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Welcome back! dear!

Lesson 30

Football or polo?

New words and expressions

? polo ['p??l??] ? Wayle ? cut [k?t] ? row [r?u]

? n. 水球 ? n.威尔(河名) ? v. 穿过 ? v. 划(船)

New words and expressions

? kick [kik] ? v. 踢 ? towards [t?'w?:dz ? prep. 朝, 向 ? nearly ['ni?li] ? sight [sait] ? adv. 几乎 ? n. 眼界,视 域

? 1.The Wayle is a small river that cuts across the park near my home.


New words and Expressions
1. cut v. 穿过 ① vt. &vi. 切,割,剪 Would you please cut the cake in half? 请把蛋糕切成两瓣儿可以吗? cut one’s hair = have a hair cut 理发 cut the tree 砍树 cut off electricity 切断电源 cut sth. into pieces 把……切成小片(碎)

New words and Expressions
② vt. 割破,划破 cut oneself 割伤自己 ③vi. 横穿,穿越(介词用across/through) cut across/through 直着穿过 The road cuts across/through the forest. cut a corner 走捷径,超近路 When you learn English, never cut a corner. No pains, no gains. 没有付出,就没有收获。

1. He was in hospital for six months. He felt as if he was ____ from the outside world. A. cut out B. cut off C. cut up D. cut through


2. I was just talking to Margeret when Jackson ____. A. cut in B. cut down C. cut out D. cut up


? 2.I like sitting by the Wayle on fine afternoons.


? 3.It was warm last Sunday, so I went and sat on the river bank as usual.

? bank: 1.堤,岸;
? ? ? ? ? 2.银行; Agriculture Bank of China

China Construction Bank

? 4.Some children were playing games on the bank and there were some people rowing on the river.

New words and expressions

2. row v. 划(船) ① vt.& vi. 划船 My brother is rowing. 划船 (row 强调动作) go boating 去划船(强调玩) ② vt. 划船载运 Can you row me across the river? 你能划船将我送到河的对岸吗? He rowed her home. 他划船把她送回家。

? ? ? ? ?

She’s been out for nights in a ___. A line B row C string D chain B

In a row 连续不断地,一个接一个地

? 5.Suddenly, one of the children kicked a ball very hard and it went towards a passing boat.

New words and expressions
3. kick v. 踢
1) kick me 踢我一脚 2) kick back n. 回扣, 佣金 I get a kickback of 2000 Yuan. 我得到2000元的回扣。 3) kick upstairs 明升暗降 He was kicked upstairs. 4) well to go (美语) = well done (英语) 做得不错

? 6.Some people on the bank called out to the man in the boat, but he did not hear them.


Intensive Reading
6. Some people on the bank called out to the man in
the boat, but he did not hear them. 1) call out 大声呼叫,叫喊 I heard someone calling out for help. 2)call out to sb. 对……大声喊 Mary called out to her father, but he was too far away and cou

ldn’t hear her.

Intensive Reading
7. The ball struck him so hard that he nearly fell into the water. 1) so…that… 如此……以致于…… (that 引导的结果 状语从句) The teacher speaks so fast that I can't catch the word. My brother walks so slowly that he can't catch up with me. (赶不上) The English is so easy that I can learn it well. so的后面跟副词或形容词, 如后跟名词时要用such +n. +that…

so / such区别
so+ adj+ a/an + n. such + a/an + adj + n.

He is so famous an actor that everyone knows him. He is such a famous actor that everyone knows him.

Intensive Reading
8. I turned to look at the children, but there weren't any in sight: they had all run away!
1) in sight 看得见,在视野之内(反义词为out of sight) There were not anything in sight. No bus is in sight. In the afternoon, we came in sight of the village.

8. I turned to look at the children, but there weren't any in sight: they had all run away!

turn to: 转向,转身 turn to sb: 向…求助

? 1. People try to avoid public transportation delays by using their own cars, and this ______ creates further problems.
转而,依次 A. in turn 总计 B. in all C. take turns D. by turns


? 2. I can hardly hear the radio. Would you please ______? ? A. turned it on ? B. turned it down ? C. turned it off ? D. turned it up


? 3. Don’t always ______ a dictionary when you meet an unknown word. ? ? ? ? A. turn into B. look to C. turn up D. turn to


New words and expressions
4. sight n. 眼界, 视域 1) catch sight of… 看见: catch sight of the bird =see the bird 看见那只鸟 2) out of sight 在视线之外: Out of sight, out of mind. 眼不见心不烦 3) in sight 在视线之内: The bird is in sight. 鸟在视线之内。 4) long sighted 眼光长远, 远视眼:sb. is long sighted : 某人眼光远大;某人是远视眼 short sighted 目光短浅, 近视 ( shortsighted = nearsighted adj.近视的 ) reading glasses 近视眼镜

? 9.The man laughed when he realized (what had happened).



? 10.He called out to the children and threw the ball back to the bank.


some & any
? Is there any milk in the bottle? There isn’t any milk in the bottle, but there is some in this jug.
Is there any soap in the bathroom? There isn’t any soap in the bathroom, but there is some in the cupboard.

some & any
? some用于肯定句 any通常用于否定句和疑问句
? 你想要喝点什么吗?

? Would you want some to drink?

Exercises D (在必要的地方填上冠词a或the)
? 1 ______ refrigerators are necessary in ______ hot countries. ? 2 Which river is ______ longest, ______ Nile, ______ Amazon, or ______ Mississippi? ? 1.不填 ? in hot countries: 指的是炎热的那类国家, 故不用 the ? 2. the,the,the,the ? Nil

e 尼罗河 ; Amazon 亚马逊河 ; Missisippi 密 西西比河

? 3. Heyerdahl crossed ______ Pacific on ______ raft. ? 4. Why is ______ Britain sometimes called ______ United Kingdom?

? 3.the,a ? raft n. 木筏子(by raft)
? 4. \,the

? 5. We sailed up ______ Red Sea and then went through ______ Suez Canal. ? 5.the,the

? 1. Describe an interesting or miserable experience. 描述一次有趣或者痛苦的经历。 ? 2. What will you do if you have a large sum of money?如果你有一大笔钱,你会做什么?

? 3. What kind of movie/program do you like best? (romance 爱情, comedy喜剧,Kong-fu功夫 , science fiction科幻,action动作片)

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

喜剧/Comedy 冒险/Adventure 幻想/Fantasy 悬念/Mystery 惊悚/Thriller 记录/Documentary 战争/War 犯罪/Crime

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

西部/Western 爱情/Romance 剧情/Drama 恐怖/Horror 动作/Action 科幻/Sci-Fi 音乐/Musical 家庭/Family 功夫/Kong-Fu

【Multiple choice questions】
? 4. It cuts across the park. It goes _____ it. ? a. through b. over ? c. round
? ? ? ? ? ?

d. along

round 围绕 ;along 沿着 across 从……的表面穿过 across the grass through 从……的内部穿过 go through the market 穿过市场 over 在……上方,与下面没接触,over 在用于穿越讲 时,表示穿过弧形 ? over the bridge, over the mountains, over the hill


? 7. There weren't any in sight. They _____. ? a. couldn't see b. hadn't seen ? c. couldn't be seen d. weren't seen
? see 为及物动词, 一般后面一定要加宾语; look 为不及物动词


? 10 The man in the boat didn't ____ anyone shouting. ? a. hear b. listen to ? c. mind d. take care of ? hear sb. doing sth. 听见某人正在做某事 ? I heard my sister singing.



You are the best!

English corner

?Every cloud has a silver lining.

?1.L30单词抄一默一; ?2 一句话,下次分享; ?3.复习并整理笔记; ?4.下次课:下周日 ?5.家长签字______

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