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最新人教版新目标八年级上U10Self Check

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Unit 10 If you go to the party, you’ll have a good time!

复习: if 句型
If意为如果,表示条件,if引导的句子是从句, 用现在时态,主句则用将来时态。也就是所谓的 “主将从现”。如: If you eat less, you will be thinner. If you work hard, you will be successful. If you come to school late, your teacher will be angry with you.

I. Fill in the blanks
meeting teenagers video experience

1.If my family travels to a new country this summer, I’ll send you a letter about my __________. experience

2. Will you watch the ______with me if you are free video this weekend?
3.If the __________ stay out too late, their parents teenagers will worry about them. 4. I’ll go to the________ if it ends by 5:00p.m.

II. Complete the conversation with the words in the box.
are A: Hi, Sally. ____ yougoing to the party ____ tomorrow? B: I _____ to, but I can’t. want if A: Oh, But _____ you don’t go to the party, you _____ miss all the fun! will B: I know, but I got into a _____ with my fight parents. A: Hmm… then you should just say sorry _____ to your parents. will B: I guess you’re right. I _____ talk to them tonight.


sorry going

III. Use your information! What will you do if …

1. it rains all weekend?
I will stay at home.

2. there’s an English test tomorrow?
I will work hard / go to bed early tonight.

3. your cousin decides to come and visit from another town?
I will …..

Complete the sentences using your own ideas. If I eat too much lunch, _______________. I will feel sick I’ll cook delicious food for you If I am a good cook, _____________________________. If I watch too much TV, _______________________. I won’t have enough sleep others won’t help me If I don’t help others, ______________________.

练 习:
1. 用括号内所给词的正确形式填空
1. I’m sure if he _____ (go) to the party, he__________ goes will have (have) a great time. stops 2. If the rain _______(stop) tonight, we will go to the cinema.

have 3. I’ll buy a computer if I ______(have) enough money.
do won’t get 4. You ___________ (not get) nervous if you _____

(do) enough exercise.

5. If she ____ (be) kind to me, I _____________ is won’t argue

(not argue) with her.
6. I want to know if he ________(come) tomorrow, comes comes if he _______(come), I __________(give) the will give message to him. pay 7. If you ______ (pay) more attention to that, he won’t get _________ (not get) injured.

8. Mr Li will be mad if we _______(break) the rules. break is won’t go 9. If it _____ (be) cloudy, they ____________(not go) there by air. will arrive 10.Please let us know if he _________ (arrive) tomorrow.

arrives Please let us know if he _________ (arrive) tomorrow.


11. Shall I say “Hello” when the foreigner _______ comes (come) into the classroom?

12. He’ll get better grades if

he ________ (study ) studies
hard. will be 13. If you work really hard, you ________ (be) famous and rich.

2. 根据汉语意思, 完成下列句子
1. 如果你向他请求, 他会帮助你。 If you _____ him, he _________ you. ask will help 2. 我说那天是星期二, 实际上是星期一。 was in fact I said it _____Tuesday, but ______ it was Monday. 3. 为了赶火车, 她匆匆做完了她的工作。 ___________ catch the train, she hurried through In order to her work. 4. 她问那是否够了。 She asked ____________ enough. if that was 5. 我们玩得很快乐。 a great time We have ______________.

3. 用下列词语的正确形式填空
chance laugh against organize leave

1. I am _________ England next week. leaving laugh at 2. Everyone __________ his foolish words. organized 3. Jane ___________ the party, and the friends

enjoyed themselves.
chance 4. I met him by _______ in the street.

against 5. No one is ________ this plan.

1. Copy and recite the new words&

grammar focus.
2. 模仿编对话五个.

I think I’ll do ____. If you do, you’ll ____.

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