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典范英语6-06-JUNGLE SHORTS(2up打印版)

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It was Friday afternoon.Class 3 had put on

their coats and were waiting in a line to go

home.lenny was at the back because the zip on his anorakhad stuck.He was so busy with the zip that he nearly missed what Mr Cox the teacher said.

‘Here is a letter for you all.’said Mr

Cox.‘Don’t lose it and don’t forget to give it to your parents.There is good news inside.’

Lenny wanted to know what the good news

was.He rushed across the playground to meet his mum.

‘Quick!Open this letter,’he said. ‘Mr Cox says there is good news inside’

‘Say hello to me first!’laughed his mum,but

she opened the letter.She read it and told

him.‘Class 3 is going to have football lessons.Next week.The school will lend you some boots’

‘Wow!’shouted Lenny.‘Real football! I bet I score fifteen goals!’

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His mum pet the letter in her bag.

‘What about a stripy shirt and socks? Can I

have a real football strip?’begged Lenny.

‘Wait and see.’said mum.

At home Lenny couldn’t get out of his anorak and his mum had to help him.

‘I’m glad you didin’t break the zip. I can’t get you another coat until next month.’she said.

‘I don’t want a new coat,’said Lenny,‘but can I have a real football strip?Please?’

‘Ask me after tea,’said his mum.

They had pancakes for tea with jam and

apple.Pancakes were Lenny’s favourite.But today he ate as fast as he could.

He put down his knife and fork with a clatter. ‘You promised to talk about football things

after tea.’he said.

Mum took Mr Cox’s letter from her bag.

‘Each child will need an old T-shirt and some socks,’she read.

‘No real football things?’ asked Lenny.

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‘I’m sorry,no.Except for shorts.Mr Cox wants

you all to have new shorts.We’ll go to the market tommorrow to look for some.’

Lenny was not happy buthe knew his

mum.She had made up her mind and that was

that.He looked great.

‘I bet they always had a proper football

strip,’he thought.‘I bet they didn’t have to wear an old T-shirt.’

That night he lay awake thinking.He was

going to make sure his mum bought football shorts. He wanted proper white football shorts.Then he knew he could score lots of goals.


After breakfast the next day they set out to

buy the new shorts.The market was two streets

away from where Lenny lived.On the way they saw Ted and Shane from Class 3.Ted and Shane lived near Lenny.They were kicking a ball about beside the road

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Shane slammed the ball over to him and

Lenny kicked it back.

‘Want to play?’called Ted.

‘I can’t,not now.I’m off with my mum to buy

new football shorts.’

‘We’ve got ours already,’Ted shouted back.

The market was very crowded.Everyone was

looking at the fruit and vegetables piled high on the stalls.There were shoes and clothes for sale under stripy canvas roofs.One man was selling shorts

‘Get your jungle shorts!’he shouted.

He was wearing a wide straw hat and an

enormous pair of jungle shorts over his

trousers.They had big green trees on with monkeys smiling at the top .

‘Big or small,they don’t cost much,’said the


‘No thanks’ said Lenny. ‘I m going to strart

football lessons next weak.I need real football shorts.’

He pulled at his mum’s hand.they struggled

through the crowds trying to find real football

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shorts. They found lots of shorts that were too big and a little white pair that was too small When they did find a pair tin Lenny’s size they cost far too much money.

‘We’ll just have to get the junngle shorts,’said

Mum.‘The colours are lovely. I’m sure you’ll like them better than white ones.’

Lenny pulled a face ‘Oh mum’he said


‘No buts’ said his mum.

They went sloowly back to the man selling

jungle shorts .The pile on his stall had gone down a lot.

‘I knew you’d come back. I put aside a pair

just for you’said the man.

He held a pair of junngle shorts against

Lenny’s tuousers.

‘A perfect fit!’he said with a smile.

Lenny’s mum opened her purse and paid for

the sharts. The man put them in a bag and handed it over.

‘There you are,son .Have fun wearing them!’

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Lenny did not smile .‘I wish they were real

football shorts.’ he said.

‘Junngle shorts are the next best thing.’ said

his mum.

On the way home they saw Tessa and Pam

from Class 3 kicking a ball against a fence. They lived at the top of Lenny’s street.

‘We can’t wait till Monday for football said

the girls. We’ve got new shorts!’

‘So have I’ said Lenny. But he didn't open his bag to show them.


On Monday ofternoon Class 3 were waiting

for their first football lesson. Everbody was noisy and excited ,swinging their bags of football

things .Lenny was at the back with the jungle

shorts in his bag. He didn't want to put them on.

Mr Cox carried a big box of boots into the

changing room. They spent a long time finding boots to fit everyone.

‘Now put on your football things and be quick about it,’ he said.

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Lenny got changed in a corner behind the


When they wer all ready Mr Cox shouted,

‘get in line, everyone!’

Lenny made sure he was at the back again. He didn't want anybody to see his jungle shorts and he hid behind Ted. He looked down to see what Ted was wearing and got a surprise.

Ted was wearing jungle shorts as well! Lenny

nudged him in the back and said ‘Your shorts are the same as mine!’

‘Yes,’ said ted,‘and the same as pam’s and

tessa’s and shane’s!’

It was true. All the friends from Lenny’s

street were wearing junngle shorts. Mr Cox smiled.

‘Five childred in the same shorts. it muse be a

record!’ he said.

‘And we all live in lyon street’ said Lenny.

‘In that case you must all play for the same

team you can be the Lyon Street Lions.’

When Mr Cox had sorted out three more

teams they went out to the playing field.

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They played five-a-side football until home

time. The lions team beat all the others and Mr Cox said they were the champions.Lenny scored five goals.

In the changing room the children untied their

muddy boots and put on their clothes.

‘All kit must be washed and boots clean for

next Monday.’ said Mr Cox ‘Don't leave it for your mum. Do it as soon as you get home and then you won’t forget.

Lenny was the first to be ready and he ran to

meet his mum at the gate. He told her about his five goals and the Lyon Street Lions

‘We’d better go home quickly now said

Lenny. ‘ I have to clean my boots and wash my shorts!’

And when Mr Cox drove home for his tea

later on he smiled to himself. On Lyon Street there were five pairs of jungle shorts blowing on the washing lines.

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