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外研社七年级上Module 7知识点和练习题

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Module 7



/ teacher watch catch teach which


Keyboard, screen, turn, click, paper, customer, Australia, music, share, company, often, train, travel, plan, ticket, movie, night, search, information, email, send, sometimes, visit, print, connect, use, save, check, mouse, document, box, Internet, grandchild, finally


1. mouse 鼠标;老鼠【mice 复数】

2. connect…to…把…..连接到….



He connects the printer with/to the computer.

The printer connects with the xomputer.

3. turn on the computer开电脑(open,close)

turn off the computer关掉电脑(当代词作宾语时,只能放中间)


4. learn 学,学会learn to do sth. 学做某事

5. first…, next…,then…, finally…首先…,接下来…,最后…【final 最后的 the

final game 决赛】

6. finally= at last 最后【通常位于句首】

7. box (计算机上的)框 【可数 名词boxes】

box 盒子【a box of ,…一盒….】

8. paper 纸张【不可数名词】

some paper 一些纸 a piece of paper 一张纸 five pieces of paper

9. Australia 澳大利亚 【Australian】

国名前不加任何冠词,代词。首字母必须大写。缩写要加the [the USA]

10. share 分享,公用

share….with sb. 与某人分享…..

11. sometimes有时=at times(常放在系动词之后,行为动词之前,也常见于句尾或

句末)【some time的四种区别】

12. visit探望,参观

13. go on the Internet在互联网上=online(在线,上网)

14. check 检查,核对

15. train 火车【可数名词take a train = by train】

16. plan to do sth. 计划做某事

plan on+n./v-ing 计划/打算做某事

He plans on playing computer games tonight.

17. night 夜晚 【可数名词at night在晚上】

18. at the weekend在周末

19. search for搜寻,搜索,搜查

20. a piece of information一条信息【缩写info,公共场所缩写为:i 信息台,问讯


21. send 发送,寄

send sb. sth.= send sth. to sb. 发送/寄给某人某物 【代词放中间】

22. write to sb.=write a letter to sb.给某人写信

我不经常给朋友写信。 .

23. holiday 假日,节日【可数名词】

当我们听到别人要去度假时,我们常祝福他们:Have a good time.

24. one half and a half times 1.5倍,一倍半

表示“多少又一半”用“数词+and+a half+名词复数”或者“数词+名词(单数或

复数)+and+a half”

Three and a half years= three years and a half三年半

25. a kind of… 一种…【kind 善良的,好心的】

be kind to 对….慈爱,对….厚道

kind of…有点,有些…. 【kind of big 有点大】

26. at work 在工作(at home在家 at school在学校)

27. print the document打印文件

28. use使用【useful,有用的 useless无用的】

use…to do sth.用…做某事【use….for….将….用于….】

我们用钢笔写字。We use a pen to write.

她用电脑做她的工作。She use a computer for her work.

29. save the document保存文件【save 保存,储存,挽救,节省】

save the time 节约时间save money节约钱,save water节约水

save …from(doing)…挽救…..免于…..

save one’s life 救某人的命,帮某人大忙

30. how often多久【表频率】



31. on the computer在电脑上

32. of course 当然

33. listen to听

34. how about+doing sth?做….怎么样?


1) 常用疑问词:who,what,where,when,how(how many,how much, how old,

how about, how long, how far)which

2) but和and的用法

but 用来表示转折关系,意为:“但是,然而”,and用来表示并列关系,意为:“……和….”


Do you often send emails?你经常发电子邮件吗?

Do you often go to school at 7 o’clock?你经常7点钟去上学吗?

Does he often send emails?

Does he often go to school at 7 o’clock?



ten---tenth six---sixth (2)下面这些基数词在变序数词时,有它特殊的 地方。如:

one---first two---second three---third five---fifth eight---eighth nine---ninth twelve---twelfth (3) 以ty结尾的基数词,要先变y为i,再加-eth。如:

thirty---thirtieth seventy---seventieth

(4)20以上的十位或百位的基数词,只将其个位上的基数词变为序数词就可以了。如: forty-three----forty-third sixty-eight----sixty-eighth three hundred and fifty-two-----three hundred and fifty-second (5) 序数词有时用缩写形式,如: first---1st fifth---5th

second---2nd third---3rd





1. First c________the printer to computer.

2. When he goes back home, he always t________on the lights first.

3. Tony works hard and f________he goes to college.(大学)

4. What do you ________(计划) to do tomorrow?

5. My teacher often gets ________(信息) for her lessons on the Internet.

6. They v________ China every year.

7. who do you want to s________the room with?

8. Tom ________(核对) the times of trains and asks us to take the D307 train.

9. With the help of the I________, we can get news quickly.


They often go to Beijing by t________.


1. ________ I go to work on foot.

A. Some time B. Some times

C. Sometime D. Sometimes

2. ---What about ________an email to Jack?


A. send B. to send

C. sending D. sends

3. He often writes ________his teachers.

A. on B. in

C. to D. for

4. —How often do you use a computer?


A. For a week. B. Three days.

C. Never. D. A year.

5. ________ the computer please. I’d like to go online.

A. Turn on B. Turn off

C. Turn up D. Turn down

6. I also get information ________ my lessons ________ the Internet.

A. to ; in B. for ; on C. for ; in D. to ; on

7. My brother often chats online and ________emails on the computer.

A. send B. to send

C. sending D. sends

8. Mr Chen ________the door of the car for his wife.

A. open B. opens

C. switch D. switches on

9. His father is searching ________information for his report.

A. to B. for

C. in D. do

10. ---I don’t know how to make tea.

---First, you get some hot water ready. ________put the tea in the cup. ________pour the hot water into the cup.

A. Then; Finally B. And; So

C. So, But D. And, And

11. ---________do you go to the cinema?

---On Saturday evening.

A. How often B. When

C. How long D. What time

12. —Which floor does Mr. Hu live on?

—He lives on ________ floor.

A. first B. the first

C. one D.

the one


1. 就划线部分提问)

you save your document?

2. 就划线部分提问)

the English class 3. 就划线部分提问)

do you usually at the weekend?

4. he usually has lunch at the school.(改为一般疑问句)

he usually lunch at the school?

5. 就划线部分提问)

his father to Shanghai every year?

6. They make plans to have a party.(改为同义句)

They have a party.

7. 就划线部分提问)

emails do you send every week?

? 阅读理解

Welcome to the zoo

Come and see the cute pandas from China, the clever monkeys from Thailand(泰国), the big lions from Africa and the friendly elephants from India. All kinds of beautiful birds are going to be around you and sing for you. The tall giraffes from Zambia and smart dolphins are waiting for you. Where are the kangaroos from Australia? They are sleeping there. Please

Don’t give food to the animals!

1. Where are the elephants from?

A. China B. Thailand C. India

2. When can you go to the zoo?

A. at 11 am every day

B. at 8 pm on Monday

C. at 9 am on Friday

3. Mr and Mrs Brown will take their five-year-old son to the zoo. They will pay


A. ten B. twenty C. twenty-five

4. The visitors can’t in the zoo.

A. keep the zoo clean

B. play with the elephants

C. give food to the animals

5. There are kinds of animals mentioned(提到) in the poster.(海报)

A. seven B. six C. eight

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