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7A Unit2导学案(5)

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英语导学案 (7A Unit2)

课题: Integrated skills

课 时 目 标

1. To get information by reading.

2. To get information from the listening materials

3. To complete an article with the information

4. To make communications with the related topics

课 前 导 学


(study) in a middle school . She has a brother called Tom. They (get) up at six every day. Then they (have) four classes in the morning and two in

the afternoon. The first class (begin) at eight. She and her classmates (do) homework at school. After school she with Tom (go) home together. Usually Millie (not watch) TV. She watches TV on Saturday only. Millie (like ) singing and (dance). She can dance well.

课 堂 活 动

Step 1 Presentation

T: What sport do you like ? Guide Ss to read the introductions.

Pair work

Step 2 Listening practice

1. Guide Ss to choose the related information according to the introductions.

2. Play the tape and get Ss to complete the rest information. Play the tape two or three times if necessary.

Step 3 Practice

1. Encourage Ss to ask and answers in pairs.

2. Choose some pairs to act out in front of the class.

Step 4 Listening practice

1. Guide Ss to listen to the tape and complete the form in A2.

2. Check the answers in pairs first, then check in the whole class

3. Ss read the notes together.

Step 5 Speaking up

Arouse Ss to review :What do you often do after school?

Step 6 Listening Practice


Step 7 Practice

1. Play the tape again and get Ss to read after the tape.

2. Get Ss to read the conversation in different ways.

Step 8 Consolidation

1. Divide the Ss in groups of three, encourage them to make up a similar dialogue according to the one in the book.

2. Arouse them to play different roles.

3. Choose different groups to act out their dialogues in front of the class.

课 堂 反 馈


(其他的) can play table tennis?

2. They like (购物) at weekends.

3. We all think reading is (有趣的事).

4. That girl is good at (画画).

5. I want to make it come (变为现实).


1. I ___________ (walk) to school every day .

2. Millie TV after supper.

3. Sometimes we lunch at home.

5. Lucy to school with her friend every day.


( do you usually do in the evening?

---I usually do my homework.

A. When B. How C. What D. Where

( can you do?

--Read some books.

A. What else B. What other C. How else D. How other

( ) 3. _______ the weekend, Daniel enjoys talking his friends.

A .At; with B. In; with C. In; to D. On; about

( ) 4. ---She sometimes plays tennis?



A. Yes ; she is B. No; she doesn’t C. Good idea D. Me too

( ) 5. More and more foreign friends enjoy to Peking Opera.

A. listen B. to listen C. listening D. listens

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