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? 学校:梅山中学 ? 教学版本:Oxford English Shenzhen Edition 2008 ? 课题:九年级(上)Chapter 3 places of interest ? 授课课时:第一课时

Chapter 3 Places of interest

梅山中学 匡乐逸

Around the World in 80 Days

the English gentleman Mr. Fogg successfully completes his round-world journey, starting from London, Crossing the Suez Canal, the Atlantic Ocean and the Northern American continent and returning to London, in just 80 days.

My fantastic tour of Europe

Provance(普罗 旺斯) France


Barcelona (巴塞罗那) Spain

Milan Italy

Alpes (阿尔卑斯山) Austrlia

BMW Museun Murich(慕尼黑) Germany

Super Challenge

? Do you know the TV program mamed “The Super Challenge(绝对挑战)”from CCTV2? It always gives the adults good chances to get jobs. Today it comes to our class. A guest will join the program. Welcome!

? HI! I am Lihui,the manager of Kanghui Travel Agency!(康辉 旅行社) We need six tour guides who must be good at English and Know tourism well. The salary is 10000 yuan a month! Do you want to try?

Memory challenge(第一关记忆风暴)

Eiffel Tower

Happy Valley

Tiananmen Square

Palace Museum

Summer Palace

Drill(第二关:职场训练营) S1:the tour guide S2:the tourist S2 asks something about the four places of interest on P31

Set some rules of places of interest E.g Taking pictures isn’t allowed in the museum. Smoking isn’t allowed in The Peak Tram.

? Make a survey,Ask your group members what his/her favor and give the advice where he/she should go(Hainan/ Hongkong Shenyang/ ) E.g. When you travel What do you like doing? I advise going…

A perfect tour for you


.Act (第四关:绝对挑战)
You are supposed to arrange a tour and try to attract the classmates to join .

Task 8. Who's the best?(活动成果评估)

Homework Arrange a one-day tour of Shenzhen

Thank you


Thank you Bye~~~~

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