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2013外研版英语七年级上册Module 8 Unit 2

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She often goes to concerts.

a box of chocolate

a CD

a cinema ticket

a silk shirt

a T-shirt


a novel


a scarf

a concert

Look at the pictures. Choose your birthday presents. a box of chocolate a cinema ticket a football a scarf a T-shirt a CD a concert ticket a magazine a silk dress

1. a concert ticket 2. __________ __________ a magazine

3. __________ a silk shirt

4. a box of chocolates ___________

a scarf 5. _________ 6. _______ 7. __________ a T- shirt a CD

8. a cinema ticket __________

9. __________ a football

Read the passage and match the people with what they like doing. 1. Daming’s grandparents

2. Daming’s mother
3. Betty’s cousin

4. Tony’s sister
5. Lingling’s aunt ant uncle

a. going to concerts b. going shopping c. staying healthy d. watching films e. watching football matches Keys:1. c 2. b 3. d 4. a 5. e

Now choose presents from the pictures in Activity 1 for them. 1 Daming’s grandparents: ___________ T-shirt 2 Daming’s mother: _________________ a silk dress, _________________________________ a scarf, and a box of chocolate 3 betty’s cousin: ____________________ a magazine and a _________________________________ cinema ticket 4 Tony’s sister: _____________________ a CD, a concert ticket 5 Lingling’s aunt and uncle: ___________ football

Learning to learn
In English we often use two words for

one idea or things: cinema ticket,
concert ticket, football match, tennis

match. When you write them down,
make sure group them like this.

Complete the passage with the correct form of the words from the box.
choose concert expensive match money silk spend weekend Daming’s mother (1) ______ a lot of (2) spends

______ on clothes. She buys (3) silk ___ money scarves, shirts and (4) _________ shoes. expensive

Tony’s sister likes music and she often goes to (5) ________. Lingling’s aunt and concert uncle like watching football on television at (6) ________, but never go to football weekends (7) ________. Which birthday presents matches

do you (8) ______ for them? choose

Look at these sentences and underline apostrophes (′). 1.Daming’s grandparents sometimes wear T-shirts. 2.Betty’s cousin likes to go to the cinema. 3.Tony’s sister often buys CDs of her favourite songs. 4.Lingling’s aunt and uncle don’t go to football matches. They watch TV. 5.Daming’s mother doesn’t buy chocolate.

Look at Activity 1 and choose birthday present for your family and friends.

Write a passage about choosing birthday presents for your family and friends. My mother likes… She always goes to … I usually buy her… Make sure you use apostrophes ( ′) correctly.

Make a list of things you like and do.
________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________

She h

as got 11 silk scarves, 20 shirts and a lot of shoes. 在英语中,有些名词表示由两部分构成 的东西。这些名词常常只用复数形式。 做主语时谓语动词要用复数, 表示数量时常与 “数词+ pair(s) + of”搭配。

如: shoes鞋 trousers 裤子 glasses 眼镜 gloves手套 shorts短裤 scissors剪刀 chopsticks筷子 That pair of trousers is Tony’s. 那条裤子是托尼的。 Scissors are used to cut things. 剪刀是用来剪东西的。

A、单词拼写: pairs 1. I have two ______ (双)of new shoes. 2. The clothes are very nice. I don’t know which one to ______ (选择). choose 3. I have two _______ (票). One is for tickets my mother, the other is for my sister. 4. How much is this __________ (杂志)? magazine

5. How much do you _______ (花费) spend on these presents? 6. Please give me a _______ (音乐会) concert ticket. 7. He’ll buy two _______ (盒子) of boxes cookies for his son. 8. This is a _____ (丝绸) shirt. silk 9. I don’t know those _______ (歌手). singers 10. My aunt sells ______ (衬衫). shirts

B、翻译下列句子: 1. 他喜欢阅读, 但不喜欢去看电影。 He likes reading, but he doesn’t like ________________________________ to go to the cinema. ________________________________ 2. 她从不去看足球赛。 She never goes to the football match. ________________________________

3. 他既不喜欢打蓝球, 也不喜欢踢足球。 __________________________________ He doesn’t like playing basketball or __________________________________ playing football. 4. 我妹妹经常去听音乐会, 并且常买些她 喜欢的歌手的唱片。 __________________________________ My sister often goes to concerts and she __________________________________ usually buys CDs by her favourite __________________________________ singers.

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