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unit2i'dlikesome noodles复习学案

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Unit2 I’d like some noodles复习
石桥中学 张杰

? 写出下列名词的复数: noodle/dumpling/potato/tomato/onion/pancake ? Mutton/beef/meat/fish/ ? Wait(动词)wait for sb等待某人 ? waiter(男服务员)/waitress(女服务员) ? Different(形容词)be different from与----不同 ? the same as 与-------相同 ? differently(副词)、difference名 ? Health名词----healthy形容词------healthily副词 ? Be good for health/healthy food

? Would like 的用法=want 想要做什么 Would like sth eg: I would like some dumplings. Would like to do sth eg: I would like to play chess. Would like sb to do sth eg: I would Lucy to eat meat. order点菜、命令 order food /take one’s order Orange juice /green tee/drinks A small/medium/large bowl of----------一小、中、大碗-----Beef noodles with carrots 有胡萝卜的牛肉面 On your birthday在你生日这一天in other countries在其他国家 around the world全世界have birthday cakes with candles吃带蜡 烛的生日蛋糕the number of candles蜡烛的数量make a wish许愿 blow out the candles吹灭蜡烛one go 一次come true实现be good for对---有益get popular变得流行cut up切碎bring good luck to---给----带来好运a symbol of long life长寿的象征bring them good luck给他们带来好运not only ----but also不但---而且put on 穿上be short of

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? May I have your order? =Can I help you? What kind of noodles would you like? I would like chicken,potato and cabbage noodles What size would you like? I’d like a large bowl,please. Are there any vegetables in the noodles? Yes ,there are. Is there any meat in the tomato and egg soup? No, there is’t any. No, there is no meat.

请同学们复习课本13页2b课文: 1.People have birthday cakes with candles. 2.The number of candles is the person’s age. 3.The birthday person must make a wish and blow Out the candles. 4.If he or she blows out all the candles in one go,the wish will come true. 5.Seaweed soup is good for heslth. 6.In china,it is getting popular to have cake On one’s birthday. 7.They never cut up the noodles because the long noodles are a symbol of long life.

8.All of these birthday foods may be different, but the ideas are the same. 9.They bring good luck to the birthday person. 10.Would you like to eat ice-cream or pancakes? 11.Would you like a big bowl for four yuan or a small one for just two yuan?

一.单项选择: 1.---? -----I’d like the beef noodles. A. How do you like B.what do you like C.What would you like D.Do you like something 2.I’d like some and beef soup. A.potatoes;two B . Potato;two C.potatoes;a bowl of 3.-bowl of noodles would you like? --A medium bowl,please. A.How much B.what C.How many D.what size

二、词汇: 1.I’d like some (面条)。 2.There are three (土豆) 3.The (wait)takes my order. 4.There are some (特色菜)in this restaura

nt. 三、根据汉语意思完成句子。 1.----你想要什么? ------what you ? ----我想要一些面条。 -------I some noodles. 2.你想要什么种类的面条? -----noodles would you like?

3.可以点菜吗? May I ? 4.我们有美味的饺子,只要五元。 We delicious dumplings only five yuan. 四、体验中考: 1、I think not difficult English every morning. A. that ,keep reading; B.it’s ,keep reading C. that, to keep reading D. It , to keep reading 2、what kind of noodles would you like? -----. A. Mutton and tomatoes noodles B. Mutton and tomato noodles C. Mutton and tomatoes noodles D. Muttons and tomato noodles

易错题集合: 1、--would you like green tea juice? --I don’t like green tea juice. A.and,and B. or,or C.and, or 2、There is beef on the table. A.many B.any c. a little 3、let’s do something at the party.what about No, I’d like . A. to sing ,to dance B. to sing,dancing c. singing,to dance


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