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2013外研版英语七年级上册 Module 9 Unit 1

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the Great Wall

lie 躺下

sun 太阳


be on a school trip


be taking photos

be eating ice cream





buy a few presents

buy postcards



at the shop on sales



be having lunch be lying in the sun

The man is calling on the Great wall.

Talk about the pictures.

Look at the pictures and talk about them.
buy postcards call lie in the sun shop stand in line take photos wait for the bus walk on the Great Wall

Listen and number the pictures.

4 1 3


Now complete the table. People Things he / she is doing
She is standing on the Great Wall of China and talking to her mother. He is eating a delicious ice cream.



People Wang Hui

Things he / she is doing

He is taking lots of photos.
She is buying a few presents and postcards. He is having lunch and lying in the sun.


Underline the correct words. The children are on a school (1) trip / holiday to the Great Wall. They’re walking on it, taking photos and buying (2) a few / a lot of presents, ice creams and postcards on (3) sale / line at the shop. They (4) are enjoying / aren’t enjoying the trip a lot.

Really? That’s great.

Anyway, …

Say what people are doing in the conversation. —Betty is talking to her mother. …

Listen and repeat.
home me mum money now sun eating China enjoy standing talking


enjoy toy

buying enjoying standing

coming having taking

eating lying talking


Say what the people are doing at the moment. I’m learning English. My teacher is talking…

现在进行时:表示正在进行的动作或状 态。 构成:助动词be+动词的现在分词形式( ing 形式)e.g. I am talking with a boy. 我在同一个男孩说话。 She is listening to me. 她在听我说。 We are eating. 我们在吃。

动词的现在分词的变化规则 (动词-ing 的构成) 1)一般在词尾加ing,如: read-reading look-looking play-playing eat-eating 2)以不发音的结尾的词先把去掉再 加,如:take-taking have-having

3)以一个辅音字母结尾的重读闭音结尾 的词,应双写最后的辅音字母,再加-ing, 如:sit-sitting run-running get-getting swim-swimming shop-shopping put-putting set-setting stop-stopping begin-beginning 4) 特殊 lie-lying

现在进行时的各种句式: 1、肯定句: They are waiting for buses. 主语 + be + 动词-ing + …… 2、否定句: They are not (aren’t) waiting for buses. 主语 + be + not + 动词-ing + ……


Are they waiting for buses?
Yes, they are. /No, they aren’t. 4、特殊疑问句: 特殊疑问词+一般疑问句? What are they waiting for? They are waiting for buses.

A.单词拼写: 1. Can you c___(打电话)me tonight? all 2. Betty is e_______(享受)herself at njoying her birthday party now. 3. Tony is l_____ (

躺) in the sun and ying eating an apple. 4. A_______, what time is it now? nyway 5. The boy is t______ photos on the aking Great Wall.

B. 完成下列句子:

Who ____ Daming ______________? is waiting for

We _______________ the school trip are enjoying

________. a lot

3. 看! 珍妮正躺在床上看书. Look! Jenny _________in bed and is lying

_________a book. reading
4. 他们在商店买一些特价明信片。

They _______________________ on are buying a few postcards
sale at the shop.

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