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I have broken my arm复习资料

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1. break down 机器) 坏了出故障 break out 战争灾难等爆发 break into 闯入破门而入 break away from …脱离

2. What’s the matter/trouble with sb? =What’s wrong with sb?

什么人怎么了或出了什么问题? 3. fall off 从摔下来 fall down 摔倒 fall over 摔翻,摔倒 fall asleep 入睡

fall behind others 落后于别人 4. hava an allergy 过敏

have an accident 发生事故

have some kind of accident 发生某种事故 have a nosebleed 流鼻血

5. have trouble (in)doing sth 干某事有困难 have fun (in) doing sth 干某事很快乐 have problems with eyesight,skin,weight and breathing


6. a 2,000-kilo rock 一块2,000重的岩石 7. all the time 一直

8. ① happen to sb 某事发生在某人身上

Something must happened to him yesterday. ②happen to do sth 碰巧干某事

I happened to meet him last Sunday. 9. do a survey on 做一个有关的调查 10. find out 找出,查明 look for 寻找

11. hurt oneself 伤着自己 12. break time 课间

13. a number of 大量的,许多的

a small number of 少数的,一小部分 a large number of 大量的 14. be proud of 为感到骄傲 take pride in 以…自豪 15. keep up 保持

keep doing 一直做某事 keep…adj 使……怎样 keep heaithy

keep the room clean

keep the door closed 把门关着 16. plan to do sth 计划干某事

plan on doing 17. at least 至少

18. get hit in the head头部受到撞击 19. clean up 打扫,清除 20. a pair of 一条一双一副 21. be in a dangerous position 在一个危险的位置

22. with a deep interest in 对很感兴趣 23. be ready to do sth 准备干某事 24. save one’s life 拯救某人的生命 25. cut off 切割,切掉

26. in the mountains 在山上 27. lie—lay—lain –lying 躺

lie—lied—lied –lying 说谎,撒谎

lay—laid—laid—laying 放/搁/,产卵/下蛋28. run out of …用完,用光 run out (无被动语态) use up

29. learn to do sth 学会干某事 30. take risks 冒险

31. dig out of 把…从..里面挖出来 32. the importance of 的重要性

33. make decisions=make a decision 作决定 34. be in control of …对…的控制力

be in control of one’s life 对生命的控制 be out of control 失去控制

be under control 在…的控制之下 35. learn sth from 从…学到 36. think about 思考,考虑

37.take one’s temperature 量体温 38. take … to …把…带到…

Take him to the hospital 把他送去医院 He was taken to the hospital immediately 他被马上送到医院。

39.call for ambulance 叫救护车

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