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九年级英语UNIT10 Section B new

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Go for it J9


Exercise had you 1.How many English words __________ learned _____________(learn) by the end of last term? had finished 2.After I ______________________(finish) doing my homework, I went to sleep. had seen 3.He ___________________(see)the film before he came to our school. 4.When I found the house, the children had run _________________(run) away. 5.By the time she went outside, her had left mother_____________(leave).

April Fool’s Day 愚人节

When is April Fool’s Day ? April 1st. What do people usually do on April Fool’s Day? People play jokes on each other. People fool each other. “He is an April Fool.” What does it mean? It means he is fooled by others. Have you ever fooled by others?

Listening (2a, 2b: P79)

No name




1.______ a costume party D 2.______ my alarm went off N 3.______ stayed up all night J 4. ______ was exhausted J 5. ______ really embarrassed D 6. ______ the other kids showed up N

Reading (3a: P80)
believable fool announce Mars describe convincing panic authorities reveal hoax fled
可信的 愚弄 宣布 火星 描述 有说服力的 恐慌 权威机构 揭露 骗局,玩笑 flee 的过去

Learn the new words first.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

spaghetti local sell out marry thrill get married reply ending

意大利面条 当地的 卖完 结婚 非常激动,紧张 结婚 答复 结局

Read and answer the question.3a Who told the three lies? An actor A reporter A TV star

Read Passage 1 again, and answer:

1.What did the actor say?
An actor said aliens landed on the earth.

2.What did the people do after hearing it?
People believed him and people fled from their homes.

3.Is the story told by the actor true?
No, it was a hoax(愚弄).

The second passage on the left
What did the A reporter announced that reporter there would be no more announce? spaghetti. What did Many people ran to buy as people do? much spaghetti as they could. What is the All of the spaghetti across the influence (影 country had been sold out. 响)of the news?

The third passage on the right: 1.Do you think it was a funny joke?

2.If you were the girl, were you willing to be the TV star’s girlfriend from then on?

1.I was waiting for the school but it didn’t realized come.Then I ___________ it was Saturday. 2.I woke up late this morning. I had to really _____ to get to school on time. rush 3.There’s a good TV show tonight but it’s at 1:00 am. I don’t want stay up to_______that late.

4.Sallyinvited me to her birthday ______ party.It’s at her house on Saturday. 5.Do you know where John is? He was going to meet me earlier but he didn’tshow up

化妆舞会 在愚人节 激起,引起;出发 从…逃跑 揭露 向某人泄露某事 卖完 穿衣服

1. a costume party 2.on April Fool’s Day 3.set off 4.flee from 5.reveal that reveal sth to sb 6.sell out 7..get dressed

与某人结婚 结婚 结婚一段时间 与某人开玩笑


marry sb ge

t married be married for+时间

9. play a joke on sb play jokes on sb 10. say hello to sb 11. so…that…

向某人打招呼 如此…以致于

Exercise : 1.昨天他出了什么事情? What happened to him yesterday? 2. 由于不好的消息,引起了全国性的恐慌 Panic set off across the whole country because of the bad news. 3. 他逃离了那危险的地方。 He fled from the dangerous place. 4. 她向我透漏了一些秘密。 She revealed some secrets to me.

5. 汤姆向玛丽求婚。 Tom asked Mary to marry him. 6. 他喜欢和我开玩笑。 He likes playing jokes on me. 7. 老师很生气,以致于让Jack站了很久。 The teacher is so angry that he makes Jack stand long. 8. 在愚人节那天他卖光了所有的玩具蛇。
He sold out all the toy snakes on April Fool’s Day.

stay up late rush to, lock have dinner

w re a

Last night Luo Ming stayed up late for her favorite movie. When she woke

up this morning, she was surprised to
find that it was 10 o’clock. She got up

in a hurry and rushed to school by bike.
When she got to school, she found that the school gate was locked. She realized

that it was Sunday.

Then she visited her friend Yang. She had a happy time there. In the

afternoon she visited her grandma and
grandpa and had dinner with them.

Then she went home. After finishing
her homework, she watched TV for an hour. And then she went to bed. She

had a happy and exciting day.

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