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人教版英语unit 10If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time Section B-2

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Unit 10
If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time!
Section B Period 2 (3a-Self Check)

What’s your biggest worries?

a lot of homework

quarry with my friends

lose my wallet
have no friends

What’s your biggest worries?

3a Talk to someone you know. Find out his / her three biggest worries. Try to think of some solutions to the problems and write them down.
Problems Possible solutions

3b Use the structures below to help you plan your writing.
My friend _________________ has a problem. He / She ______________________________ ____________________________________. I think he / she should ___________________ _______________________________________. If he / she _______________________________, he / she will _____________________________.

My friend Jenny has a problem. She has too much homework and she doesn’t know how to plan her time well. I think she should make a plan for doing her homework every day. If she can use some free time between classes and if she works on her homework as soon as she gets home, I think she will be able to deal with her heavy homework load.

3c Now write your advice for your friend’s second and third problem. Use the structures in 3b to help you.

My friend also has two other problems. _________________________________ _________________________________

书面表达。 下面是一封刊登在校报上的信。写信人想 征求读者意见,找到解决问题的方法。请你 写封信提出你的建议。70词左右。 提示词:put … away 把??收拾好

Dear friend, What a terrible day today! This morning I was late for school and my teacher was angry with me. Then I found I forgot my science book. Since I stayed up late last night, I felt sleepy in class this afternoon. I could hardly hear what the teacher said. Could you please give me some advice? Yours, Looking for Help

Dear Looking for Help, There are many things you should do. First, I’m afraid you’re wrong to be late for class, so you should get up early in the morning and get to school on time. And you should go to bed earlier at night. Before going to bed, you should put away your school things. If you do so, I’m sure you will become a happy student. Your friend

假如你有很多钱,你会做些什么?请以If I have lots of money … 为题写一篇70词左 右的短文。 注意:想象要合理、语句要连贯。

If I have lots of money … If I have lots of money, I will build a big house for my parents to live in. I hope that they can live a happy life. I will also plant more trees and flowers around the house. I will travel around the world, too. I will give money to schools and charities to help the people in trouble. In a word, if I have lots of money, I will do many meaningful things.

4 Your school is taking part in the project “We can help!” Add more items to the poster. Then talk about what you will do if you take part in the project.
We Can Help! old people

’s home visit school clean-up children’s hospital visit _________________ _________________

1 Fill in the blanks with the words in the box.
1. If my family travels to a new country this summer, I’ll send you a letter about my experience ____________. video 2. Will you watch the __________ with me if you’re free this weekend? teenagers 3. If the __________ stay out too late, their parents will worry about them. 4. I’ll go to the _________ if it ends by 5:00 meet p.m.

2 Complete the conversation with the words in the box. Some words are used more than once.
if are will fight want sorry going

Are going A: Hi, Sally. _______ you _______
to the party tomorrow? B: I _______ to, but I can’t. want

A: Oh! But _______ you don’t go to the if party, will you _______ miss all the fight fun! B: I know, but I got into a _______ with my parents. sorry A: Hmm … then you should just say _______ to your parents. will B: I guess you’re right. I _______ talk to them tonight.

3 Use your imagination! What will you do if ...?
1. it rains all weekend? _______________________________________ 2. there’s an English test tomorrow? _______________________________________ 3. your cousin decides to come and visit from another town? _______________________________________

Fill in the blanks according to the Chinese.

1. 如果我们不保护熊猫的话, 世界上很快就不 会有很多的熊猫了。 don’t _________ we ________ ________ the pandas, If protect soon there _______ _____ no more pandas in will be the world. 2. 如果明天下雨, 我们就不去公园了。 _______ it ________ tomorrow, we will not go If rains to the park.

3. 每天读英语,你就会说好英语的。 __________ you __________ English every day, If read you can speak it well. 4. 如果蛇见到人,它们就会逃跑。 __________ snakes __________ people, they If see ________ _________ _________. will run away 5. 如果你愿意的话,可以留下来一块儿吃饭。 You can stay to dinner __________ you if __________. like

Translate the sentences into Chinese.

If I’m free tomorrow, I will go to my grandma’s.

I study hard, I will be able to catch up with my classmates.

If I make lots of money, I will travel around the world.

4)如果你不来,我们就叫李蕾来。 If you don’t come, we’ll ask Li Lei instead.

If you are late for class, you should say sorry to your teacher.

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