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2013版外研版八年级英语上册配套课件:Module 11 Way of lifeUnit 2

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Module 11 Way of life
Unit 2 In England you usually drink tea with milk.

What manners are considered good and what manners are considered bad? Read the following table and say which manners are

good and which are bad.

Good Bad manners manners
Blowing your nose in front of others Yawning without putting your hand in front of your mouth Apologizing if you hurt or upset somebody Saying “Thank you” after receiving a present Saying “please” whenever you ask for something

Look at the pictures. What can you see?

having a meal

a traditional wedding

Answer the questions
1.What did Wang Hui notice when he was in England? Something interesting. 2.What is one example of the English way of life? Having afternoon tea. 3.What do you eat for afternoon tea? Sandwiches and a large fruit cake.

Work in pairs. Talk about the differences of
traditional life in England and China. eg. In Britain the woman mustn’t arrive at the church on time but a few minutes late on wedding.

In China the man and the woman
must arrive at the wedding party at the same time. …

Afternoon tea is not just a drink but a light meal at around 4 pm. 在下午大约4点钟,下午茶不仅仅是一种饮料并且是

1)not …but… 意思是“不是??而是??”

The book is not Tony’s but Betty’s.

2)around “大约”, 相当于about.

Important phrases
1. enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事

2. so many different traditions
这么多不同的传统 3. for example 例如

4. shake hands with sb. 与某人握手 5. the first time 第一次

6. afternoon tea

与??不同 准时,按时 尽力做某事 结婚

7. be different from
8. on time 9. try to do sth.

10. get married

Write a passage called Advice for Visitors: Way of Life in China. Use these notes to help you. You must offer your guests tea. You must listen to your guests carefully.

You must …
You mustn’t …

Complete the sentences with can /can’t / must / mustn’t.
1. You _____ listen to your teacher carefully in class. must 2. We ________ cross the road if the traffic is busy. mustn’t can 3. —Where ____ my brother be? — He _____ be in the classroom, because can’t I saw him in the library just now. 4. Students _______ copy others’ homework. mustn’t 5. — She ____ speak English. can — So can I . ___

1. Her lifestyle is not the same as yours. A.different in C.different from


B.have differences from D.difference in

2. Beijing has ____ many buses that there is often a A traffic jam in rush hours. A. so B. very C. too D. much

3. Do you enjoy ____ football? A
A.playing B.play C.played D.to play

4.— Mum, must I wash my clothes now?

— No, you ___. You ___ do it tomorrow. B
A. mustn’t; must C. can’t; can B. needn’t; may D. may not; should

Write advice on way of life in your home town for foreign visitors.

Do nothing by halves.凡事


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