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2013外研版英语七年级上册Module 8 unit 3

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1. Daming always gets birthday presents! 2. She often goes to the cinema. 3. What do you usually do at a Chinese birthday party? 4. We sometimes give birthday cards. 6. My mother never makes a birthday cake.

本模块出现了大量的表示不确定时间 的副词:always(总是),often(经 常), usually(通常),sometimes (有时),seldom(很少),never (从不)等,这些副词表频度,表示 经常性或习惯性的行为。在句中位置: 在be动词,情态动词或助动词之后, 行为动词之前。

I often get up at five past six. He usually plays basketball on Saturday morning. They always help others. You must never tell him.

Ask and answer questions about Grandpa.
Activity People Grandpa


Watch TV Play football
Go to the cinema

always sometimes

Read books
Listen to music Go shopping

often sometimes

Ask and answer questions about Grandpa.

— Does Grandpa always watch TV?
—Yes, he does.

1. Complete the table in Activity 1 for yourself. 2. Now work in pairs. 3. Ask and answer.

Rewrite the sentences with the words in brackets. 1. I go to the cinema. (often) I often go to the cinema. ________________________________ 2. He plays football on Saturday.

(usually) He usually plays football on Saturday. ________________________________

3. She gets up at 7:00. (always)
________________________________ She always gets up at 7:00.

4. They eat chocolate at home. (never)
________________________________ They never eat chocolate at home.

Complete the sentences with Would you like… or Let’s. Would you like to go to the playground and play football? 1. ______________ to go to the football Would you like

2. ______ go to a taijiquan class. Let’s

3. ________ stay at home. Let’s

4. ______________ to go to the cinema? Would you like
It’s Jackie Chan.

5. Would you like to watch TV? ______________
6. ______________ play basketball. Let’s

Read the emails and check (√) the true sentences.

Dear all, My birthday party is at four o’clock on Saturday evening at my house. Would you like to come? Mike

Hi Mike, Thanks. I’d like to come. See you then. Jane

It’s great to hear from you Mike, but I’m afraid I can’t come. I always watch my little sister play football on Saturday evening. Jack

√ 1. Mike’s birthday party begins
at 4:00 pm.

× 2. Jane doesn’t want to go to the party.
√ 3. Jack has got a little sister.
× 4. Jack always does his homework on Saturday afternoon.

Birthday presents

In the UK and the USA, people often give candy to children as presents. They also give toys or clothes. The children always open their presents immediately.

Module task: Planning a classmate’s
birthday party

Work in pairs. Ask and answer questions
about each other’s birthday party.

1. When is your birthday?
2. Do you always have a birthday party?

3. What do you usually do at your birthday

Plan a birthday party for your partn

er. ? Choose the time and place ? Choose the food ? Choose what to do

Work with the whole class. Describe

your plans for your partner’s
birthday party.

? Don’t say who your partner is.
? Now guess who your partner is.

A. 翻译下列句子: 1. 我在电视上知道这个消息。 I know the news on television. __________________________________ 2. 他们不经常去看电影。 They don’t often go to the cinema. __________________________________ 3. 我父母星期天不去看音乐会。 My parents don’t go to concerts on __________________________________ Sunday. __________________________________

4. 我妹妹经常不看杂志。 My sister doesn’t often read magazines. __________________________________ 5. Betty在生日时不常开晚会。 Betty doesn’t usually have party on her __________________________________ birthday. __________________________________ 6. 他的生日礼物是一条丝绸围巾。 His birthday present is a silk scarf. __________________________________

B. 根据短文内容及首字母提示,在空格处填 入正确的词,使短文意思完整。

Today is the 5th of March. It’s my b_________. I get a lot of p_________ irthday resents from my friends and family. They are in nice b______. My father gives me a oxes yellow box and there is a b____ in it. ook Because I like reading. Jack, one of my friends, gives me a big box. What’s in it? It’s a box of c_________. hocolates

My sister gives me a round box. I think it’s a big cake, but it is a f ootball I like _______. playing football very much, so I’m h _____ to have it. My uncle gives me a appy pair of j ______, and my aunt gives me a eans silk shirt. My mother buys a pair of t _______ for me. I like them very much. rainers Now, my friends are s inging the song ______ “Happy Birthday to you” to me.

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