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外延 英语 七上4单元1课

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Module 4 Healthy food
Unit 1 We’ve got lots of apples.

Can you tell me some vegetables?

tomato tomatoes

potato potatoes

Look at these meat. Can you say the names of these meat?



Can you tell me some drinks?



Look at the pictures and talk about them.

Label the food and drink in the pictures with the words from the box.

candy fruit meat vegetables




Label the food and drink in the pictures with the words from the box. apple

apple, bean, beef, carrot, chicken, chocolate, coffee, cola, juice, milk, orange, potato, tea, tomato, water

chocolate candy beef



bean tomato vegetables tea juice coffee water milk cola

Put apple, bean, beef, carrot, chicken, chocolate, coffee, cola, juice, milk, orange, potato, tea, tomato, water in different boxes.
food fruit apple s orange s vegetables tomatoes potato es carrot s bean s meat beef chicken drink water juice milk coffee cola tea

Put the words into the correct column.
carrots juice water milk an apple tomatoes beef chicken (鸡肉) chickens (小鸡) potatoes
an orange (橙子) orange(橙汁)

Countable (可数名词) tomatoes an apple _______________________________________ carrots _______________________________________ chickens potatoes an orange Uncountable(不可数名词) _______________________________________ juice water milk beef chicken _______________________________________ orange



体,如worker, farmer, desk, factory等)和集

一些事物,如people, family 等)。

如果普通名词所表示的事物是不能按个数 来计算的,这类名词就叫不可数名词。不可 数名词分为物质名词(表示无法分为个体的 物质,如meat, rice, water, milk, orange 等) 和抽象名词(表示动作、状态、情况、品质 等抽象概念,如work, homework, time, health, friendship等)。

可数名词有单数和复数两种形式。指一 个人或一件事物时,用单数形式;指两个 或多个人或事物时用复数形式。名词由单 数形式变成复数形式的规则如下: 1. 一般的名词词尾直接加-s 。如:

book → books

room → rooms

house → houses day → days

2. 以s, ss, ch, sh, x 结尾的名词,在词尾 加-es 。如: bus → buses glass → glasses watch → watches dish → dishes box → boxes 3. 以“辅音字母+y”结尾的名词,要先将y 改 为i再加-es。如: city → cities body → bodies factory → factories

4. 以f 或fe 结尾的名词,要将f或fe改为v再 加-es。如: half → halves leaf → leaves knife → knives wife → wives 5. 不规则变化。 ① child → children ② man → men woman → wo

men policeman → policemen (规律:man → men)

③ tomato → tomatoes potato → potatoes [初中英语以o 结尾的名词变复数时只有 这两个词加-es,其余的加-s,如: photo → photos ④ foot → feet tooth → teeth [oo变成ee] ⑤ sheep, Chinese, Japanese单、复数同 形 [ 变复数时词形不变] ⑥ people单数形式表示复数意义,要求 谓语动词用复数;people的复数形式peoples 通常指"多个民族"。

1. 不可数名词没有复数,当它作句子的主语 时,谓语动词要用单数形式。如: The food is very fresh. 食品很新鲜。 2. 有的不可数名词也可以作可数名词,有复数形 式,但他们的意义往往发生变化。如: water (水) → waters (水域) orange (橘汁) → oranges (橘子) 3. 很多的不可数名词表示泛指时为不可数,表示 种类时就可数,意义大多不发生变化。如: fruit → fruits food → foods fish → fishes hair → hairs

1. How many ________ (sheep) are there on the sheep hill? food 2. There is some ________ (food) in the basket. 3. The baby has only two ________ (tooth) now. teeth water 4. There is a lot of ________ (water) in the bottle. 5. There are five ________ (people ) in his family. people photos 6. Let's take ________ (photo), OK? 7. I have lots of ________ (tomato) here. tomatoes leaves 8. The ________ (leaf) on the tree turn yellow.

9. The ________ (child) are playing games on children the playground now. 10. Their dictionaries _____________ (dictionary) look new. hairs 11. I see you have a few white ________ (hair). women 12. They are ________ (woman) doctors. 13. Can you give me some bottles of ________ orange (orange), please? 14. There are many ________ (fox) in the foxes picture. 15. I would like some apple ________ (juice). I juice am very thirsty.

Listen and check the food and drink Betty and her mother have got.
apples √ □ juice □ beans □ chicken √ □

milk □
carrots □ √ tea □ cola □

beef □ oranges √ □
potatoes □ coffee □ √ water □ √ tomatoes □

Look at the video and answer the question.
How many kinds of things have they got? They have got four kinds of things. (chicken, orange juice, coffee, tea)

Listen and decide true or false. 1. They’ve got some milk. × 2. They haven’t got any meat. × 3. They haven’t got any coffee. × 4. They have got some cola. ×

5. They haven’t got some tea. √

Read and complete the table.
Things Tony’s family has got at home Food chocolate apple Things Tony’s family hasn’t got at home meat chicken oranges orange juice cola




Complete the passage.
Tony and Tony’s dad go shopping for food and drink. They haven’t got any ______, meat They get some ________. They have got some chicken _________ and ______. They haven’t got any apples chocolate orange juice _______. They have got some ____________. orange They have got some _________ for Mum

. coffee cola Cola They haven’t got any _______. ______ is bad for Tony. They haven’t got some ____. tea

True or False
(T) some juice (F) a milk some milk (F) some tomato some tomatoes (F) a beef some beef (T) a glass of juice (F) a apple an apple (F) a chicken some chicken (T) a melon (F) some potatos some potatoes

1.Too much ________ (巧克力) is bad for chocolate your healthy. 2.Help yourself to some __________ (西红柿). tomatoes 3.Please give me a kilo of ______ (牛肉). beef

4.There is _____ (一个) onion in the bag. an
5.The rabbits love eating ________ (胡萝卜). carrots

6.We have got some ________(果汁). juice 7.Apples, pears are ________(水果). fruit 8.Has he got a bottle of ____ (牛奶)? milk

9.They haven’t got ______ (一些) beef. any
drinks 10. He ______ (喝) the water.

1. Remember all the new words and expressions we’ve learned today. 2. Write something about what you have got and what you haven’t got.

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