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一、情景反应。根据你所听到的问句选择正确的答语。(5分) ( ) 1. A. Thank you.

B. Excuse me.

C. You’re welcome.

( ) 2. A. I bought nothing. B. Yes, I did. ( ) 3. A. No, I don’t. them.

C. I went to France.

C. I don’t mind

B. Every day.

( ) 4. A. Yes. I went with my sister. B. It was exciting.

C. Everything was interesting.

( ) 5. A. Yes, he is. smarter.

二、对话理解。根据你所听到的对话及问题,选择正确的答案。(10分) ( ) 6. A. Go swimming. B. Go shopping. ( ) 7. A. 9

B. 8 B. Once a year.

C. Stay at home.

B. Yes, he does.

C. He is

C. 7

C. Twice a year. C. Helen. C. Her parents.

( ) 8. A. Once a month. ( ) 9. A. Sally.

B. Susan.

( ) 10. A. Her father. B. Her mother.

听下面一段对话回答第11-12小题。 ( ) 11.A. Warm.

B. Cold.

C. Hot.

C. His brothers.

( ) 12. A. His friends. B. His parents.

听下面一段对话回答第13-15小题。 ( ) 13. A. A teacher. ( ) 14. A. Every day.

B. A student. B. Twice a day.

C. A doctor.

C. Twice a week.

( ) 15. A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn’t. C. We don’t know.

三、短文理解。根据你所听到的短文内容,选择正确的答案。(5分) ( ) 16. A. 7:00 pm.

B. 8:00 pm.

C. 6:00 pm.

( ) 17. A. Cleaning the table. B. Washing the dishes. C. Watching TV. ( ) 18. A. In the kitchen. B. In her bedroom. C. In the living room.

( ) 19. A. Doing homework. B. Watching TV. ( ) 20. A. Yes, they are.

C. Sleeping.




B. No, they aren’t.





( ) 21. It’s raining really hard. But we didn’t take _______ umbrella.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( ) 22. What good weather! We decided _______ out.

A. to go B. go C. going D. went

( ) 23. —Is there _______ in today’s newspaper?

—No, there isn’t.

A. anything special

B. special anything D. nothing special C. everything special

( ) 24. — _______ do you use the Internet?

— Twice a week.

A. How many B. How far C. How long D. How often

( ) 25. She is very quiet and shy, so she has _______ friends.

A. a few B. few C. a little D. little

( ) 26. Tom _______ watch TV after supper ________ last night.

A. wasn’t; on


( ) 27. —What does he do in the evening?

—He usually _________.

B. exercises B. didn’t; on C. doesn’t; in D. didn’t; A. read books C. help with housework D. go to the movies

( ) 28. We got lots of _________ on the Internet and newspapers.

A. advices B. newses C. information D. idea

( ) 29. Please ________ who broke the window.

A. find out B. laugh at C. care for D. make up

( ) 30. Sandy is so careful that she _______ make mistakes in her homework.

A. usually B. sometimes C. often D. hardly ever

( ) 31. He needs a _______ vacation after a busy month. A. relax B. to relax C. relaxed D. relaxing

( ) 32. My parents __________ like sports.


A. both B. all C. neither D. none

( ) 33. Don’t worry. He is _________ do this work.

A. too strong to

C. enough strong to B. strong enough to D. so strong to

( ) 34. —Where ______ she _______ on vacation?

—She visited her uncle.

B. does; go C. did; went D. does; A. did; go


( ) 35. Junk food is really _______, but you can’t eat too much.

A. boring


( ) 36. My mother wants me ________ every morning.

A. to exercise exercising

( ) 37. This pen is ________ expensive than that one.

A. much B. the most C. very more D. more B. exercise C. exercises D. B. terrible C. delicious D.

( ) 38. Beijing is one of _________ cities in the world.

A. big B. bigger C. biggest D. the biggest

( ) 39. _______ is quite exciting for me _______ to the beach.

A. It; go B. It; to go C. This; to go D. That; go ( ) 40. My mother told me not to spend much time ________ computer games.

A. playing


Now in China, some children are very lucky(幸运的). They can 41 their vacation in many different ways. 42 the vacation, parents often take them to many 43 places, like parks, zoos and museums. Some of them even have the chance (机会) to travel in other 44 , such as France, the US, the UK and Australia. They will meet different people and make friends there. 45 vacations are colorful and interesting. 46 some other children are not so lucky. They have 47 money to travel. They even have no time to 48 or play with their friends, because B. play C. to play D. played


they have to help their parents 49 lots of housework. Some families are too poor(贫穷的), so the children 50 go to school and begin to make money.

( ) 41. A. take ( ) 42.A. During when

( ) 43. A. sad B. interesting ( ) 44. A. cities B. countries schools

( ) 45. A. His B. Their ( ) 46. A. Because ( ) 47. A. no ( ) 48. A. eat ( ) 49. A. do ( ) 50. A. can mustn’t



A poor man goes to visit a rich man. When he walks along the road, he sees some apples by the road. He says to himself, “I do not want to eat those apples, because the rich man will give me delicious food to eat.” So he picks up the apples and throws them in a ditch(水沟) beside the road.

He goes on and then he comes to a river. The river is very big, so he can’t get over. He waits for a long time. Finally he says to himself, “I can’t go to the rich man’s house today. It is too dangerous for me to get over this river.

He begins to go back home. He has nothing to eat that day, so he feels very hungry. Just them he reaches the place where he throws the apples. He goes into the ditch to find the apples and eats them.

So don’t throw away some things easily. Maybe they may be helpful one day.

B. But B. many B. work B. does B. must

C. Her

D. Our

C. boring

D. difficult


B. bring

C. reach C. after

D. get


B. before

C. parks

C. And C. much C. visit C. did

D. So D. a lot of

D. buy

D. doing


C. can’t


( ) 51. The underlined word “them” refers to _______.

A. the boxes


( ) 52. Why does the man throw the apples in a ditch?

A. Because he doesn’t like eating apples.

B. Because the apples are terrible.

C. Because he doesn’t feel hungry. B. the apples C. the delicious food D. the

D. Because he thinks the rich man will give him some delicious food.

( ) 53.The poor man doesn’t get to the rich man’s house because _______.

A. he is too tired B. he can’t get over the big river

D. the rich man doesn’t want to meet him C. he can’t find the way

( ) 54. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. The poor man gives the apples to the rich man. B. The rich man gives the poor man some delicious food.

C. The poor man eats the apples at the end of the day.

D. The rich man talks with the poor man happily.

( ) 55. The writer tells us ___________.

A. not to believe the rich man

C. to eat apples every day


John is eight years old, and he is a funny boy. He works hard, so he is good at his subjects. And his teachers and parents like him very much. But he has a very big head.

Last year, he spent ten days at his uncle’s home on the summer vacation. His uncle lives in a mountain village and it’s about four hundred miles away from his city. He took a train to a small town, and there his uncle waited for him and took him to his house by bike. B. not to eat unhealthy food D. not to throw things easily 5

John made some friends there. They played games and swam in the river happily. But one afternoon he cried to his uncle, “All the children laugh at(嘲笑) me. They say I have a big head.”

“Don’t listen to them,” his aunt said, “You have a beautiful head. Now stop crying and go to the store to buy twenty potatoes.”

“Where is the shopping bag?”

“Oh, dear, I don’t have a shopping bag. Use your hat.”

( ) 56. John does well in his subjects because ___________.

A. his teachers like him

C. his parents like him B. he works hard D. he has a big head

( ) 57. How did John’s uncle take him home?

A. By train. B. By car. C. By bus. D. By bike.

( ) 58. The underlined word “cried” means ___________ in Chinese.

A. 哭泣 B. 大笑 C. 交谈 D. 悄悄说

( ) 59. From the last words, we know ___________.

A. John’s aunt has a big head

C. John really has a big head B. John can’t buy potatoes D. John has a beautiful hat

( ) 60. What’s the best title (标题) of this article?

A. A funny vacation.

C. John’s uncle.


I have twin brothers, Tim and Tom. They look the same and a lot of people don’t know which is which. They both have brown hair and blue eyes, and they always wear the same pants and T-shirts.

They like wearing the same things, and they like doing the same things, too. For example, they both like pop music, soccer and computers. They go to watch soccer matches every weekend. They want to play computer games every night, but our mother says they can’t, because they have a lot of homework.

They are twins, but they aren’t the same in some ways. For example, Tim works B. A boy with a big head. D. John and potatoes. 6

hard at school, but Tom doesn’t. Our mother is often away from home because she travels a lot in her job. So I have to help my twin brothers at home.

( ) 61. Tim and Tom both have _______ hair and ______ eyes.

A. brown; black B. white; blue

C. brown; blue D. yellow; brown

( ) 62. Tim and Tom both like _______ and ________.

A. pop music; homework B. computers; pop music

C. soccer; homework D. homework; computers

( ) 63. They go to watch soccer matches every ________.

A. Friday B. Saturday C. Sunday D. weekend

( ) 64. Tim ________, but Tom doesn’t.

A. sings well B. plays computer games well

C. works hard at school D. plays soccer well

( ) 65. ________ often travels and is often away from home.

A. Tim B. Tom C. The writer D. Their mother

七、根据句意填单词,每空一词。 (8分) 66. Did you go ___________ interesting? Yes, I went to Sanya.

67. I didn’t eat anything for two days, so I was __________. 68. Drinking milk is good for our ___________ .

69. ___________ he is ill, he still works hard.

70. My sister won the first prize. She was the _________.

71. I ___________ what life was like here in the past.

72. She loves laughing and talking, and she’s an ___________ girl.

73. The DJs choose songs very ___________.

八、句型转换,每空一词。 (12分)

74. The weather here isn’t the same as that in America.(变同义句)

The weather here is ____________ ___________ that in America.

75. Bob is taller than any other students in his class.(变同义句)


Bob is ____________ ____________ student in his class.

76. My cousin is good at dancing. (变同义句)

My cousin ____________ __________ in dancing.

77. What do you think of talk shows? (变同义句)

____________ do you ___________ talk shows?

78. I am not as funny as my sister. (变同义句)

My sister is ___________ ___________ me.

79. We couldn’t see anything because it rained hard. (变同义句) We couldn’t see anything ___________ __________ the heavy rain.

九、补全对话。 在空白处填入适当的句子,使对话内容完整。 (10分) A: Hi, Linda. Long time no see.

B: Hi, Jack. Yes, I was on vacation last month.

A: 80 ?

B: I went to Qingdao.

A: 81 ?

B: I went there with my family.

A: 82 ?

B: Yes, I bought something special for my friends.

A: 83 ?

B: The food was delicious. I loved their home cooking.

A: 84 ?

B: Oh, yes. Everything was excellent. We all had a good time.

十、书面表达。 (10分)



1. 她有许多好习惯。

2. 早睡早起。

3. 每天吃很多水果和蔬菜, 从不吃垃圾食品。


4. 每周锻炼一、两次。

5. 在学校学习努力,并经常取得好成绩(get good grades)。

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