll succeed.

A.not be, sometimes B.don’t be,always C.be,never D.don’t be ,seldom

22.-Did you see him off at the station?

-Yes,he got _ the bus and _ a seat next to the window.then l left.

A.in ; looked for B.to ;saw C.off ; found out D.on ; found


语法分类汇总练习(特殊句型) — by乐加乐英语孙晨皓

23.-How many students do you think are still in the classroom now?

-L am afraid there are few of them,_ ?

A.are there B.aren’t l C.aren't there D.am l

24.- _ it was yesterday!

-Yes ,we had to stay indoors because of the typhoon.

A.how bad a weather B.how bad weather

C.what a bad weather D.what bad weather


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