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Unit1 lesson2

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Unit1 lesson2


一 单选

( )1. Who __________ didn’t finish the homework?

A. on the earth B. in earth C on earth

( ) 2. Sheep __________ the grass on the ground.

A. feed on B. feed to C, feed with

( ) 3. —As middle school students, we should study hard for the future.

—I think so. _________ we study now, ________future we’ll have.

( )4. —Would you please _______ the TV a little? Jack is doing his homework.

—Terribly sorry. I will.

A. turn down B. turn up C. turn on

( )5. —How many elephants have you seen?


A. None B. Nothing C. No one

( )6. —What about ______ speech?

—It was _________ tiring speech for me.

A. a, the B. the, a C. the, /

( )7.---I called you yesterday evening, but there was no answer. ---Oh, I am sorry I _____dinner at my friend’s house. A. have B. had C. was having ( )8. ---How long have you _____the motorbike? ---For about two weeks. A. bought B. had C. borrowed ( )9.---When _____this kind of computer______? ---Last year. A. did; use B. was; used C. is; used ( )10. ---Hi! Lin Tao. I didn’t see you at the party. ---Oh, I _____ready for the maths exam. A. am getting B. was getting C. got ( )11. The teacher told us yesterday that December 25_______Christmas Day. A. is B. was C. has been ( )12. ---Keep quiet, kids. Dad_____in the next room. ---OK, Mum. A. slept B. sleeps C. is sleeping ( )13 . ---I ______to get to the South Mall. Could you tell me which bus I should take? --- Just catch the No. 19 bus from here. It’s the 5th stop. A. am trying B. would try C. tried

二 辨析


1. Lu Xun's ______name is Zhou Shuren.。

2. The news is ______

3. What he said is ______.

hanged &hung

4. The murderer was ______ this morning.

5. He ______ himself from a beam in the attic.

6. She ______ the Christmas decorations on the tree.

7. He ______ his head in shame.

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