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He has just gone to Shanghai.


区别一般过去时: 强调发生在过去的某一动作或状态,常与过去具体时间连用.)

We have already finished the work.

We finished the work 5 days ago.(过去的动作)


already,yet, just, ever, never, before, once, twice, three times, so far 练习题:

1. A World Without Thieves is a very moving film. I ________it twice already.

A. will see B. see C. had see D. have seen

2. Someone ________ the classroom. Look! How clean it is!

A. has swept B. will sweep C. is sweeping D. had swept

3. My postcard is still on the desk. Why _______you ______it?

A. haven’t, posted B. don’t, post C. weren’t posting D. won’t, post

4. He’s invited many of his friends to join the Summer Camp, ______he ?

A. is B. has C. isn’t D. hasn’t

5. -- We need some more bread for dinner.

-- Don’t worry. Look, I ____ some on my way home.

A. bought B. have bought C. will buy D. had bought

6. She ____ to Shanghai twice last year.

A. has been B. has gone C. went D. had gone

2、表示过去开始一直延续到现在的动作或状态( 使用持续性动作\状态)。

I have been a student in this school.

He has been in the city for 10 years.

They have worked here since 1997.

3. 常用的标志词:

since…, for…, how long, in the past/last few years,

all his life, recently, over the years, since then, ever since…… 瞬间性性动词——延续性动词

buy---_have borrow ---keep join-- -be in/ be a member of / be a …member die---be dead become a member of---be a member of leave---be away (from) become—be go to/ come to -- be in start/begin---be on

finish/ end---_ be over arrive in /get to/ reach-_:_be in return---be back open---be open close---be closed fall asleep--be asleep

catch a cold--have a cold get up—be up get married/ marry--- be married wake up—be awake


1. It’s +一段时间+since+句子(一般过去时)


eg. It’s three years since we studied in this school.

=It has been three years since we studied in this school.

=Three years has passed since we studied in this school.

2. for, since 以及How long 提问的句子, 只能与延续性动词使用, 不与短暂性动词连用。 eg. I have had this dictionary for many years.

He has been dead since 2005.

How long can I keep this book?

3. I haven’t bought anything for three weeks.



Jim has had this pen for two years.

Jim has had this pen since two years ago./ since 2009

It is/has been two years since Jim bought this pen.

Two years has passed since Jim bought this pen.

Jim bought this pen two years ago.

1. Tom ______ there for 10 months since he ______back to his hometown.

A. has lived, gets B. has lived, got

C. lived, got D. lived, has got

2. My father _______ on business for two weeks. He’ll return in 3 days.

A. left B. has left C. had gone D. has been away

3. ---They say there is a new restaurant nearby.

--- Yes, and it ______ for no more than a week.

A. has been open B. opens

C. is opening D. is opened

4. ---How long have Mr. and Mrs. Smith _______?

--- For more than twenty years.

A. married B. had married

C. got married D. been married

5. I want to know how long ___ here in New York.

A. you have been B. have you been

C. you have arrived D. have you get

6. --Oh , Mrs King , your dress looks nice. Is it new ?

--No. I ___ it for two years .

A. had B. bought C. have had D. have bought

7. Premier Zhou(周总理)___ for many years, but he still lives in the hearts of Chinese people .

A. died B. had died B. has been died D. has been dead


? 1. have/has gone to去了某地(现在还没回来)

eg. ---Where is your father? -He has gone to Shanghai.

? 2. have/has been to去过某地(已经回来)

eg. He has been to Shanghai twice. He has been there twice

注意区别:He went to Beijing twice last year.

? 3. have/ has been in 在某地已经多长时间

? He has been in Shantou for two years.

? He has been abroad since two years ago.

1. -- I ___ England twice . ---When ___ you ___ there ?

A. have gone to , did…go

B. have been to , did…go

C. have been in , have ...gone

D. have been to have …gone

2. –Where’s Jim? I have a word to tell him .

---He with his friends ___ to plant trees.

A. have gone B. has gone C. has been D. have been

3.--How many times ___you ___the Great Wall last year ? ---Only once.

A. have , gone to B. did , go to

C. have, been to D. were , going to

4. My parents have _______ abroad for two years.

A. gone B. been C. been in D. been to

Fill in the blanks:

1. ---Where is Jim?

---He ___________ Wuhan.

2. My parents ___________ the Great Wall twice. They like there very much.

3. _____ you ever _______ to the Happy valley?

4. How long ____ Peter _______ the West Hill farm?

5. My sister __________ the shop. She will be back in two hours.

6. She ___________ Shanghai. She isn’t here.

7. She __________ Shanghai. She is here.

8. She __________ Shanghai for two years.


1.I _______already ______(see) the film. I ______(see) it

last week.

2.It ___________(rain) for a week.

3.My mother _____just ______(come) back from work. She

is very tired.

4.We ________________(not finish) our homework yet.

Will you wait a minute?

5.He ____________(teach) history for five years before he

came to the school.

6.I _____________(work) here since I_______ (move) here

in 2003.

7.So far I ___________(make) quite a few friends here.

8.They _________(build) two buildings by the end of last year.


1.Can you make sure ___ the gold ring?

A. where Alice had put

B. where had Alice put

C. where Alice has put

D. where has Alice put



2. When I was at college I ___ three foreign languages, but I ___ all except a few words of each.

A. spoke; had forgotten

B. spoke; have forgotten

C. had spoken; had forgotten

D. had spoken; have forgotten



3.--I’m sorry to keep you waiting.

--Oh, not at all. I ___ here only a few minutes.

A. have been B. had been

C. was D. will be

―(for) only a few minutes‖说明几分钟前来了这里,一直到现在。

4. ---___ the sports meet might be put off.

---Yes, it all depends on the weather.

A. I’ve been told B. I’ve told

C. I’m told D.I told



5.All the preparations for the task__, and we’re ready to start.

A. completed B. complete

C. had been completed

D. have been completed


6.--Where ___ the recorder? I can’t see it anywhere.

--I ___ it right here, but now it’s gone.

A. did you put; have put

B. have you put; put

C. had you put; have put

D. were you putting; have put

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