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Module 3 unit 1

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Module 3

My School

Unit 1 There are thirty students in my class
? ? ? ?

? ?


学习目标: 1.能听说读写本课的单词: blackboard ,book,boy,classroom,desk,furniture,map,picture girl,library, student,teacher,television 2.会听说读写句子:“ There is a blackboard .” “There are 30 students in my class.” “Are there any pictures on the classroom walls?” “Yes , there are. No, there aren’t.” 3.能在情景对话中熟练运用“ there be”句型介绍和询问情况 学习重难点: 1.重点:掌握furniture,picture,library等新单词以及重点句型:“There is/are…” 2.难点:对“There be”句型的理解、掌握和应用。

1. 2.



one, two, three…这些表示“数目多少“的词叫做基数词。 1~12的基数词有其各自的形式。 13~19的基数词以-teen结尾,且该音节重读,其中 thirteen, fifteen, eighteen的拼写较特殊。 20~90十位的整数都以-ty结尾,单词第一音节重读,其中 twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, eighty的拼写较特殊。 21~99之间的非整十数需要在十位与个位之间加连字符””,如twenty-one, eighty-nine

? What

can you find in your classroom?

3. Now complete the table
Class Number of students Pictures Type of map

Linda’s class Daming’s class

Explanation of key words and expressions

What’s your classroom in England like? What’s…like?意味“……什么样?”like 此 处为介词,意为“像”。当句子的主语是人 时,侧重于对性格特征进行提问。 eg: ---What’s the weather like? ---It’s cold. / It’s cloudy(rainy/windy/sunny/snowy).

? What’s

your mother like? A. She is a worker. B. She likes apples. C. She is very kind. D. He is taller.


really: adv.非常;很 It’s really cold today. 今天可真冷。 She’s really a good girl. 她真是一个好姑娘。 adv.真正地, 实在地 Really?


Is there a lot of furniture?
a lot of= lots of 许多,大量,后面接不可数名词或 者名词的复数形式。

①There are a lot of students in our school. ②He has a lot of money.
furniture是不可数名词,无复数形式,不能用a/an, many等词修饰,但可以用much, little, a lot of修饰。 表示“一件家具”用 a piece of furniture

①The furniture in his room is very nice. ②There is a lot of furniture in this shop.

there be 是陈述句语序,变成一般疑问句 和否定句很简单。变成一般疑问句只需 要将be 与there位置调换;变成否定句 只需要将be后面加否定词not。

Are there any pictures on the classroom walls?

any adj.一些 用于否定句和疑问句中 它与some一词都可以表示“一些”,而some只用 于肯定句中。some和any既可以修饰可数名词,也 可以修饰不可数名词。 ①There are some apples on the table. ② There is some water in the glass. ③ Are there any apples on the table?

④ There isn’t any water in the glass.

any adj. “任何(一个)”, 用于肯定句中。

You can come here any day. 你无论哪天都可以来这里。 Any students in our class likes football. 我们班的任何一个学生都喜欢足球。

wall可数名词,墙, 复数为walls on the wall和in the wall

辨析: in the wall与on the wall的区别
on the wall

指地图、画像等悬挂、 a picture on the 张贴于墙上 wall 墙上的一幅 画 指窗户、钉子、洞、孔 a window in the 等镶嵌入墙内 wall墙上的窗户

in the wall

there引导的陈述句如何变为一般疑问 句?

我们只需要将there与be动词的 位置互换。 There is a book on the desk. Is there a book on the desk?


一般如下: Yes, there is/are. No, there isn’t/aren’t. 请试做以下习题:

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1、There are some apples on the table.(改为否定句) There ______ ________ apples on the table. 2、There is a desk in front of the blackboard.(改为一般疑问 句,并回答) --a desk in front of the blackboard? ---No, . There are some computers on the desks.(改为一般疑问句, 并回答) --computers on the desks? ---Yes, .

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