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1. A. I’m afraid you can’t B. That’s great C. It doesn’t matter

2. A. Good idea B. At 7 o’clock C. Not at all

3. A. No, please do it. B. Yes, you can do it. C. It’s very kind of you.

4. A. She is better now. B. She likes dancing. C. She is tall and pretty.

5. A. Since last month. B. September. C. Six o’clock


6. A. Football. B. Basketball. C. Baseball.

7. A. Hiking. B. Fishing. C. Swimming.

8. A. By car. B. By bus. C. By bike.

9. A. Because he has no time. B. Because he is busy. C. Because he has guitar lesson.

10. A. By listening to the tape. B. By listening to the radio. C. By listening to the music. 听下面一段小对话,完成11~12小题

11. A. At 1:30 . B. At 1:45 . C. At 2:00 .

12. A. With soldiers. B. With friends . C. With classmates .


13. A. Because she doesn’t know the language .

B. Because she has never been abroad .

C. Because she doesn’t know the culture there .

14. A. Watches . B. Time . C. Culture .

15. A. She can’t be late .

B. She should buy a present.

C. She should take some flowers .


build. She has two big eyes and , I would like to ask her for help.




1. I’m sorry I’m late.

2. Shall we go hiking this afternoon?

3. Would you mind if I open the window?

4. What does she look like?

5. How long have you been there?


6. M: Lucy, what’s your favorite sport?

W: Football. I like playing football best.

Q: What’s Lucy’s favorite sport?

7. M: Did you go hiking last Sunday?

W: Yes, what about you?

M: I went fishing. That’s my hobby, you know.

Q: What’s the man’s hobby?

8. M: Linda, how are you going to the library today?

W: Oh, I’m going there by bike.

Q: How is Linda going to the library today?

9. M: When is your birthday?

W: Tomorrow. Can you come to my party, Bob?

M: I’d love to. But I’m afraid I will be a little late. I must have a guitar lesson first.

Q: Why will the boy be late for the party?

10. W: Your English is pretty good, Tom. How do you usually study it?

M: There’re many ways of learning. I study it by listening to the radio. It really helps. Q: How does Tom learn English?


M: What time does our football match start on Sunday?

W: The game begins at 2:00.

M: Cool! Who are we going to play with?

W: A team of soldiers, surprised?

M: Wow, they must be very strong and have excellent foot skills.

W: Maybe. But soldiers usually give a good game.

M: I’ll try my best.

W: Don’t hurt your feet these days.

M: Don’t worry. See you then.


11. When will the match start ?

12. Who are they going to play with ?


W: I’m going to Switzerland, but I am a little nervous.

M: Why are you nervous?

W: Because I don’t know the culture there.

M: Take it easy!I’m glad to tell you what you should do. Above all , don’t be late! Being on time is very important there, because they care about time.

W: I know their watches are very famous.

M: I’d like to buy such a famous watch for my father as a Father’s Day present.

W: That’s a nice idea.


13. Why does the girl feel nervous before going to Switzerland ?

14. What are famous in Switzerland ?

15. What should the girl do if she goes to a party in Switzerland ?


Every mother is great, so is my mother. My mother is a common worker. But I love her very much. She is tall and of medium build. She has two big eyes. Her hair is black and curly. I think she is very beautiful.

My mother is hard-working like many other mothers. Whenever she is at home or at work, she is always busy. On weekends, she often cleans our house and she likes planting flowers, too. She often says, “Flowers can make the air fresh and keep the house beautiful.” She often gives flowers to her friends.

She is strict in my study. She often says to me, “Study is the most important thing to a student. You must study hard. Then you can do more and better for others and yourself.”

kind to me. When I have trouble, I’d like to ask her for help.



medium curly planting strict trouble And she is also

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