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1. —What’s this _______English. —It’s a book

A. in B. on C. of D. with

2. —______is his pen? —It is in the pencil case.

A. How B. What C. Where D. Who

3. Here are your watches. Look after______, please.

A. it B. they C. their D. them

4. —_______is her telephone number? —_______ is 2135518.

A. What; It B. What; What C. It; It D. Where; It

5. Tom ______ a sister. _______ name is Lucy.

A. has; she B. have; Her C. has; His D. has; Her

6. —Is that your bike? —_______. This is his bike.

A. Yes, that is. B. No, it is C. Yes, it is D. No, it isn’t

7. Is this your_______?

A. a bike B. the bike C. bikes D. bike

8. _______are good friends.

A. I and Mary B. Mary C. Mary and I D .Mary and me

9. Where______ your cat and dog?

A. are B. is C. am D. be

10. —Can you see that boy over there? —No, ______

A. I’m not B. I don’t C. I can’t D. I can

11. The clock is______ the wall______ our classroom.

A. on; on B. of; of C. of; on D. on; of

12. Please______ those things here.

A. bring; / B. take; / C. bring; to D. take; to

13. —Who is______? It’s Jim.

A. he B. she C. it D. him

14. I have______ breakfast at home. But I often play_______ football at school.

A. the; the; B. /; the C. /; / D. the; /

15. There is ______ “u” ______ “s” in the word “sun”.

A. a; an B. an; a C. a; a D. an; an

16. Let’s ______the art club.

A. join B. to join C. joins D. joining

17. He likes swimming ______ .

A. a lot of B. lots of C. a lot D. much

18. We play basketball _____2:00 ______Saturday afternoon.

A. at; in B. at; on C. in; at D. in; of

19. —Where______ you come from? —I ______ from Huaizhen.

A. do; am B. are; am C. are; come D. does; come

20. Wang Hong watched his dog_____ a black cat.

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A. to play B. to play with C. play D. play with

21. Last Sunday I _____ my aunt, She_____ hamburgers for me.

A. visit; cook B. visited; cooked C. visit; cooked D. visited; cook

22. The girl ____ glasses is ____ red.

A. with; with B. in; in C. with; in D. in; with

23. My work is interesting______ kind of dangerous.

A. but B. and C. or D. with

24. I began to teach English ____.

A. for ten years B. in ten years C. ten years ago D. over ten years

25. The boy has a big mouth and never stops ____.

A. talk B. talks C. talking D. to talking

26. Mr Zhang is tall with ____ hair.

A. short curly B. curly short C. brown curly D. blonde curly

27. On Sunday afternoon. Rose_____ with her mother.

A. goes shopping B. went shop C. went shopping D. went shoping

28. —What are you doing? —________.

A. I’m reading a book B. I playing soccer

C. I’m playing guitar D. I’m playing the volleyball

29. It’s time_____.

A. go to school B. to go to school C. go school D. went to school

30. —______ you like the story? —I like it very much.

A. How about B. How do C. What about D. What do

31. Thanks_____ your family photo!

A. on B. for C. in D. at

32. —Is there a post office near here? —______.

A. Yes, there’s B. Yes, it is C. No, it isn’t D. No, there isn’t 33 .The pay phone is______ the library.

A. next B. across C. from D. across from

34. Take the second turning______ the right.

A. at B. in C. turn D. on

35. Thank you for______ us some help.

A. give B. giving C. to give D. given

36. This is ______ classroom.

A. Lucy and Tom’s B. Lucy’s and Tom’s C. Lucy’s and Tom D. Lucy and Tom

37. What do you want ______ when you grow up?

A. like B. to be C. be D. know

38. —Help yourself to some fish, please. —______.

A. That’s right B. You’re welcome

C. Not at all D. No, thanks. I’m full

39. My sister is very ______. Her face often turns red when she speaks to others.

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A. cute B. shy C. beautiful D. intelligent

40. —______ do you like P.E.? —Because it’s fun.

A. When B. Why C. How D. Where

41.On______ way home, he met an old friend of ______.

A. his, he B. him, his C. his, his D. his, him

42. Would you like______ the World Cup?

A. to see B. to watch C. watch D. look

43. I have ______ to tell you.

A. important something B. anything important

C. something important D. important anything

44.—______? —It’s windy.

A. How is it going B. How is it like

C. How is the weather D. What’s the weather

45. Not everyone______ here in time today.

A. is B. are C. has D. have

46.—______was your weekend? ? —It was great.

A. What B. When C. How D. Where

47. _____ interesting news it is!

A. What B. How C. What an D. How an

48. —Would you like _____ tea? —Yes, please.

A. some B. any C. much D. many

49. _____ weekends, she works _____ a part-time shop assistant.

A.On; like B. In; as C. On; as D. in; like

50.There’s going to _____ a movie this evening.

A. have B. has C. be D. is

51.There is a small house _____ an interesting garden.

A. with B. and C. have D. has

52.—Do you speak English or French? —_____.

A. Yes, English B. No, French C. French D. Yes, I do

53.—_____ are these pants? —They’re thirty dollars.

A. How much B. How many C. What about D. What

54.—What are you _____? —My eraser. I can’t _____ it.

A. looking for; find B. finding; look for

C. looking at; looking for D. find; find

55. There is a river _____ the house.

A. in front of B. in the front C. in front of D. in the front Ⅱ.完形填空(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分)


This is__56__ bedroom. It’s a nice room. Can you see a bed, two__57__, a chair and a football on the floor? __58__ you see a map on the wall? You can see some__59__ and a kite on it. You can see a window__60__ wall, too. Where’s__61__ light? It’s on__62__ table. Some books are on this table, __63__. Where___64_ the flowers? They are on the other table. You can see a clock__65__ it. Under the bed is his football. It’s a very nice bedroom.

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56.A. Tom B. of Tom C. Tom’s D. of Tom’s

57.A. table B. tables C. tablese D. of table

58.A. What B. Can C. Where D. Which

59.A. pictures B. picture C. the pictures D. the picture

60.A. in B. on C. in the D. on the

61.A. the B. a C. an D. some

62.A. a B. the C. the one D. one

63.A. too B. to C. or D. and

64.A. am B. are C. is D. do

65.A. at B. under C. on D. in

Ⅲ. 阅读理解(共5小题,每小题2分,计10分)


It’s Peter’s birthday today. He is eight years old. He gets many nice birthday presents from his family and one of them is a big drum.

“Who gives him the drum?” his father asks.

“His grandfather does,” answers Peter’s mother.

Peter likes his drum very much. He makes a noise with it, but his mother doesn’t say anything about it. His father is not at home. He is working at school. So he doesn’t hear the noise.

But one of the neighbors, Mary, doesn’t like the noise at all. So one morning she takes a knife and goes into Peter’s room. She says to him, “Hello, Peter. Do you know some nice things are in your drum? Here’s a knife. Open the drum and let’s find them.”


66.Who gives Peter the drum? His _______ does.

A. grandfather B. father C. mother D. neighbor

67.How old is Peter? _______.

A. Fifteen B. Eight C. Four D. Six

68.What does Peter’s father do?

A. a worker B. a teacher C. a cleaner D. a shop assistant

69. The neighbor doesn’t like _______.

A. Peter’s presents B. Peter’s father C. the knife D. the noise

70. Which of the following is RIGHT?

A. Peter’s grandfather makes the drum.

B. His neighbor likes the noise.

C. A nice present is in the drum.

D. Peter’s mother doesn’t say anything about the noise.




71. Look! Here_______ (be) my new photos.

72. She thinks that_______ (sound) interesting.

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73. This is my_______ (父母).

74. Who is_______ (大的), Mary or Mike?

75. Our classroom is bigger than_______(你们的).


A) 连词成句(共5小题,每小题1分,计5分)


76. live, Beijing, I, in.____________________________________________.

77. there is, on the desk, an apple. ________________________________.

78. favorite, food, what, is, your. __________________________________?

79. do, go, you, to, how, school. __________________________________?

80. football, the, is, table, the, under. ______________________________.

B) 书面表达(共计15分)

根据下列表格内容以My brother 为题目写一篇小短文来介绍一下你的弟弟。 要求:1.短文内容包括所有提示内容,可适当发挥。 2.文中不得出现真实的人名、校名和地名。

I have a brother. His name is Jack.

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