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The Object Clause (Revision)

Li Xiaoping

宾语从句是主从复合句的一种。主从复合句是 由一个主句和一个或一个以上的从句构成的。 主句是复合句的主体,从句仅仅是主句的一个 成分,它从属于主句,不能独立。从句在全句中 充当什么成分,就叫什么从句。宾语从句当中的 从句在全句中作宾语。



2、直接引语和间接引语 3、宾语从句中时态的变化

由连接代词 Who,whom,whose,which, what 和连接副词 where,how,why,when 引导的宾语从句 由从属连词 whether, if 引导的宾语从句

注:that 在句中无词汇意义,在从句中不能充当成分,

he will be back in an hour 1. I hear (that) _______________________. (一小时后他会回来) he missed us very much 2. He said (that) ______________________. (他非常想念我们) the earth moves around the sun 3. The teacher told us (that) ___________________________.

由连接代词what, whom, whose, which, what及连接 副词 when, where, how, why引导的宾语从句
who could answer the question 1. He asked __________________________. (谁能回答这个问题) whom they are waiting for 2. Do you know_________________________. (他们在等谁) 3. He asked whose handwriting was the best in the class __________________________________.

Do you know _______________.(地球和月亮,哪一个比较小)

when we’ll have a meeting 6. Please tell me _______________________. (我们什么时候开会) where he is 7. Can you tell me _______________. (他在哪儿)
how I can get to the station 8. Could you tell me ______________________. (我该怎么去车站) why the train is late 9. Would you tell me _________________(为什么火车迟到了)

由从属连词whether, if 引导的宾语从句

e.g. if (whether) he will go to the park with us 1. I want to know __________________________________.

2. Ask him whether (if) he can come . (他是否能来) _____________________ 3. I don’t knowwhether it is going to rain or not (是否要下雨) ___________________________.

当句末为or not时,引导词只能用whether而不能用if.


e.g. 1. He said, “You are younger than I ”. He said that I was younger than him.


He says, “Tom is a good student ”.
He says that Tom is a good student.


一般疑问句变为if (whether)引导的宾语从句
1. She said, “ Do you often come here to read newspaper? ”
She asked if (whether) I often came here to read newspaper.


“Will they

go to visit the Great Wall?” he asked.
He asked if (whether) they would go visit the Great Wall.

特殊疑问句变为who, what, when等引导的宾语从句 e.g.


He asked, “Where do you live?”
He asked where I lived.


“How can we get to the post-office?” he asked. He asked how they could get to the post-office.


注 意:
1、当主句的谓语动词是一般现在时或一般将来时,宾语 从句的谓语动词可以用所需要的任何一种时态。 2、当主句的谓语动词是一般过去时,宾语从句的谓语 动词要用相应的过去时态,但当宾语从句叙述的内容 为客观真理时,仍然用一般现在时。 e.g.
The teacher said that the moon moves around the sun.

will be 1. The radio says it _________ cloudy tomorrow. (be) goes 2. The headmaster hopes everything ______ well. (go)

3. Tom says that they ____________ (play) basketball at were playing six o’clock yesterday evening. 4. I hear they has returned(return) it already. __________
had been 5. He said that they _________ members of the Party since 1948. (be) were doing 6. He asked what they __________ at eight last night. (do) travels 7. The teacher told his class that light _______ faster than sound. (travel)

are talking 8. I think you __________ about the relay race now. (talk)
were 9. I didn’t know whom the letters _________ from. (be)

10. I didn’t know what time hewrote _______ the letter. (write)
moves 11. Miss Wang told me that the earth ______(move)

round the earth.
has taken 12. Could you tell me who _________ away the book

already? (take)

13. Ling Feng told me he _________ to several times. (be) has been
rises 14. Our teacher told us in class the sun _______ in the

east. (rise)
did 15. Can you tell me what they ______ yesterday? (do)

1. Where do they stop on the way? I asked. I asked where they stopped on the way. 2. What will you speak at the meeting? Could you tell me? Could you tell me what you will speak at the meeting? 3. Do they like to make friends with us? He asked. He asked if they liked to make friends with them. 4. “ I am doing my homework.” He said.

He said that he was doing his homework.
5. “I will come back.” Tom said. Tom said that he would come back. 6. “Is he doing his homework?” Jim asked. Jim asked if he was doing his homework.

7. “When will he come back?” Tom asked.
Tom asked when he would come back.

8. “How can I get to the station?” Could you tell me?
Could you tell me how I can get to the station?

9. “Why is the train late?” Would you tell me?
Would you tell me why the train is late?

10. “Where is Tom?” They asked.
They asked where Tom was.

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