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Lesson_35Let’s_Go_to_the_Museum_! (3)

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Asking the way How can we go to the ......? Where is the......?

Go straight down this street.
Turn left/ right at the ...... Then go straight and you can see the ...... on your left / right.

traffic lights

Lesson 35
Let’s Go to the Museum !
博物馆 [mju?zi?m]


过道,走廊; 大 厅

There are many halls in the museum.

This is the Art Hall. (艺术厅)

We can see many famous paintings.

This is the War Hall. (战争厅) We can learn about the history of war.

It's boring.

Let's go to Rest Area.

['e?r??] 休息区

We can buy donuts and have a rest.

New words

Listen and Fill

straight turn Go________ down the Rest Area and __________ left at the Gift Shop. Then turn _________ at the right Pass Help Desk. __________ the 3D Hall, you will see your the War Hall on________ left.

(1)Danny thinks the Art Hall is boring. (


(T or F)

(2) What can Jenny see at the Art Hall?
She can see many famous paintings. (3) What can Danny learn about at the War Hall? He can learn about the history of war. (4) After asking the way, where are they going first?

They are going to the Art Hall first.
(5)翻译:Pass the 3D Hall, you will see the War Hall on your left. 经过3D厅,你就可以在你左边看见战争厅了。


? learn about 学习 , 了解, 研究
我们可以学习战争历史。 We can learn about the history of war. 88班可以学习英语。 Class 88 can learn about English.

? the history of……. ……的历史
战争的历史 the history of war 中国的历史 the history of war

? on one’s left/ right 在 ……的左边/ 右边

The Art Hall is on your left.

be 动词 + 介词短语


Danny and Jenny are at the museum. The Art Hall is just over there. The potatoes are next to the carrots.

The desk is beside the bed.

A :Let’s go to the museum together!

B :Great!How can we get there?
A :Let’s take Bus 25. \ Let’s ride bikes. (In the museum ) A :Excuse me. Where is the Art Hall\War Hall\Rest Area? B :Go straight down the......and turn......at......

Then you can see it on your left \ right.

? ( )① The traffic lights are yellow. Let’s ________. A. run B. go C. yellow

? ( )②______! Where is the school? ----There it is.
A. I’m sorry B. Excuse me ? ( )③______? I’m lost. Where is the park?--- Follow me! Here it is. A. Can you help me B. Can I help you C. What’s the matter ? ( )④Where are you ______ first? A. go B. will go C. goes D. going ? ( )⑤Go _____ dow n the Rest Area and turn left at the Gift Shop. ? A. straightly B. straight C. more straight

该怎么走。你问警察, 他告诉你沿着中山大街(Zhongshan Street)走,然后向左拐,电影院在右侧。

Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth. —Picasso



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