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( ) 1. --Have you had ________ breakfast yet? -- No, not yet.

A./ B. a C. the D. an

( )2. Let's look at the bag. Can you see _____“s”on the corner of_____ bag?

A. a, a B. a, the C. an, a D. an, the

( )3. There is egg on the table, egg is for you.

A. a, A B. an, An C. an, The D. the, An

( )4. Our teacher told us that _______ moon moves around ______ earth, and ________ earth circles________ sun.

A. a, a, a, a B. an, an, an, an C. the, the, the, the D. /, /, /, /

( )5. At that time, he was studying in_______ university. And it was a famous one.

A./ B. the C. a , D. an

( )6. _________ mother is a worker.

A. Mary and Mike's B. Mary's and Mike's C. Mary's and Mike D. Mary and Mike

( )7.He has searched the ________ or 2 hours for the information about Yang Liwei.

A. mouse B. keyboard C. Internet D. computer

( )8.The room is too small, there' s no enough ________for another desk.

A. place B. room C. floor D. ground

( )9.There may be something wrong with her ______,she can' t see things clearly.

A. eyes B. ears C. mouth D. nose

( )10.-- Which room shall we live in tonight? – In __________.

A. the Room 406 B. Room 406 C. the 406 Room D. 406 Room

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( )11. We'll be away for two weeks because we'll have a ___________.

A. two-weeks holiday B. two weeks' holidays

C. two- week holiday D. two-weeks' holiday

( )12. The number of the students in our grade ________about six _______, of them are girls.

A. are, hundreds, two- thirds B. is, hundred, two- third

C. is, hundred, two thirds. D. are, hundreds, two third

( )13. ___________ travellers come to visit our city every year.

A. Hundred of B. Hundreds of C. Five hundreds D. Hundred

( )14. He spent ________ yuan on the new computer.

A. five thousand, three hundred and forty B. five thousand, three hundred and forties

C. five thousands, three hundred and forty. D. five thousands, hundreds and forty

( )15. My home is about ________ from my school.

A. 15 minutes B. 10 minute's ride C. 20 minutes by bike D. 15- minute's on foot.

( ) 16. We are doing much better ______ English _______ our teacher's help.

A. in, at B. at, in C. in, with D. with, with

( ) 17. The food _______ my hometown is quite different ______that there.

A. in, like B. to, from C. from, to D. in, from

( ) 18. Before 1992, there was no airline _________ the two cities.

A. along B. in C. between D. among

( ) 19. ________the new computer, travellers at the offices of CAAC can now buy their air tickets much faster. A. Because B. Thanks for C. Thanks to D. Since

( )20. He had _________ much work to do that he couldn't go out.

A. so B. such C. as D. or

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( )21. Tom has been in the factory _________he left school.

A. when B. since C. as soon as D. whether

( )22. The nurse doesn't feel well today, _________ she still works very hard.

A. but B. and C. or D. when

( ) 23. _______ my mother ________ my sister watches TV plays these days.

A. Either, nor B. Both, and C. Neither, or D. Neither, nor

( ) 24. He walked ________ fast for us ________catch up with.

A. so, that B. such, that C. enough, to D. too, to

( ) 25. Lucy knew nothing about it ________ her sister told her.

A. because B. until C. if D. since

( ) 26. I don't think it very expensive to buy a family computer here. -- Really? I'll buy _______ next week.

A. it B. this C. one D. mine

( ) 27.--Which would you like, rice or noodles? --_______is OK. I'm hungry.

A. Either B. Neither C. Both D. All

( ) 28. We found ________ necessary to protect the environment.

A. it B. this C. that D. what

( )29. The weather in Beijing is cooler than ________ in Guangzhou.

A. this B. it C. that D. one

( )30. There is _________in today's newspaper.

A. new anything B. new something C. anything new D. something new

( )31 .-- May I use your pen? Mine is broken.

-- Of course, here are two and you can use ________ of them.

A. both B. every C. any D. either

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( ) 32. We can't buy anything because _________of the shops are open at this time.

A. all B. some C. any D. none

( )33.-- Please write to me when you have time. -- Sure. But ________is your e - mail address?

A. when B. where C. what D. which

( ) 34. He couldn't buy the dictionary because he had ________money with him.

A. a few B. few C. a little D. little

( ) 35.-- Have you finished your composition yet? -- No, I'll finish it in ten minutes. A. another B. more C. other D. else

( )36. There's ________interesting in the film, so ______is interested in it.

A. something, nobody B. nothing, somebody C. anything, anybody. D. nothing, nobody.

( )37. I think Tom's bike is older than __________.

A. my B. his C. your D. her

( )38. Oh, boys and girls, come in please. And make _________at home.

A. yourself B. us C. you D. yourselves

( ) 39. I don't like winter because it’s ________cold.

A. too much B. far more C. much too D. much more

( ) 40. This match made them ________at last.

A. friendly B. happily C. quickly D. slowly ( )

( )41 .-- Who can reach the book on the top shelf?

-- Jack can. He is ________boy of us all.

A. taller B. a tall C. the tallest D. much tallest

( )42.-- The shop is ________ on Saturday and Monday.

-- I see. I'll go here on Monday then.

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A. open B. close C. opened D. closed

( )43. It is _______to work out this problem. You needn't go to the teacher.

A. enough easy B. easily enough C. easy, enough D. very easily

( )44.-- Our holiday was _______. -- Yes, I’ve never had __________.

A. such great, the better one B. greatly, a good one.

C. so great, a better one D. very good, the best one

( )45.-- Mum, could you buy me a dress like this?

-- Certainly, we can buy _______one than this, but ________this.

A. a better, better than B. a worse, as good as

C. a cheaper, as good as D. a more important, not as good as

( )46.-- Why don't you ask Tom to do it?

-- I don' t know whether he is______ to. He sometimes makes things worse.

A. possible B. able . C. afraid D. easy

( )47. Her mother was out. She stayed at home ______ , but she didn' t feel

A. alone, lonely B. lonely, alone C. alone, alone D; lonely, lonely

( )48. A ___school boy, LiLida, first tried to swim across the Qiongzhou Channel in June, 2000.

A. 12 - year old B. 12 - years - old C. 12 - year- old D. 12 years old

( )49, In our exam, the____ careful we are, the ______mistakes we’ll make.

A. more, more B. more, less C. less, fewer D. more, fewer

( )50. Jack's brother doesn't work so _________as Jack.

A. harder B. hard C. hardest D. hardly

( )51. Every day I spend two hours _______my homework.

A. finishing to do B. finishing doing

C. to finish to do D. to finish doing

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( )52. Lin Tao can't be at home. I saw him _______here a few minutes ago.

A. plays B. to play C. playing D. played

( )53. We'd better _______on the road. A car may hit us.

A. not to play B. not play C. to not play D. don't play

( ) 54.--When can I go out to play football, Mum?

--Finish your homework first, or I won't let you ________.

A. to go out B. go out C. going out "D. will go out

( )55. Could you make her ________laughing?

A. stop B. to stop C. stops D. stopped

( )56. You _________ never play in the street. It's not safe.

A. can B. may C. must D.need

( )57. Please don't forget _______to me, will you?

A. to write B. writing C. write D. writes

( )58. The soldier ran into the room _________the baby.

A. saving B. to save C. saves D. saved

( )59.--__________ we make it half past seven?

--What about _______ it a little earlier?

A. Shall, making B. Shall, to make C. Will, making D. will, to make

( )60. He _________ harder this year than last year.

A. study B. studies C. was studying D. studied

( )61. I think no news ________ good news, he will be back soon.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

( )62.--Can I help you? --Yes. I bought this computer here yesterday, ,but it ______ now.

A. didn't work B. won't work C. can’t work D. doesn't work

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( )63. --What about the food on the plate? –It _________ delicious.

A. smelling B. smelt C. smells D. is smelt

( )64: What a nice garden! How well it _________ after!

A. has looked B. looks C. is looked D. is looking

( )65. Look! Lily with her sister _________ a kite on the playground.

A. is flying B.are flying C.flying D. fly

( )66.--I have seen the film “Titanic” already.

--When _________ you _______ it?

A. have, seen B. will, see C. did, see D. had, seen

( )67. His sister read the picture- book three times yesterday, ___________.

A. so he did B. she did so C. so did he D. so ~lid her

( )68. I _______ to bed until my grandma came back home.

A. didn't go B. went C. had gone D. have gone

( )69. While she _________ TV in the sitting room, the bell________.

A. watches, rings B. is watching, rang C. was watching, rang D. watched, was ringing

( )70. There ________a football match in our school this afternoon.

A. are going to have B. is going to have C. are going to be D. is going to be

( )71. The headmaster ________for more than two weeks.

A. has left B. has gone C. has been away D. has come back

( )72. --Where' s Mr Green? --Oh, he _________ Canada.

A. has been to B. has gone to C. went to D. was in

( )73. The factory has been ________ for two years.

A. open B. to open C. opening D. opened

( )74 .--How long have you ________there? --About four years. ~

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A. come B. gone C. left D. worked

( )75.--Must I clean the room now? --No, you __________.

A. can' t B. may not C. mustn' t D. needn' t

( )76. ________ I close the window? It's so cold here.

A. Will B. Do C. Would D. Shall

( )77.--Excuse me, Look at the sign NO SMOKING! --Sorry, I ________ it.

A.don't see B.didn't see C.haven't seen D.won't see

( )78. He could_____ neither French or German, so I____ with him in English. A, speak, talked B. talk, told C. say, spoke D. tell, talked

( ) 79. I ________a very interesting programme on the radio this morning.

A. listened B. heard C. saw D. watched

( )80. Could you _______ me your bike? Mine is broken. --Sure. It's there.

A. borrow B. lend C. giving D. return

( )81 .--How much did you ________for the pen? --Five yuan.

A. cost B. take C. pay D. buy

( )82.--Why not go to see the dolphin show with me? --Because I ________it.

A. saw B. will see C. see D, have seen

( )83. The students will go to the Summer Palace if it ________tomorrow.

A. won' t rain B. isn' t raining C. doesn' t rain D. isn' t rain

( )84.--What did you do last night? --I _______TV with my family.

A. watch B. am watching C. have watched D. watched

( )85. --Can I help you, sir? --Yes, I bought the radio here yesterday, but it ________.

A. didn't work B.won' t work C.can' t work D. doesn't work

( )86. --What do you think of the football match yesterday?

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--Well, it' s surprising. The strongest team of our school ________.

A. was beaten B. won C. scored D. was filled

( )87. The trees must _______three times a week.

A. water B. watering C. be watered D.waters

( )88. --Alice, you ________ on the phone. --I' m coming. Thanks.

A. want B-. are wanted C. are wanting .D. have wanted

( )89. --I saw Betty go to Grandpa Li's home just now.

--Yes. She’s often seen _________ the old man with the housework.. A: help B. to help C. helps D. helped

( )90. A talk on Chinese history __________in the school hall next Monday.

A. be given B. has been given C. will be given D. will give

( )91. ______(Dog)dog is ______ useful animal.

A. a, an B. a, the C. the, a D. the, /

( )92. John Smith is _______ honest man.

A. an B. a C. the D. one

( )93. My father told me he was soon going to visit ________ USA.

A. the B. a C. an D. /

( )94. Beyond _______ stars, the astronaut saw nothing but ________ space.

A. the ,/ B. /, the C. /,/ D. the ,the

( )95. I believe that _______ young have a bright future.

A. the b. an C. an D. /

( )96. Paris is ______ most beautiful city, where you can see ______ famous Eiffel Tower.

A. a, the B. a, / C. the , an D. /,the

( )97. He dropped the _______ and broke it.

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A. cup of coffee B. coffee’s cup C. cup for coffee D. coffee cup

( )98. There are three ______ and seven _______ in the picture.

A. deers, sheeps B. deers, sheep C. deer, sheep D. deer, sheeps

( )99. Lucy has been to _________ many times this year.

A. his uncle b. her uncles C. uncle’s D. her uncle’s

( )100. The boys always stays here for _________>

A. one and half hour B. one and half a hour

C. one and a half hours D. one and half hours

( )101. The dinosaur’s eggs are found by explorers in the _______

A. 1920s B.1920’s C. 1920s’ D. 1920’

( )102. _______ my parents’ help, I begin to catch up _______ my classmates.

A. With, to B. Under, with C. With, with D. To, to

( )103. —Do you know the differences ________ the three words? --Sorry, I don’t know.

A. among B. between C. with D. about

( )104. —What else do you want? --________ else. I think I have got everything ready.

A. Something B. Nothing C. Anything d. Everything

( )105. Study hard, _______ you will fall behind the others.

A. and B. but c. or D. though

( )106. 30,000 dollars is a large amount of money, but it’s _______ than we need.

A. far more B. very much c. far less D. very little

( )107. The two friends were ______ pleased to see each other that they forgot everything.

A. so B. too C. very d. much

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( )108. How long have you _______?

A. married B. be married C. got married D. been married

( )109. We could see nothing because the lights suddenly _______.

A. went on B. went over c, went down D. went out

( )110. Would you please speak more slowly? I can hardly ______ you.

A. talk with B. agree with c. follow D. hear

( )111. –People now can know what is happening in the world quickly.

--You’re right. With the help of computers, news can ______ every corner of the world.

A. get B. reach C. return D. arrive

( )112. Everyone except Tom and John ______ there when the meeting began.

A. is B. was C. are D. were

( )113. I’m sorry I haven’t got any money. I’ve ______ my handbag at home.

A. missed B. left C. put D. forgot

( )114. I heard he _______ the piano in the room last night.

A. played B. plays C. to play D. playing

( )115. No one can stop news _______.

A. to report B. to be report c, from reporting D. being reported

( )116. –Hi, Kate! --Hi, Mary. I ______ you are here.

A. don’t know B. don’t think C, think D. didn’t know

( )117. –Have you ever traveled abroad?

--Sure. I ____ the language of English in the USA two years after I graduated from the university.

A. used to learn B. was used to studying C. have studied D. didn’t use to study

( )118. The visitors are very ______ to see so many changes _______ in Shenzhen since 1979.

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A. surprise; have been taken place B. surprising, took place

C. surprised, have been taken place D. surprised, have taken place

( )119. When I got to his home, he ________ for an hour.

A. had left B. left C. had been away D. has been away

( )120. The boss made him work 14 hours a day. That means, he _______ work 14 hours a day.

A. was made B. made C. was making D. was made to

中考总复习:单项选择训练之B综合 http://www.sina.com.cn 2007年11月24日 11:24 英语教师网

中考总复习 单项选择训练之B综合

( )1. More and more foreigners want to _______their companies in Zhejiang.

A. clean up B. look up C. pick up D. open up

( )2. Can I ______your dictionary? --Sony, I'm using it.

A. borrow B. lend C. keep D. return

( )3. _______ me carefully, boys and girls. Can you _____ me clearly.9

A. Listen to, hear from B. Hear, listen to C. Hear, hear D. Listen to, hear

( )4. Let the children go away. They're making to much _______ here.

A. noise B. voice C. sounds D. songs

( )5. The students put down their pens when the teacher_____ them to stop writing.

A. said B. spoke C. told D. talked

( )6. He ________ living in the country to the city.

A. likes B. prefers C. enjoys D. loves

( )7. Many girls like __________ skirts in summer.

A. wearing B. dressing C. in D. putting on

( )8. If you don' t know a word, you can ________ the word in a dictionary.

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A. look up B. look down C. look over D. look out

( )9. Mr Li would like to _________ us an interesting story.

A. tell B. talk C. say D. speak

( )10. _________ away the old books and __________ me that new one.

A. Bring, bring B. Bring, take C. Take, take D. Take, bring

( )11.-- I' m going to school now, Mum, Bye.

-- Just a minute. It's cold outside, _________ your coat, please.

A. Put on B. Take off C. Put up D. Take down

( )12. It is better to teach a man to fish than ________ him fish.

A. to give B. giving C. to find D. finding

( )13. This TV set is too loud, will you please _________?

A. turn down it B. turn it down C. to turn it down D. to turn down it

( )14. It will be warmer tomorrow. The temperature will _________ again.

A. fall below B. go up C. stay above D. keep on

( )15. Dick isn't here. He _________ the cinema.

A. has gone to B. has been to C. has been away D. has been with

( )16. --What's your ________ name, please?

--Robert Thomas Brown, but you can call me Mr Brown.

A. family B. given C. first D. full

( )17. --People now can know what' s happening in the world quickly.

--You're right. With the help of computers, news can ______ every comer of the world.

A. get B. arrive C. return D. reach

( )18. Ann is so careful that she always goes over her exercises to _______ there are no mistakes.

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A. look for B. make sure C. find out D. think about

( )19.--Where's Tom? --He's left a _______ saying that he has something to do.

A. excuse B. sentence C. news D. message

( )20. I bought a new dictionary and it ________ me 30 yuan.

A. paid B. spent C. took D. cost

( )21 .The car ________ and stopped at the red traffic lights.

A. got on B. got off C. slowed down D. picked up

( )22. You can _______ what is happening in the world by the Internet.

A. touch B. make C. hear D. learn

( )23.--_________ you good luck in the new year. -- The same to you.

A. Hope B. Went C. Wish D. Like

( )24.--_________! The traffic is moving fast! -- Thanks, I will.

A. Stop B. Look out C. Watch D. Don't move

( )25.-- DO you still have a headache, Bill? -- No, it's _________. I'm all right now, mum. A. dropped B. run C. left D. gone

( )26. He's so careless that he always _______ his school things at home.

A. forgets B. leaves C. put D. buys

( )27. -- What a day! It's mining again. We can't go hiking tomorrow. -- Don' t worry. It won't __________ long.

A. drop B. rain C. go D. last

( )28. No one except Jack and Tom ________ the meeting.

A. are late ' B. were late for C. was late for D. is late

( )29.--How much ________ this pair of trousers? - Ten dollars _______ enough.

A. are, is B. is, are C. are, are D. is, is

( )30. Every table and every chair _______ made of wood.

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A. is B. are C. were D. be

( )31. _______ of the teachers in our school is 118, _________ of them are women teachers.

A. The number, first fourth B. The number, one fourth

C. A number, one second D. A ,number, three quarters

( )32. Fish and chips _______ the most popular take- away food in England.

A. are B. is C. were D. was

( )33. Neither he nor I _________ from Canada, we are from Australia.

A.is B. are C. am D. be

( )34. There __________ some milk and some bananas on the table.

A. is B. are C. have D. has

( )35. Maths _______ my favourite subject.

A. be B. is C. am D. are

( )36. Andy has _______ for five years. Five years _________ a long time.

A. come back home, is B. come back home, are

C. been at home, is D. been at home, are

( )37. A boy with two dogs _______ when the earthquake rocked the city.

A. were sleeping B. is asleep C. was sleeping D. are asleep

( )38. Both Kate and I _________ ready for the picnic now.

A. is not B. is getting C. are getting D. am getting

( )39. Our knowledge of computers ________ growing all the time.

A. be B. is C. are D. were

( )40.A number of sheep _________ seen by us when we passed the field..

A. is B. are C. was D. were

( )41. He has never visited the Great Hall of the people, _________?

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A. hasn't he B. has he C. does D. doesn't he

( )42. _______ is the population of China?

A. How much B. How many C. How many people D. What

( )43. She thinks she can get there on time, ________ she?

A. can B. doesn't C. can't D. does

( )44. -- You seem to like sweets. --________ ,I buy sweets every week.

A. So do I B. So I do C. So am I D. So I am

( )45. ________ wonderful music it is! I like it very much.

A. What B. How a C. What a D. How

( )46. _________ picture books in class, please.

A. Not read B. No read C. Not reading D. Don't read

( )47. --Is Jim at school today? -- No, he's at home ______ he has a bad cold.

A. because B. if C. though D. until

( )48. -- You are not going out today, are you? --_______ I want to go shopping.

A. Yes, I'm B. No, I'm not C. Yes, I am D. No, I am

( )49. The teacher asked me ________ I needed any help.

A. whether B. that C. what D. which

( )50.-- The problem is too difficult, can you show me ______ , WangLe? -- Sure.

A. what to work it out B. what to work out it

C. how to work it out D. how to work out it

( )51. I want to know if they _____ the spring sports meeting next month. If they ___ it, I must get ready for it.

A. hold, will hold. B. will hold, hold C. hold, hold D. will hold, will hold

( )52. I'll let you know as soon as he _________.

A. comes back B. will come back C. is coming back D. come back

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( )53. Our teacher told us the earth ________ round the sun all the time.

A. moved B. travels C. going D. circle

( )54. She asked me ________.

A. where did I live B. where did you live C. where I lived D. I lived where

( )55. Could you tell me _________?

A. how old is your son B. that he will come here soon.

C. whether is it fine tomorrow. D. who is going to speak at the meeting

( )56. We bought Granny a present,_______ she didn' t like it.

A. but B. and C. or D. so

( )57. Kentucky is the state _________ Lincoln was born in.

A. when B. where C.-who D. which

( )58. ________ he was very ill, he still went on working..

A. Because B. For C. Though D. /

( )59. The farmer was very thankful to the doctor ______ treated his son.

A. what B. which C. who D. whose

( )60. Here are the photos _______ in Beijing.

A. who are taken B. that took C. which I was taken D. that were taken

( )61.-- How beautiful your skirt is! --____________.

A. Oh, no B. I don't think so C. You are welcome D. Thank you

( )62.m I can help you with your English. --_____________.

A. You are a good man B. You are so kind

C. That' s very kind of you D. That' s right

( )63.-- Hi, Lucy. We won the match yesterday. --_________!

A. Congratulations B. Excuse me C. No problem D. Never mind

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( )64. -- Happy New Year! --_________

A. Thank you B. So are you C. The same to you D. I!m happu, too

( )65 .-- Will you be free tomorrow? --___________

A. OK B. Yes, I am C. I have no idea D. All right

( )66.-- Don't play football in the classroom. --___________.

A. No, I don' t. B. Sorry, we won't do it again.

D. Why don' t we.9 D. Yes, we won' t do it again.

( )67. -- What's the date today? --___________

A. It's a fine day B. It's Friday

C. It's on Christmas Day D. It's June 26tb

( )68 .--Would you give me some water,9 --____________

A. Yes, I would B. Certainly C. No, thanks D. Yes,please.

( )69. -- Thanks for asking me to your party. --__________

A. Never mind B. Don't say so C. My pleasure D. Yes, please

( )70. -- Excuse me, ____________ to the nearest bookshop, please? -- Go straight and take the second turning on the left.

A. where the way is B. which the way is C. where is the way D. which is the way

( )71 .-- Bob, would you like to come to our dinner party? --__________

A. Yes, I would B. Yes, I' d love to C. No, I wouldn' t D. No, I don't go

( )72.-- Is Mr Smith really very ill? --________. He's in hospital.

A. I don't think so B. No, he isn't C. I hope so D. I'm afraid so

( )73.-- Hello! Is that Mr Wang speaking? --Yes,____________?

A. who' s that B. who are you C. I' m speaking D. I' m Mr Wang

( )74. --_______________? -- Orange, I think.

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A. What is it B. How is the food

C. What colour do you think it is D. Is there any fruit around here

( )75. -- Oh, no, we've missed the 8 o'clock train!

--________ . There's another one in half an hour.

A. You're right B. That's all right C. You're welcome D.Don' t worry

( )76.-- Which do you prefer, oranges or apples? -- __________ . I' d like bananas.

A. Yes, both B. Neither, thank you C. Sure, I would D. No, please

( )77. -- How do you get on with your classmates? --____________

A. Very well B. Well done C. That's OK D.I'm well

( )78.--____________? -- We are looking for a pair of sports shoes.

A. What do you do B. What do you like C. Can I help you D. Do you need help

( )79.-- My brother fell off this bike and hurt his leg. --____________

A. That's too bad B. He may be too careles C. He should be careful D. Sorry to hear that

( )80. -- What are you going to do next Sunday? --_____________

A. I' m sorry B. Here you are C. I' ve no idea D. That' s all right

( )81.It’s about fifty _______ from here to my school.

A. minutes’ walk B. minute walk C. minute’s on foot D. minutes’ on foot

( )82.Hurry up, please. There is only __ time left. A. a little B. little c. a few D. few

( )83.The Changjiang River is longer than _____ in China.

A. all the rivers B. any river c. any other river D. any other rivers

( )84.The Brown flew to Kunming __ a sunny morning. A. on B. in C. for D. at

( )85.We found it difficult _______ there on time.A. get B. to get C. getting

D. got

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( )86. Don’t spend _______ time on computer games.

A. too much B. much too C. too many D. many too

( )87. _____ Chinese people are ______ hardworking people.

A. /,/ B. a,/ C. The, the D. the,a

( )88. I’d like to have a nice room ____.A. live b. to live C. to live in d. live in

( )89. Can you tell me ________?

A. what are they doing that for B.why they are doing for

C. why are they doing that D. what they are doing that for

( )90. To a doctor, the most important thing is _______.

A. to save b. saving C. to saving D. saved

( )91. Three years ____ a long time for us students. A. are B. be C. is D. have been

( )92. The film __________ for ten minutes when we got to the cinema.

A. had already been on B. had already begun

C. have already been on D. have already begun

( )93. I’m sorry to have kept you ________ for a long time.

A. wait b. to wait c. waiting D. to be waiting

( )94. The number of the people in the world ______ growing faster and faster.

A. is b. are C. have D. were

( )95. We should do ___ the teacher told us. A. because B. like C. as D. since

( )96. This book is worth _____.A. to read it b. reading it C. reading D. to read

( )97. Not only his parents but also his sister ________ the museum.

A. are going to B. is going to c. are going D. is going

( )98. Our English teacher has __________ son.

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A. a 8-year-old B. an 8-years-old C. a 8-years-old D. an 8-year-old

( )99. Please _______ when the train leaves.

A. look b. find out C. find D. look for

( )100.She read the letter loudly ________ all the families could hear.

A. because B. since C. when D. so that

中考总复习:单项选择训练之C语法 中考总复习 单项选择训练之C语法

1. We _____ here today.

A. are all B. all are c. is all d. all is

2. The map _____ China is ______ the wall ________ our classroom.

A. in, of, on B. of, on, in C. of, on, of D. of, of, on

3. What's eleven and twenty? It is _______.

A. thirty-one B. thirty one B. thirty-two d. thirty two

4. What colour is an orange? It is ______.

A. red B. orange C. white D. black

5. ______ do you like China? I think it is very beautiful.

A. How B. What C. Where D. Which

6. Is there any chicken on the plate? Yes, there is ______

A. many B. any C. one D. some

7. Please buy some food from the shop _________.

A. on your way to home B. to your way home

C. on your way home D. at your way to home

8. There ______ milk in the glass.

A. aren't many B. aren't much C. isn't many D. isn't much

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9. Why _______ play with those boys?

A. not B. no C. don't D. /

10. Do you usually go to school _____ foot?

A. on B. in C. at D. by

11. Mr Green ______ supper now. He often _______ supper at half past six.

A. is having, have B. is having, has

C. has, has D. have, have

12. Zhang Ming is good ______ Chinese. He often helps ______ it.

A. is, me with B. at, I with C. at, me with D. on, I in

13. May she _______ with you?

A. come B. comes C. coming D. comes

14. My father had a busy day _______.

A. the day before yesterday B. tomorrow

C. next Saturday D. every day

15. Please show ______ new picture book.

A. he your B. his you C. him your D. him you

16. ______ will you stay there?

A. How long B. What time C. How often D. When

17. The Greens ________ working in the garden now.

A. am B. is C. are D. were

18. Does he often _______ his mother ______ the room?

A. help, cleans B. help, clean C. helps, cleaning D. helps, clean

19. Must we finish our homework now?

No, you ______. You _______ finish it after school.

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A. needn't , may B. mustn't, may

C. can't can D. needn't, must

20. Would you like _______ to eat ?

A. anything different B. different anything

C. something different D. different something

21. He can swim. _______ .

A. So I can B. So can I C. I so can D. Can I so

22. Will there be a strong wind ____ the north ______ the Huanghe River ?

A. to... of B. to... off C. at... of D. on, off

23. Did it snow _______ last night ?

A. heavy B. heavily C Quick D. fast

24. _______ cold it is today!

A. How B. How a C. What D. What a

25. Is this book different ______ that one ?

A. about B. at C. to D. from

26. It's time for our lesson. Stop _______.

A. playing B. to play C. plays D. played

27. Help yourself _______ some fish.

A. at B. too C. to D. on

28. Here are some pictures ________ .

A. of him B. of he C. about him D. about his

29. The book _______ on the desk.

A. no is longer B. no longer is C. is no longer D. no longer

30. Then we _______ around but _______ nothing.

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A. looked, looked B. saw, looked C. saw, saw D. looked, saw

31. Zhang Lan is ill. Let me go to the meeting instead _______.

A. of she B. of her C. off she D. off he

32. Which is the way _________ the nearest hospital ?

A. in B. too C. to D. at

33. Nice ______ to you ?

A. talk B. talking C. to talk D. talks

34. My parents ______ want to go to the Monkey Island.

A. all B. both C. every D. other

35. –Do you like football? --No, I have _______ interest in it.

A. a little B. a few C. little D. few

36. Lucy runs much faster than ______ in her class.

A. any other girl B. any girl C. all girls D. every girl

37. What has he ______ the meat ? He has just cooked it.

A. take care of B. catch up with C. done with D. paid for

38. Lily thinks foreign languages are as ______ as science subjects.

A. important B. most important

C. more important D. importantest

39. Would you please ______ it again like that?

A. not read B. not to read D. reads D. reading

40. I'll phone you as soon as I _______.

A. get to home B. got to home C. get home D. got home

41. You must keep your eyes ________.

A. closed B. close C. be closed D. to closed

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42. A farmer arrived _______ a women's house.

A. in B. at C. to D. for

43. Kate says that she _______ a message on the desk.

A. will leave B. leave C. will give D . give

44. He has two kites, one is big, ______ is small.

A. the other B. another C. other D. others

45. Computers are the second most useful ____ of the world.

A. inventions B. inventors C. invention D. inventor

46. On my way home I saw a dog _______ on the ground.

A. lying B. lies C. lied D. to lie

47. There is little water in the glass, _______ ?

A. isn't there B. is it C. is there D. wasn't there.

48. Two months _____ quite long for me . I can't wait.

A. is B. are C. were D. is going to be

49. I don't know ______ .

A. where does Jim live B. where did Jim live

C. where Jim lives D. where is Jim live

50. The boy was very interested _______ English.

A. at B. in C. to D. on

51. --Excuse me, where's the post office ?

--Sorry, I don't know.

--______ .

A. It doesn’t matter B. All right

C. Thank you all the same D. Don't worry

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52. Please give me a cup of coffee.

A. Thank you B. Give you C. Here are you D. Here you are

53. Mary doesn't like pork for dinner. I don't like it, ______.

A. neither B. too C. also D. either

54. Lucy and Lily are twins . But they have ______ differences.

A. a few small B. small few C. a little small D. small a few

55. Though he lives in the countryside, he never feels _______.

A. afraid of B. lonely C. sad D. sadly

56. Japan and Germany are ________ countries.

A. developed B. developing C. develop D. to develop

57. I ______ my classmates while they often fight.

A. got on well with B. gets on with

C. get on well D. get on well with

58. Mother asked ________.

A. were there any cheaper shoes B. there are some cheaper shoes

C. if there were any cheaper shoes D. if there are any cheaper shoes

59. Where _____ cotton ______?

A. are, produced B. are, grown C. is, grown D. are made in

60. This skirt is very nice. Try ______, _______ you?

A. it on, will B. on it, shall

C. on it, will D. it on, do

61. The heavy rain stopped the children ______ to the park.

A. to go B. gone C. from going D. go

62. So for, we _______ about one thousand English words.

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A. learned B. have learned C. learn D. are learning

63. This TV play is very interesting . Why _____ down and watch it ?

A. not sit B. don't C. not sitting C. not sit

64. There ________ great changes in computers in the last few years.

A. have had B. have C. have been D. has been

65. I'm______ happy today.

A. quite B. quiet C. much D. quick

66. How long may I _______ the book ?

A. borrow B. want C. take C. keep

67. _____ the population of China ?

A. What is B. What are C. How many is D. How much is

68. Jim is _______ student and everyone _______ him

A. a nice quite, like B. quite a nice, like

C. quite nice a, likes D. quite a nice, likes

69. We have sold _____ the trousers _____ your size.

A. out, in B. off, with C. away, of D. on, in

70. The students are busy ______ for the exam.

A. to get everything ready B. getting everything ready

C. being ready D. to be ready

71. You'd better ______ to school, _____ you.

A. not go, shall B. not to go, will C. not going, had D. not go, had

72. He left in such a hurry _______ he forgot ______ the door.

A. so, locking B. that, to lock C. as, open D. that, to open

73. Neither English nor Japanese ______ in those schools.

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A. teaches B. teach C. is taught D. are taught

74. Li Ping has found ______ not easy to learn English well.

A. this B. that C. it D. them

75. ________ of last month we had seen five English films.

A. By the End B. At the end of D. In the end D. To the end

76. They both have _____ work to do, so they are _____ busy.

A. much too, too much B. too much, much too

C. so many, too D. to, much

77. The buildings of New York are _______ than ______.

A. much higher, those of Taiyuan B. More higher, that of Taiyuan

C. much more, Taiyuan D. many more, Taiyuan

78. How many elephants did you see in the zoo last Sunday ?_____

A. No one B. Nothing C. Neither D. None

79. The suit ______ so much ______ he didn't buy it.

A. cost, for B. costs, that C. cost, that D. cost, that

80. I don’t think you are right, ______ ?

A. do I B. are you C. don't I D. aren't you

81. What colour are your _______ .

A. dress B. skirt C. clothes D. shirt

82. This bike isn't _______. It’s ________.

A. her, his B. his, her C. hers, his D. her, he

83. I got up ______ six ______ the morning _____ July 12th.

A. at, in, on B. in, on, at C. at, in, of. D. at, on, of

84. Do you want _______ ?

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A. go B. going C. a go D. to going

85. Do you watch TV _______ Saturday evening ?

A. on B. in C. at D. for

86. I bought a new shirt for Marble, ______ she didn't like it.

A. because B. and C. so D. but

87. Thank you very much.


A. You're all right B. You're welcome

C. You're very well D. No, thanks

88. _______ a fine day it was yesterday!

A. What a B. What C. How a D. How

89. Our teacher told him _______ in the street.

A. not play B. not to play C. don't play D. no play

90. Is there ______ good in today's newspaper ? No, there is ______.

A. something, anything B. anything, anything

C. nothing, nothing D. anything, nothing

91. They won't leave ______ you come back.

A. until B. and C. about D. to

92. Mrs. Clarke has a son _______ Bruno.

A. called B. calling C. calls D. to call

93. When I saw my friend on the road, I stopped ______ to him.

A. talk B. talking C. to talk D. talked

94. ______ I go home now, Mr Wu ? No, you _____ finish the work first

A. May, must B. Must, may C. Must, may D. Must, must

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95. _______ there any meat and apples in the basket ?

A. Am B. Were C. Are D. Is

96. What's _____ with you ?

A. matter B. wrong C. thing D. the wrong

97. He came back ______ a cold winter day.

A. over B. on C. in D. at

98. Please _____ your coat. It's very cold outside.

A. dress B. be in C. put on D. wear

99. Mr Liu met two________ in Paris.

A. German B. Russian C. Chinese D. Canadian

100. An apple ______ into the water.

A. fell B. was fallen C. falls D. is fallen

101. I thought the news ______ important.

A. is B. was C. are D. were

102. Do you know _______ inventor ? Yes, he's _______ friend of mine

A. the, a B. an, a C. an, the D. the, the

103. Several people came and there were two boys _______ them.

A. between B . among C. for D. except

104. Don't let the children _______ in the reading room.

A. shout B. to shout C. shouting D. shouted

105. This kind of jacket _______ everywhere.

A. see B. are seen C. can see D. can be seen

106. Tom said to the guests, "Help ________ to some meat."

A. youself B. youselves C. yourself D. yourselves

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107. _______ will be the population of the world in the year 2000?

A. What B. How much C. How many D. How soon

108. Mary isn't in. She ______ to school.

A. went B. has gone C. has been D. go

109. Could you tell me _______ ?

A. where does she live B. where she lives

C. she lives where D. where is she living

110. My brother joined the League _________ March 24, 1990. He _____a League member for six years.

A. on, has become B. on, has been C. in, has been D. in, has become 111. We suddenly heard somebody _______ for help in the forest.

A. calls B. called C. calling D. to call

112. My teacher often helps me ______ my English. ______ her help I have caught up _____the class.

A. with, Under, to B. of, With, with

C. in, Under, with D. with, With, with

113. You must always _______ your library book on time.

A. give back B. take away C. bring D. borrow

114. I often ________ my friends.

A. hear from B. hear of C. receive from D. write a letter from

115. It is National Day. There are a lot of people on ______ side of the street.

A. both B. all C. every D. each

116. I'm sure the book is very ________ and children are ______ it.

A. interested, interesting B. interesting, interested in

C. interested in, interesting D. interesting, interested

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117. They were all very tired, but ______ of them would stop to take a rest.

A. some B. any C. many D. none

118. My younger sisters are _______ young ______ go to school.

A. so, that B. too, that C. too, to D. so, not to

119. I'll tell him about it as soon as he _______ back.

A. come B. comes C. will come D. is coming

120. --I hear that you're going back to Australia. I hope you'll return one day. --_______. I hope to return when I'm older.

A. I do so B. so I C. I so do D. So do I

121. The radio says there will be a ______ rain tomorrow.

A. big B. large C. heavy D. heavily

122. Don't read _______ the sun. It's bad ______ your eyes.

A. under, for B. in, to C. in, for D. under, to'

123. I have _______ all day looking for you.

A. cost B. take C. paid D. spent

124. ______ Tom's mother lets him look after the baby.

A. At times B. Some time C. At the same time D. all the times

125. They stopped _______, but there was no sound.

A. listen B. listening C. to listen D. to hear

126. Now you get _______ , go out and try your luck.

A. dressing B. dressed C. dress C. dresses

127. Please don't touch that fish. It smells ______.

A. bad B. badly C. good D. well

128. ________ it is getting dark, ______ the farmers are still working in the field.

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A. Though, but B. But, though C. Though, / D. But, /

129. My friend, Tom, kept me _______ for an hour yesterday.

A. wait B. waited C. waiting c. wait

130. We can see ______ hundreds of birds flying in _____ sky.

A. a, a, B. / , a C. / , the D. the, the

131. Miss Hunt bought some ______in the market.

A. pear B. tomato C. egg D. fish

132. There is a small village ______ the two rivers.

A. during C. among C. between D. in

133. ________ will your sister be back ? In about two hours.

A. How b. How often C. How long D. How soon

134. Granny told the girl the moon ______ in the west.

A. goes down B. went down C. is going down D. was going down 135. Your hands ______ before meals. They are too dirty.

A. must wash B. can wash

C. must be washed D. can be washed

136. The students ______ trees if it ______ raining tomorrow.

A. will plant, will stop B. will plant, stops

C. plant, will stop D. plant, stops

137. They asked me _______ finish my homework.

A. when I could B. I when would C. When I can D. When could I 138. When I came into the room, I saw him _______ his homework.

A. did B. does C. doing D. to do

139. He said that he would go to London ________.

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A. the next month B. last month C. the month before D. next month

140. It happened ________ a winter night.

A. at B. on C. in D. for

141. He's worked here _______ 4 o'clock this afternoon.

A. for B. at C. since D. about

142. He asked me , but I didn't know _________.

A. how to tell B. what to speak

C. to say what D. what to say

143. She doesn't like to _______ a black dress.

A. wear B. put on C. dress D. put in

144. I have _______ much work to do _______ I have no time to go out with you.

A. such, that B. so, that C. so, as D. such, as

145. "You're a very good student." "__________"

A. No, not at all B. Yes, I am

C. Just so and so D. I'm glad to hear that

146. There are three students in the reading room. One is a boy, ______ two are girls.

A. the others B. the other C. other D. another

147. Let's go out for a walk, _________ ?

A. won't you B. don't we C. why not D. shall we

148. The dogs were made ________ as fast as they could.

A. run B. ran C. running D. to run

149. The policeman stopped ________, but he _______ no sound.

A. hearing, heard B. listening, listened

C. to listen, heard D. listening to, listened to

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150. The apples in the basket are better than ______ on the table.

A. that B. then C. those D. ones

Keys: A:




91-100: CAACA ABCDC 101-110: ACBBC CADDC 111-120: BBBAD DADCD

keys: B:





单项选择训练之C语法答案解析 中考总复习 单项选择训练之C语法答案解析

1. A。 all, both等副词常用在连系动词后或行为动词前。

2. C. “of”常用来表示“所有”关系,如:the door of the classroom, the people of China.

3. A. 注意格式。

4. B. orange, 桔子;桔色的。

5. A. “How do you like??”,“你认为??怎么样?”

6. D. some可用来修饰可数名词或不可数名词,常用在肯定句中。

7. C. “on one’s way to?”,“在去??的路上”;“home”为副词,前面不用 “to”.

8. D. “much”,“许多”,修饰不可数名词。

9. A. “why not +动词原形”/ “Why don’t you ?”, “为什么不??”。

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10. A.

11. B. 区分不同时态的含义。

12. C. help?with?, be good at均为固定搭配。

13. A. 情态动词后用动词原形。

14. A. 注意时态与时间状语的搭配。

15. C. “请把你的画册拿给他看”。人称代词做宾语用宾格形式。

16. A.

17. C. “the greens”,“格林一家”或“格林夫妇”。

18. B. “help sb. (to) do sth.”, “help sb. with sth.”,“帮某人做某事”。

19. A. needn’t, “不必”,mustn’t, “一定不能??”。

20. C. (1)不定代词的修饰语用于不定代词后。(2)在表示请求等语气委婉的疑问句中,可用some, something等。

21. B. “他会游泳,我也会。”注意两句时态一样。

22. A.

23. B. 用副词修饰动词。

24. A. How引导感叹句,后用形容词或副词;what引导感叹句,后用名词。

25. D.

26. A. stop doing sth,“停止做某事”;stop to do sth, “停下来,做某事”。

27. C. “随便吃点鱼”

28. A.

29. C. 注意no longer的位置。

30. D. look, “看”;see,“看到”。

31. B. instead of, “代替??”。

32. C.“the way to”, “去??的路”。

33. B. 习惯用语。

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34. B. all,“都(三个或更多)”;both, “都(两个)”。

35. C. a little, “一点”,little, “几乎没有”,都修饰不可数名词。Few,“几乎没有”,a few,“几个”,都修饰可数名词。

36. A. any在此句中为“任何一个”,故后用单数名词。

37. C. do with,“处理,处置”。

38. A.

39. A. “Would you please??”句中用动词原型,因有助动词would。Not放于动词前。

40. C. as soon as引导时间主语从句。在时间主语从句和条件主语从句中,用一般现在时态表示将要发生的动作,即不能使用将来时态。

41. A. closed为形容词,“闭着,合着”。Keep doing, 持续做??。Keep + 形容词,“保持??状态”。

42. B. arrive at,“到达(较小的地方)”;arrive in,“到达(较大的地方)”。此外,还可用get to, reach表示“到达”。

43. A. give a message to sb,“给某人捎信”;leave a message for sb,“给某人留下口信”。

44. A. 两各种的另一个或两部分中的另一部分,用the other表示,如:On the other side of the road, there are many trees. Other后如有复数名词,可简写为others.

45. C. invention,“发明”;inventor,“发明者”。

46. A.

47. C. little表否定含义。

48. A. 时间段和距离做主语,做单数对待。如:Five miles is a long distance for the old man.

49. C. 宾语从句应注意的三个问题:1)从句的时态与主句的时态之间不能有逻辑上的矛盾。2)从句用陈述句语序。3)注意使用正确的引导词。

50. B.

51. C.

52. C.

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53. D. too, also,“也”,用于肯定句,either,“也”,用于否定句。

54. A.

55. B. feel lonely,“感到孤独”。Lonely为形容词。

56. A. 一些动词的分词形式常可用作形容词,如:interesting, interested, surprising, surprised等。

57. A. 此句中的while表示对比,“而”。

58. C. 参见49题。

59. C. grow,“种植”;produce,“生产(农产品,工业品)”;make,“制造”。

60. A. 祈使句中的反意疑问句中附加问句形式很多,常见的为 “will you”,可用于肯定句和否定句中。

61. C. stop?from?,阻止??。

62. B. so far,“到目前为止”,常用于完成时态。

63. A.

64. C. great changes为复数。In the last few years与完成时连用。

65. A.

66. C. borrow为非延续性动词,不能与how long连用。

67. A. “中国的人口是多少?”相当于:How many people are there in China.

68. D. quite a nice student = a very nice student

69. A. sell out,“卖完”

70. B. be busy doing?,忙于??。

71. D. you’d=you had

72. B. such?that?,“如此??以至于??”,such后用名词。So?that?,“如此??以至于??”,so 后用形容词或副词。

forget to lock the door,“忘了锁门”(没锁);forget locking the door,“锁了门而忘了”(锁了)。

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73. C. neither?nor?连接两个主语时,根据nor后的主语确定动词形式。用法类似的短语还有:either?or?, not only?but also?, not?but?, there be句型。

74. C. it为形式宾语,代指不定式to learn English well. It 还可以做形式主语,如: It is not easy to learn English well.

75. A. in the end,“最后,at last”,at the end of?,“在??末尾,在??结束时”,by the end of,“到??结束时,到??末尾”,多用于完成时。

76. B. too much + 名词,“太多,过多”;much too + 形容词/副词,“太,非常”。

77. A. much可用来修饰比较级。Much bigger,“比??大的多”。

78. D. None, “一个/一点都没有”,可代指人或物。No one,“没有人”。

79. C. cost为过去式。

80. B.此句应从逻辑关系上判断。试比较:

1)I think he is right, aren’t you?

2) You think he is right, don’t you?

81. C. 只有clothes为复数名词,可与are搭配。

82. C. 此题中应用两个名词性物主代词。

83. D. at,“在某个时刻”,如:at 7:00, at the moment;in,“在一段时间内”,如:in the morning, in the year;on,“在某一天或某一天的早晨/下午/晚上”,如:on that day, on the morning of July 1st.

84. D. 此句含义为:Do you want to have a try? “你想试试吗?”

85. A. 参见83题。

86. D.

87. B.

88. A. a fine day为名词短语,前用what。

89. B. tell sb. not to do sth., “告诉某人不要做某事”,not在to前。

90. D.

91. A. until引导时间状语从句,不用将来时。

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92. A. called Bruno为过去分词结构,坐定语修饰son,“一个(被)叫做Brono的儿子。

93. C.

94. 参见26题。

95. D. 参见73题。

96. B.

97. B.

98. C. put on,“穿上(衣服)”,dress sb.,“给??穿衣服”;wear,“穿着(衣服)”

99. C. 注意下列复数形式:Americans, Germans, Australians, Canadians, Chinese, Japanese.

100. A. fall, “落”,用主动语态。

101. B. News,不可数名词。

102. A.

103. B. among them, “他们之中”。

104. A. let, make在用于主动语态时,后跟动词原形,意为“使??做??”。 105. D.

106. D. 注意用复数形式。

107. A.

108. B. have gone to?,“已经去了??”;have been to?,“去过??”。 109. B.

110. B. become为非延续性动词,不能与表示一段时间的短语for six years连用。 111. C. hear/see sb. do sth,“听到/看到某人做某事”; “hear/see sb. doing sth, “听到/看到某人正在做某事”。

112. B. 此题考察三个短语:help sb. with sth.(帮助某人做某事), with one’s help(在??的帮助下), catch up with sb.(追上某人)。

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113. A. give back, “归还”,相当于“return”。

114. A. hear from sb. = receive a letter from sb.“收到某人来信”。 115. D. 如特指两个中的每一个,则用“each”。

116. B. interest, excite, surprise, develop等词的现在分词,过去分词常作形容词使用。

117. D.

118. C. 在so?that?结构中,that后跟从句。

119. B.

120. D. “我也希望这样”。

121. C.

122. C. read in the sun,“在阳光下看书”。

123. C. pay?for?,“花时间/钱做??”。请看下列单词的用法:

1) It cost me too much to buy the bike.

2) I spent too much (in) buying the bike.

3) I paid too much for the bike.

4) It took me a long time to choose the bike.

124. A. at times,“时常”。

125. C.“他们停下来,听了听,但没有声音。

126. B. get dressed,“穿好衣服”。

127. A.

128. C. 如果选A项,则此句无主句。

129. C. keep doing sth.,持续作??。

130. C. hundred, thousand, million, billion, dozen, score等词前面如果有具体的数字,这些此都不加“s”,后面不用off;如果前面没有具体的数字,则这些此后加“s”,后面加of。如:two hundred people, many thousands of people。

131. D.

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132. C.

133. D. how soon,“多久之后”。

134. A. 表示客观现实的句子用一般现在时。

135. C. 含有情态动词的被动语态结构为:can/may/must/should be done。 136. B.

137. A. 应注意宾语从句的语序与时态。

138. C.

139. A.

140. B.

141. C. since 4 o’clock this morning,“从下午四点到现在”。

142. D. 注意下列四个词的用法:

1) say后直接引用或间接引用说的内容,如:He said, “come here.”

2) speak后用某种语言,或用于结构speak to sb中,如:speak English.

3) talk, “谈论”,常用短语:talk about, talk to.

4) tell,“告诉”。

143. A.

144. B. so much,“如此多??”。

145. D. 在英语中受到别人的赞扬,应表示感谢 (thank you)或高兴 ( I’m glad)。 146. B. 两个中的另一个,或两部分中的另一部分,用the other表示。

147. D.

148. D. make用于被动语态中,后用不定式,即:be made to do sth.

149. C. stop to listen,“停下来听了听”;hear,“听到”。

150. C. 在than后常用代词that, those。That代指单数名词,those代指复数名词。

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