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Unit1 单元检测题测试题

命题人:(谷里中学)胡波 时间:2013-12-02

第I卷 选择题(共计70分)


从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出一个最佳答案,并将其标号填入题前括号内。( ) 1. Bill can play _____ violin but he can’t play _____ chess. A. the, 不填 B. the, the C. 不填, the D. a, 不填 ( ) 2. _____ does he want to join our club? A. What B. How C. Why D. Where

( ) 3. Victor sings well. He can _____ in our school music festival. A. is B. are C. be D. am

( ) 4. Our school show is _____ 6:00 pm _____ Sunday. A. at, on B. on, in C. in, at D. on, at ( ) 5. Jennifer’s friends are _____. A. music B. musicians C. teacher D. people ( ) 6. Can Lucy dance very __________? A. good B. well C. nice D. much

( ) 7. The boys often play __________football in ________ afternoon. A. /; an B. the; an C. /; the D. a; the ( ) 8. They often help kids _____ dancing.

A. on B. with C. to D. at ( ) 9. Please call Tom ____0811-65784 A. with B. to C. for D. at

( ) 10.It’s an English class. Please don’t _________ Chinese. A. say B. talk C. tell D. speak ( ) 11.Sam is a _________ swimmer. He can swim very ________. A. well, good B. good, well C. good, good D. good, fine ( ) 12.Jeff’s sister can’t swim _____ dance.

A. and B. but C. and not D. or ( ) 13.Lily ________ like to play chess with me.

A. don’t B. doesn’t C. can’t D. isn’t

( ) 14. Our school wants two good teachers _____ the School Art Festival. A. with B. of C. for D. at ( ) 15. He can ____ Chinese kung fu.

A. do B. make C. have D. play ( ) 16.— ________ does your sister go to work? —She takes the bus to go to work.

A. How B. What C. When D. Where

( ) 17.We don’t have_______ time. But there are_______clothes to wash(洗). A. much; much B. much; many C. many; much D. many; many ( ) 18.It takes me half an hour _______my homework every day. A. do B. does C. doing D. to do ( ) 19. -- Can you speak Russian? -- Yes, but only ____.

A. little B. a little C. few D. a few ( )20. She can’t ____ the difference between the two cars. A. say B. talk C. speak D. tell 二、完形填空(每小题1分,共10分)


Shanghai. He likes . He is in their school rock band. He the guitar on Sundays. He plays it very . You can see lots of in his bedroom. In of guitars. Now their school rock band two good musicians. Can you play the piano, the trumpet violin? Then you can join their band. You can Zhang Zheng at 612-1251. You can also write to him. is zhangzheng2008@126.com. ( )21. A. for B. on C. at D. from ( )22. A. music B. art C. English D. Chinese ( )23. A. buys B. makes C. does D. plays ( )24. A. good B. well C. nice D. fine ( )25. A. computers B. sport shoes C. pictures D. basketballs ( )26. A. it B. them C. her D. him ( )27. A. needs B. joins C. meets D. plays ( )28. A. but B. and C. so D. or ( )29. A. spell B. say C. call D. speak

( )30. A. ID card number B. telephone number C. family name D.e-mail address 三、阅读理解(每小题2分,共40分)

( )31. Mr Black’s son wants to learn Chinese painting, soccer and baseball, he needs _____. A. 360 yuan

B. 560 yuan C. 760 yuan

D. 400 yuan

( )32. Mr. Miller teaches the kids _____. A. Chinese painting B. baseball C. basketball

D. soccer

( )33. Miss Jones is from _____. A. England

B. Japan C. China

D. America ( )34. Sally is seven years old. She can learn _____. A. soccer

B. baseball C. basketball

D. Chinese painting

( )35. Yang Yong’s English name is _____. A. Paul B. Jeff C. Peter

D. Alan


I’m Li Mei and I study in No.2 Middle School. I live in my school ononly go home on weekends. I usually go home by bus . It takes about half an hour.

Some students go home by bike . We often have some activities (活动) in our free time . Peter and Tom often play soccer .Kate and I often go to the school library . Helen often does her homework in the classroom . What does Sally like to do after school ? She likes to play the violin. We have dinner at about six o’clock . Then we go back to our classroom to study (学习). At half past nine , we usually go to bed . Our teachers are all very good . We are happy in our school. ( ) 36. What does the underline word “weekdays” mean ?

A. 周末 B. 周末以外的几天 C. 星期日 D. 周 ( ) 37. How does Li Mei usually go home ?

A. By train B. By bus C. By bike D. By subway ( ) 38. How long does it take Li Mei to get home from her school ?

A. About one hour B. About ten minutes C. About twenty minutes C. About thirty minutes

( ) 39. Whom(谁) does Kate often go with to the school library after school ?

A. Li Mei B. Helen C. Sally D. Peter ( ) 40. What time do they usually go to bed ?

A. At 8:30 pm. B. At 8:30 am. C. At 9:30 pm. D. At 9:30 am. C

Tom and Mike are good friends. They are kind to children. They want to find summer jobs. One day Tom tells Mike that Beidaihe Kids Summer Camp needs help with sports, music and computers. They are both very glad to hear(听说) this.

Tom can play basketball and volleyball, and he can swim, too. Mike can play the violin, the trumpet, the drums and the guitar. Tom and Mike like computers very much. Can they join the Summer Camp?

( )41. Tom and Mike want to ________________. A. help with sports, music and computers B. be good with children C. join the Summer Camp D. get help from the Camp ( )42. What does the Summer Camp need help with? A. Flying kites . B. Sports, music and computers. C. Making cakes. D. Drawing pictures. ( )43. Tom can play ________________________. A. balls B. computer games C. music D. violin ( )44. Mike can play ____________________. A. the drums B. volleyball C. basketball D. football ( )45. What do Tom and Mike both like?

A. Football. B. Computers. C. Swimming. D.Sports. D

Many of the students in my class join the art club. We learn(学习) many things in the club. Jennifer likes playing the guitar very much ,so she learns to play the guitar .

Now she can play three pieces (首) of music. Cindy likes dancing . She learns to dance every afternoon after school . Now she can dance well . Victor likes playing chess . He often plays chess with Mike in the club . He often beats (打败) Mike at chess . Michelle likes drawing pictures. She draws one picture a week . Now she has 16 pictures .Some of the pictures are very good .We can do what we like in the club ,so we all like the club . ( ) 46. What club is it ?

A. A basketball club B. A guitar club C. An art club D. A chess club ( ) 47. How many pieces of (多少首)music can Jennifer play ? A . Two B. Three C. Four D. Five ( ) 48. When does Cindy learn to dance ?

A . In the morning B. In the afternoon C. In the evening D. We don’t know ( ) 49. What does Mike do in the club ?

A. He dances B. He draws pictures C. He sings D. He plays chess ( ) 50. How long is Michelle in the club ?

A. About four months B. About two months

C. About ten weeks D. About seven weeks

第II卷 非选择题(共计50分)

四.词汇(每空1分,共10分) 51. His aunt ________(唱歌) very well. 52. Let’s ________(加入) the music club. 53. Miss Brown tells us ______ (故事) 54. Can he ________(说) Chinese?

55. We can see three ________(钢琴) in the room. 56. What do you do on the _______ (周末)

57. Many _______ (人) are in the shopping center. 58. He ______ (教) us English. 59. Can you _______ (写字)?

60.Ma Huan likes _______(交谈) with her friends.

五. 用所给词的正确形式填空(每小题1分,共8分)。 61.Does she want __________(join) the club? 62.Let’s join the __________(swim) club.

63.Jack __________( not like) the school show. 64.He can’t _____ (play) the piano.

65.Bob likes __________(play) basketball. 66.Can you help me with ________(dance)?

67.Every week he helps me _________(learn) math. 68.What can Li Xin _________(do)?

六. 完成句子 (每空1分,共12分) 69. 你姐姐会游泳还是会跳舞?

Can your sister swim ________ ________? 70. 玛丽想和你成为朋友。

Mary wants _____ ______ ______ with you. 71. 格林先生不会敲鼓。

Mr. Green ________ ________ the drums. 72. 我可以参加艺术节吗?

Can I _______ ______ the Art Festival? 73. 你们跟孩子们相处的好吗?

__________ you ________ ________ kids? 七 句型转换。(每小题2分,共10分)

74. We want to join the chess club. (划线提问)

________ ________ do you want ______ _______? 75. David can play the guitar. (改成一般疑问句) _____ David ______ the guitar?

(就划线部分提问) ______ can Wu Dong _________? 77. I can sing and dance. (改成否定句) I _______ sing ______dance.

78. want, join, art, they, club, to, the (连词组句)

_________________________________________________ . 七.书面表达(共10分)

请你为学校杂志写一份40个词左右的广告,内容要点如下:学校乐队(band)需要四名新成员,分别要求他们能弹钢琴,弹吉它,拉小提琴或敲鼓。你的联系方式,电话联系 87563559 网上报名 butterfly @ xjschool.com.cn。 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


2013年人教新目标七年级英语下册 Unit1 单元检测题测试题答案


一. 1.A 2.C3.C4.A5.B6.B 7.C 8.B9.D 10.D

11.B 12.D 13.B14.C15.A 16.A 17.B18.D19.C20.A 二. 21.D22. A23. D24. B25. C26. A27. A28. D29. C 30. D 三. 31.C 32.A 33.A34.D 35.B 36.B37.B38.C 39.A 40.C 41.A42.B43.A44.A45.B 46.C47.B48.B49.D50.A 四.

51.sings52.join53.stories54.speak55.pianos 56.weekend57.people58.teaches59.write60.talking 五. 61.to join 62.swimming 63.doesn’t like 64.play 65.palying

66.dancing 67.to learn 68.do

六. 69.or dance 70.to make friends71.can’t play 72.be in73.Are good with 七.

74.What club,to join75.Can ,play76.What, do 77.can’t, or 78.They want to join the art club. 八.

Students Wanted for School Band

We need 4 musicians for our school band.Can you play the piano?Can you play the guitar?Can you play the trumpet?Can you play the drums? Come and join us!Please call 87563559. Our e-mail address is butterfly@jschool.com.cn.

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