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通读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后在各小题所给的四个选项中,选出一个最佳答案,并将字母编号填写在题前括号内。若用答题卡答题,则将答题卡上对应题目所选的选项涂黑。 It is very important to get lots of exercises. I like exercises and especially enjoy (46)___very much. Last summer, I went to the beach every day. I plan to go there this summer, too, but 1 am not (47) to. I have a new job. Sometimes I have to work (48) late at night. I now work more hours than I (49) before. However, I can receive a better pay. To tell the truth, I like the new job, but it has really taken up so much of my spare time. I (50) doing more exercises to earning more money. Riding a bike is a good exercise. Maybe I will save enough (51) to buy a new bike. My neighbor, Mrs Wilson, has a bike that she can (52) it to me, but I would rather use my own bike. If I use (53) __ , I would worry about damaging (毁坏) it. It is really a good idea to get a new bike. I think while I am riding (54) __ work, I will be getting exercises (55) . It is easier to get to the beach by bike, too. I might be able to go swimming after all. The new job is great! I am very excited. This will be a summer, full of happiness. ( ) 46. A. running B. boating C. swimming D. climbing

( ) 47. A. able B. glad C. pleased D. unable

( ) 48. A. until B. after C. to D. in

( ) 49. A. decided to B. planned to C. thought D. did

( ) 50. A. hope B. like C. prefer D. wish

( ) 51. A. time B. things C. money D. experience

( ) 52. A. lend B. borrow C. buy D. book

( ) 53. A. mine B. hers C. a new'one D. the other

( ) 54. A. to B. from C. back D. to and from

( ) 55. A. once more B. at the same time C. now and then D. all the time





( ) 56. From the above, we know that this is______.

A. a notice B. an advertisement C. a postcard D. a sign

( ) 57. If you take a tour to Hainan on June 23rd, you will return on_______.

A. June 26th B. June 25th C. July 26th D. July 25th

( ) 58. You can visit________ain places if you take the tour. A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 7

( ) 59. The price for the tour doesn't include________.

A. bus service B. hotels C. plane tickets D. meals

( )60. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. You don't have to pay 650 yuan if you book the tour earlier.

B. You can book the tour at 5 o'clock on Monday afternoon. C. You can book the tour at 5 o'clock on Saturday afternoon.

D. You have to go to the office to book the tour.






Dear Karl,

I'm now sitting in the chair in the garden of a house near a small village. I'm

(71)______afternoon tea with my family here.

I arrived here three days (72) __ with my dad, my morn and some friends. We will be on holiday together here (73) __ two weeks. It is a quiet and nice place. The hills are very near

(74) __ house. It is cool here, and the air is (75) The trees around the house are green, and the flowers smell nice. (76) _ _ are many things we can do here. Yesterday, we walked around the village to say hello (77) _ _ the villagers, and took lots of (78) with them. These pictures will help us remember everything here. Tomorrow we are going to (79) __ the hills. From the top of the hills, the village may look more beautiful. It's a pity you didn't come with 3


Love Peter




Information Card


86.请你参照阅读材料中的相关信息,以Jack Read的名义写一张便条告诉你的朋友Joe票买好了,并约他在戏院门口等你,提醒他不要迟到。


Sat.29 Jun,2007

Dear Joe,


Jack Read


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