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Unit 7


穿越热带雨林旅行_____________ 去度假__________ _有一天____________没有什么


游客太多__________ 最出名的教堂之一_________________ 一般来说____________

为什么不做某事________________ 在欧洲____________ .最好做某事______________


暖和的地方_________________ 在中国的东部________________ _省钱


希望做某事______________ 另一方面__________________ 我想去一些轻松的地方


我喜欢令人兴奋的假期________________ _尽快的_______________今年夏天





1、 —I _________ being a policeman _________.What is yours?—To be a teacher.

A. dream; in the future B. dream of; in the future C. dream about; in future D. dream as; in future

2、Time is changing fast, while some old customs stay _________.

A. a same B. the same C. the same as D. a same as

3、You’d better get up _________ possible _________ you can catch the early bus.

A. as soon as; so that B. as early as; so that C. as soon as; in order D.

as early as; in order

4、 I’d like to Florida _________ I like relaxing vacations. A. so B. but C.

and D. because

5、Why not consider _________ Kunming next holiday? A. visit B. visited C.

visiting D. visits

6、 Don’t plan _________ driving a car in Singapore. A. at B. on C. of

D. in

7、 I’d like to visit Sydney _________ my next vacation. A. for B. on C. at

D. in

8、Is the traffic _________ in your city? A. big B. small C .heavy D.


9、I was expected to continue _________ further before _________ a job as an engineer.

A. studying; finding B. to study; to find C. with studying; I find D. studying;I find

10、 We would like to travel to _________exciting place. A. a B. an C. the D./

11、It would be nice if the hotel _________ rooms with kitchens. A.has B.have

C.had D.to have

12、A storm is _________ its way _________ the weather broadcast.

A.in; according to B. on; according to C. in; accord to D. on; accord to

13、The robots even start to have _________. A. feelings B. feeling C. feel

D. feels

14、 No one _________ be laughed at, especially in public.

A. likes B. would like C. is willing to D. is like to

15、The scientists have a special reason for _________ this kind of robots.

A. make B. making C. makes D. made

16、 My parents want to go ______ on vacation.

A. somewhere peaceful B. dangerous somewhere

C. somewhere boring D. fascinating somewhere

17、 I'd like to trek ______ the jungle. A. through B. across C. over

D. on

18、 The Travel Agency offered him a hotel ______ 30 dollars every day. A. / B. for

C. to D. with

19、 Some robots are ______ to do the same things ______ people.

A. enough smart, as B. enough smart, with C. smart enough, as D. smart enough, for

20、What ______ can you tell me? A. other B. else C. the other D. others


1、下个假期你要去哪儿? _________ would you like to go _________ your next _________?

2、 我希望将来有一天游览夏威夷。 I hope _________ _________ Hawaii one day _________ _________ .

3、在巴黎坐地铁观光是最便利的。 It’s the _________ _________ to travel

_________ Paris by subway.

4、住在纽约是很昂贵的。 _________ in New York is quite _________.


It _______ some students would like to start work ________ ________ ________


6、房间足够三个人用。 The room is_________ _________for three people.

7、我们想要待在一个有大游泳池的地方。 _________ _________to stay a place ________ a big ________.

8、 我们计划出国旅游,但因为非典我们没去成。

We ______ ______ _______ abroad, but we didn't go because of SARS.

9、 在那个岛上没什么可做。 _______ _______ ________ ________ _______ on the island.

10、 ________ _______(一般而言), American families often give a party at home


1、You need something ______ (drink), don't you? 2、 Either he or I ______ (be) right.

3、If it __________ (be) fine, we'll go fishing tomorrow.

4、Jim is often alone. He doesn't seem ____________ (have) many friends.

5、Be sure ___________ (close) the windows when you leave.

6、I'm sorry ___________ (keep) you __________ (wait) for me for such a long time.

7、.Have you ever been to Niagara_________(fall)? 8、 Hawaii is a_________ (tourist) place

9、 .Every year many _________(tour) go there for their vacation.

10、 Hong Kong is a wonderful place for_________ (shop). 11、 Hawaii has beautiful_________(beach).

12、 Lily often_________(go) to school by bike. 13、 It’s easiest_________(get) around the city by subway.

14、 I hope_________(make) more friends in China.

15、 I'm sorry ______ (say) that there's nothing ______ (eat).

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