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(Units 1-4)

命题人:(谷里中学)胡波 时间:2013-11-01

第I卷 选择题(共计70分)


从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出一个最佳答案,并将其标号填入题前括号内。( )1. Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian are in ________. A.UN B.NBA C.WHO D.HB ( )2.下列哪组字母都是元音字母?

A.Aa,Ee,Ii,Oo,Rr B.Ii,Oo,Rr,Uu,Yy

C.Aa,Ee,Ii,Oo,Uu D.Aa,Ee,Oo,Pp,Uu

( )3.This is ____________ orange and that’s ______pen. A.an,a B.an,am C.a,a D.a,an ( )4.Look at the boy.______ is _______friend.

A.He,my B.He,me, C.He,my D.She,my ( )5.—Please_______your name. --T-O-M,Tom.

A.meet B.spell C.look D.call ( )6.________ color is the watch?

A.How B.What C.What’s D.How is ( )7.--______ your last name Black? --Yes,________.

A.Are,it is B.Are,I am C.Is,it is D.Is,it isn’t

( )8.--Where is Tiangong1(天宫一号)?--________in the space(在太空). A. It be B.He is C.It is D.They are

( )9.This________ my sister and those________ my parents. A.is,are B.is; is C.are;are D.are;is ( )10.—Where are her_________? --________ are on the table.

A.keys;They B.key;It C.keys;It D.key;They ( )11.—Is this your brother? --_______________.

A.No,he isn’t B.Yes, it is C.He is my uncle D.Yes,he is ( )12.--___________? --I’m OK.

A.How old are you B.How do you do

C.How are you D.What are you

( )13.Is that your computer game________ the lost and found case ? A.in B.at C.on D.to

( )14.--________,is this your phone? --Yes,it is.Thank you. A.Good morning B.Excuse me C.Sorry D.OK ( )15.—Where is your father ? —______________.

A.They are in the bed room. B.It is in the room C.I don’t know D.Yes,he is. ( )16. Let’s _______ basketball.

A. to play B. plays C. playing D. play ( )17. Those are _______rooms.

A. Lucy and Lily B. Lucy and Lily’s C. Lucy’s and Lily’s D. Lucy’s and Lily ( )18. Please call ________ 0556-1234567.

A. me on B. me at C. I at D. I on ( )19. This song sounds _______ , I like it.

A. good B. bad C. well D. badly ( )20. –How many _______do you have? –Let me see, my father has two brothers.

A. cousins B. uncles C. sister D. aunts 二、完形填空(每小题1分,共10分)


Tom Smith is English. He He is in No. 6 Middle School(中学). There are (有人) in his family. grandfather is Tony. His grandmother Amy. Mark is his . Mary is his mother. His uncle is . Ann is his aunt. His is Bob. Look! is a photo his family. They very happy(高兴的).

( )1. A. isn't B. is C. are D. am ( )2. A. nine B. seven C. eight D. six ( )3. A. Your B. My C. Her D. His ( )4. A. be B. are C. am D. is ( )5. A. aunt B. mother C. father D. sister ( )6. A. Jane B. Paul C. Gina D. Jenny ( )7. A. cousin B. daughter C. aunt D. sister ( )8. A. Those B. Here C. There D. These ( )9. A. in B. for C. of D. at ( )10.A. excuse B. call C. looks D. look 三、阅读理解(每小题2分,共40分)


This is Cara and Ben. They are twins(双胞胎). They are twelve. This is their bedroom. It’s a nice room. There are two beds in the room. The yellow bed is Cara’s and that green one is Ben’s. The twins have one desk and two chairs. The chairs look the same. Cara’s sweater is on his bed. Ben’s coat is on his chair. Their clock,

books and pencil-cases are on the desk. Their school bags are behind the chairs. ( ) 1. Cara and Ben are ________.

A. brother and sister B. brothers C. sisters D. friends ( ) 2. Cara and Ben have ________.

A. two chairs and one desk B. two desks and one chair C. two chairs and two desks D. one desk and one chair ( ) 3. Cara’s ________ is yellow and Ben’s ________ is green.

A. chair; bed B. bed; bed C. bed; chair D. sweater; sweater ( ) 4. Cara’s sweater is ________.

A. on his bed B. on Ben’s bed C. on the chair D. on the desk ( ) 5. Which is right?

A. Their class is very nice. B. Their two beds look the same.

C. Their school bags are under the chairs. D. They live in the same room.


Hi, I’m Brian. This is the photo of my family. My grandfather is with glasses. He has little hair. The one standing next to him is my uncle. He is wearing a cap. My grandmother has gray hair. She is a kind woman. She is holding my younger brother. He has short curly hair. The woman standing behind me is my mom. She has straight brown hair. There is a little girl sitting on the table. Her name is Cathy. She is my sister. She is wearing a green T-shirt and a pair of green socks. It’s her favorite color. Which one is my father? Well, he is wearing glasses, too. He is in brown shorts and brown shoes. His name is Sam. Now, do you know where he is? ( ) 6. How many people are there in the passage? A. Five. B. Six. C. Seven D. Eight ( ) 7. What is Cathy’s favorite color? A. Green. B. Black. C. Yellow. D. White. ( ) 8. How many children do Brian’s parents have? A. One. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four ( ) 9. Who is wearing glasses?

A. Brian and his father. B. Brian.

C. Brian’s grandpa and uncle. D. Brian’s grandpa and father. ( ) 10. Which is NOT true?

A. Brian has one uncle in the picture.

B. Brian’s younger brother has long curly hair. C. Brian’s grandfather doesn't have much hair. D. Brian’s sister wears a green T-shirt.


There is a big supermarket(超市) near Mrs. Green’s home. She usually goes

there to buy food. The shop assistants are polite(有礼貌的)and helpful. The things are cheap, too.

One day, Mrs. Green goes to the supermarket. She buys some noodles. Biscuits(饼干)are also their children’s favorite food. And she buys some milk. Her children always have milk for breakfast. Mimi likes fish and Tim likes hot dogs. She buys some fish and sausages(香肠)for them, too. Mrs. Green doesn't have any rice at home. So she buys a bag of rice, but she can’t take it. It is very heavy. Her husband, Mr. Green is coming to the supermarket and carry(搬运)the rice. ( ) 11. Where’s the supermarket?

A. In Mrs. Green’s house. B. Near Mrs. Green’s house.

C. Under the street. D. In the mall(商业街). ( ) 12. Who likes biscuits?

A. Mrs. Green and Mr. Green. B. Mrs. Green and Tim.

C. Mrs. Green and Mimi. D. Tim and Mimi. ( ) 13. Mimi likes _______.

A. fish B. hot dogs C. rice D. vegetable ( ) 14. Does Mrs. Green buy a bag of rice?

A. Yes, she does. B. No, she doesn't . C. Yes, she is. D. We don't know. ( ) 15. Who helps Mrs. Green take the rice?

A. Mr. Green. B. Mrs. Green. C. Mimi. D. Tim.


Please look at my family photo.

Those are my grandparents. These are my parents. My mother is Susan. She likes red. She likes apples for breakfast. And she often plays ping-pong. That is my brother. His name is Jack. He doesn’t like red. He just likes white. He often has milk for breakfast and then plays soccer. Now this is me. my name is Tony. I like blue very much. My sweaters, my T-shirts, my pants, my shoes are all blue. For my breakfast, I like eggs. I don’t like soccer. It’s so boring. I just like tennis. It’s so fun.

第II卷 非选择题(共计50分)

四.词汇(每小题1分,共10分) A)根据句意及首字母提示补全单词

1.Li Ming and Lid Ping are Jim’s good f_______________. 2.What’s your telephone n____________? 3.John Smith’s f___________ name is Smith.

4.The boys are my uncle’s sons,and they are my c_____________. 5.T____________ are English books and those are math books. B )用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。

6.Look at that boy._________(he) name is Wang Xin. 7.The ___________(girl) name is Kate.

8.________(that)are my colorful(彩色的)pencils. 9.This is my __________(parents)room.

10.Look! The________(plant)are on the floor! 五.任务型阅读(每小题2分,共10分)

Do you know London(伦敦) Zoo? London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific (科学的) zoo. It has a history (历史)of about 180 years.

London Zoo has about 755 kinds of animals. There are lions, camels(骆驼), giraffes, snakes, tigers, monkeys and many more. There is also an aquarium(水族馆)in the zoo. It has many kinds of fishes. London Zoo doesn’t open every day. It doesn’t open on December (十二月)25th. So do not go to visit it on that day. The zoo opens at 10 am and closes at 4 pm in winter and 5: 30 pm in spring, summer and autumn. 根据短文内容回答问题 1. How old is London Zoo?

_____________________________________________________ 2. How many kinds of animals does London Zoo have?

_____________________________________________________ 3. Is there an aquarium in the zoo?

_____________________________________________________ 4. Does London Zoo open every day?

_____________________________________________________ 5. What time does the zoo open in winter?



。 pencil case.It’s orange(橙色的).It’s my pencil case.What’s in the pencil case ? a ruler. It is blue red.That is a pencil.It is black and white. It is my pencil. Look! That girl is Lucy.It is pencil. boy is Tim. I his green pen in the pencil . I Tim at 789-0003. is his telephone number.

1.__________2.__________3.__________4.__________5.__________ 6.__________7.__________8.__________9.__________10._________ 七.补全对话(每小题2分,共10分)


A:1.___________________________________________________? B:Your alarm clock? Is it on the table?

A:2.____________________________________________. B:Is it on the sofa?

A:3._____________________________________.Thanks,mom. B:Take it to your bedroom, please.

A:OK,mom.4.______________________________________? B:Your keys ?They are on the desk.

A:5.______________________________________? B:No, they aren’t . They are your sister’s books.










2013年人教新目标七年级英语上册期中测试题 参考答案

一. 1.B 2.C3.A4.A5.B6.B 7.C 8.C9.A 10.A 11.B 12.C 13.A14.B15.C 16.D 17.C18.B19.A20.B

二. 1.B2. C3. D4. D5. C6. B7. A8. B9. C 10. D

三.1.B 2.A 3.B4.A 5.D

6.D7.A8.C 9.D 10.B

四. A)1.friend 2.number 3.family 4.cousins 5.These

B ) 1.His 2.girl’s 3.Those 4.parents’ 5.plants


1 It’s about 180 years old.

2 About 755.

3 Yes, there is.

4 No, it doesn’t

5 10 am.

六.1.a 2.It’s 3.and 4.not 5.her 6.That 7.find 8.case 9.call 10.It 七.

1.Mom,where’s my alarm clock?/Where’s my alarm clock?

2.No,it isn’t.

3.Yes,it is.

4.Where’s my keys?

5.Are they your books?


Myself/This is me

Hello,everybody!My name is Kathy and I'm eleven years old.I'm at *** Middle School.I'm a clever and beautiful girl.There are 3 people in my family.They are my father ,my mother and me.I love them and they love me very much, too.My favourite sport is running .I like reading ,riding a bike and drawing pictures . I want everybody to be my friend.

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