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2013版外研版八年级英语上册配套课件:Module 11 Way of lifeUnit 3

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Module 11 Way of life
Unit 3 Language in use

Guess the words from this module.


You use them to eat something.


You use it to save your money.

purse toy
baseball cap

You use it to play.
You wear it on your head.

You use it to look up new words. dictionary

Something for you to watch.
You use it to play chess.


chess set

Language practice must的用法
1)表示主观的义务和必要, 主要用于肯定句和疑问句中, 意思为 “必须??,得??,要??”;由must引起 的疑问句,肯定回答要用must或have to, 否定回答要 用needn’t或don’t have to, 意思是“不必”;must的


e.g: We must find a good method to learn computer well. —Must I finish the task right now? —Yes, you must. / Yes, you have to.

(—No, you needn’t. / No, you don’t have to. )
You mustn’t come here without permission.

2) 表示肯定的猜测,常用于肯定句中,意为 “一定是,
必然??”。 e.g: Your sister must be a doctor in this hospital. ( 对现在 的猜测 ) He must be reading newspapers in the reading room now.(对正在进行的猜测)

It must have rained last night, for the ground is wet.

can 的用法 can的否定形式为cannot,缩写为can’t。

1) 表示能力。
I can’t swim.

Can you drive?
注意:can表示能力可和be able to互换使用,且后者有

更多的时态,be able to常被用来表示can所不能表示的
将来或完成的概念。 They will be able to run this machine on their own in three months.

2) 表示可能性,意思是:可以,可能。

That big cinema can seat 2,000 people.
He can be very friendly at times. 3) 表示允诺,意思是:可以,能够。 You can have the book when I have finished it. Can I use your pen?

4) 表示惊异、不相信、猜测等(用于疑问句、否定

This can’t be true.
Can it be true?

Complete the sentences with must or mustn’t.
? School rules mustn’t 1.You _______ be late for school. mustn’t 2.You _______ eat in the library.

3.You _______ ride your bike in the playground. mustn’t
4.You _______ do your homework. must

must 5.You _______ listen to the teacher.

Have a free talk
Work in pairs. Tell each other three things you must do at home and three things you mustn’t. Are your home rules different or the same? I must visit my grandparents once a week. I mustn’t smoke. I must…

I mustn’t…

Module task Write advice for foreign guests to a Chinese family. 1. What must you wear? 2. What mustn’t you ask? 3. What presents must you bring? 4. What presents mustn’t you give?

5. What must you do when you visit someone at home?

句型攻关 1. 你一定不要在中国新年的第一天打扫卫生。 You ________ _____ _____ _______ on the first day mustn’t do any cleaning of the S

pring Festival. 2. 在街上你也不常听到人们大声喊叫。 And you don’t often hear people shouting in the _____ _______ street.

3. 新娘不能准时到达教堂, 必须要晚几分钟。 Then the bride ________ _____ _____ the church mustn’t arrive at _____ _____ _____ a few minutes late. on time but

Write some advice for foreign visitors to a Chinese family.

Confidence in yourself is the first step on the road to success. 自信是走向成功的第一步。

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