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Short messages should
? start with a greeting(Dear…) ? 以问候语开头,如Dear… ? metion the topic in the first sentence ? 先在第一句点明主题

Short messages should
? give the rest of the message clearly and briefly ? 其次,清晰简要地表达其余信息 ? end with a friendly word or phrase(Regards, etc.) ? 然后以友好的祝福语结束.如: Regards等等.

Short messages should
? be date and singed ? 在右上角写上日期,在左下角 签名 ? be written in a friendly way(e.g., using short forms like I’ve, I’d) ? 注意要多用友好,委婉的表达 方式,如: I’ve, I’d.

A. Reminders


? A1 Read this reminder and fill in the blanks with the names of the different not parts in the box.

Greeting Message Signature 问候语 Closing 信息 Topic 签名 Date




18 September Dear Jimmy (1)________ (4)_________ Greeting Date This is to remind you about our tennis game tomorrow afternoon. (2)_________ Topic I’ll meet you outside the club at 2 p.m. Don’t forget to bring your membership card. Message (3)_________

Closing Regards (5)_________ Signature Simon (6)_________

? A2 Write a reminder to a friend about a tree-planting activity on Sunday. It is in Apple Park. You will meet your friend at the main gate at half past ten in the morning. Remind him or her to wear his or her school uniform.

B Invitations
? Debbie and Simon have received an invitation to Sandy’s birthday party next Saturday. Then are talking about it.


6 September

Dear Debbie and Simon I’ m having a birthday party on Saturday, 20 September at 7.30 p.m. The party is at my home, Flat6B, 129 Beach Road. I hope you can come.


look forward to doing sth.期待做某事 ? DEBBIE: Well, I’m looking forward to going to Sandy’s birthday party. I’m just going to write her note to accept her invitation. 接受她的邀请 ? SIMON: I’d like to attend, but I can’t. I have to go to Hainan to 住院 visit my uncle. He’s in hospital. ? DEBBIE: Let’s send her a reply.

B1 Complete the outline of Debbie’s note to accept the invitation.
10 September

Sandy Dear (1)_______ Thanks very much for inviting me to the (2)_____________________ party. I’m happy to (3)________ and attend look (4) ______________ seeing forward to youon (5)____ 20 September. Best wishes


B2 Complete the outline of Simon’s note to reject the invitation.(拒绝邀请) 10 September (1)____________ Dear Sandy Thanks a lot for (2)__________________. for your invitation I’m sorry that I (3)_________________. couldn’t attend The reason is that I have to

visit my uncle in Hainan (4)__________________________. (5)______________________. He is in hospital I hope you have (6)__________________. a good time
Kindest regards simon

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