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Unit One
How often do you exercise?
Section A 1a-2c



Talk about how often you do things

reading exercising

watching TV going shopping

What do you usually do on weekends?

1b Listen and write the activities
you hear on the lines below:

Listen and fill in the blanks: go shopping a always(100%)____________ exercise c usually _________________ go skateboarding e often___________________ watch TV d sometimes______________ watchTV d hardly ever______________ go shopping a never(0%)_______________

1c Pairwork
What does Mary do on Saturday evening? She often watches TV at home。

What does Tom often do on Sunday night?

He often does homework at home。

2a Listen and number the activities.
3 ____ go to the movies 1 ____ watch TV 5 ____ shop
4 ____ exercise 2 ____ read


Match the activities of Cheng
Activities How often every day once a week twice a week three times a week

a. go to the movies b. watch TV c. shop d. exercise

e. read

once a month
twice a month


How often


watch TV
surf the Internet read English books go to the movies

every day
once a week every morning once a month



Every day

A: How often do you watch TV? B: I watch TV every day. A: What’s your favorite program? B: It’s animal world.

A: How often do you watch it?
B: I watch it once a week.

How often do you exercise?
once a day twice a week three times a month four times a year five times a season six times an hour seven times a minute 每天一次 每周两次 每月三次 每年四次 每个季节五次 每个小时六次 每分钟七次

Translate the following sentences into English.
你周末通常做什么事情? What do you usually do on weekends? 我通常和我的朋友打羽毛球。 I usually play badminton with my friends. 他们周末通常做什么? What do they usually do on weekends? 他们常常去书店。

They often go to the bookshop/bookstore.

What does your friend, Jack, do on weekends? 他有时在家看电视。 He sometimes watches TV at home. 你多久去图书馆一次? How often do you go to the library? 我一个月去一次。

I go to the library once a month.


What can you do to improve your English? Add more things to the chart. Then ask your classmates the questions and find the best English student.

How often do every once a twice some never you … day week a day times read Jim
English books? speak English with others? write in English?

watch English TV program

Who’s the best English student?
A: How often do you read English books? B: Once a week Every day read English books Twice a month sing English songs Hardly ever watch English programs Never listen to English tapes Sometimes join the English corner chat with foreigners write English diaries read English stories play English games

2b Listen again and fill in the blanks.
How often does…?

every day eve

ry day every day nine hours every day
2 or 3 times a week

hardly ever
sometimes never nine hours never
3 or 4 times a week

eat vegetables
eat fruit

How many hours…sleep? drink milk eat junk food drink coffee


four times a day

Read part of Katrina’s letter to a pen 3a pal and answer the questions
…but I’m pretty healthy. I exercise every day, usually when I come home from school. My eating habits are pretty good. I try to eat a lot of vegetables. I eat fruit and drink milk every day. I never drink coffee. Of course, I love junk food too, and I eat it two or three times a week. Oh, and I sleep nine hours every night. So you see, I look after my health. And my healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades. Good food and exercise help me to study better.

1. How often does she exercise?
She exercises every day.

2. How often does she drink milk?
She drinks it every day.

3. Does she eat junk food very often?
Yes.She eats junk food two or three times a week.
4. Do you think she has a healthy lifestyle? Why or why not?

I think so.Because she looks after her health very much. 5. Is her lifestyle the same as yours or different? What are the differences?

Her lifestyle is a little different from mine.


Bill’s unhealthy lifestyle hardly …and I think I’m kind of unhealthy. I ______

ever ____ exercise. I eat vegetables twice a week, _________ fruit don’t like but I never eat ____. And I _____ ____ to
milk junk food drink _____. Yuck! I love _____ _____ and eat it ______ or _____ ______ a week. I love three ___ four times coffee to drink ______, too. So maybe I am not very healthy, although I have one healthy habit. sleep nine hours I _____ for _____ _____ every night.

I have some habits, some are good, but some are bad. I like eating vegetables and fruit. I like doing sports, too. It helps me keep healthy. Also I like drinking milk every day. They are all my good habits. They help me a lot in my daily life. However, I also have some bad habits. For example, sometimes I eat junk food. I like meat very much. I sleep eight hours a day. I drink coffee twice a week.


Names How often do you exercise? How often do you eat vegetables?

How often do you eat fruit? How often do you drink milk? How often do you eat junk food? How many hours do you sleep every night?

What is a library for? Most libraries have books and other things to read. Many of them have things to listen to. Some libraries even have computers. Very few people would think of a library as a place to live in. One library in New York City turned into a home for 250 people for a few days. These were all people near the library. They slept on the floor. Why did the people move into the library? The people moved into the library because the city wanted to close it to save money. These 250 New Yorkers loved their library. They didn't want to lose it. So they moved in. They knew that the library couldn't be closed if they were living inside it. At last the ci

ty agreed to keep the library open, and the people all went home.

A( C

) 1. Where did the story happen?_________. A. In New York City. B. In a school in New York City. C. In the streets in New York City. D. In most libraries in New York City. ( ) 2. The library had hundreds of _________. A. workers in it B. policemen in it C. people living in it D. computers in
) 3. The people in the story _________. A. were all the workers in the library B. were all people near the library C. didn't read any books D. wanted to buy some computers ( ) 4. Why did 250 people move into the library? Because________. A. these people wanted to save money B. these people needed places to live in C. the library was very quiet D. they loved the library and they didn't want to lose it ( )5. From the passage we know that _________. A. the library was kept open at last B. the library was closed because no one read in it C. the library became a home of these people D. the city saved a lot of money

B( D


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