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译牛 9A Unit 6 Reading课件

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check the area



two bullets


a half-eaten apple printfinger

Questions for the first reading:
1.Where was the victim found? He was found in the doorway of a clothes shop in Valley Town.

2.How old was the victim?

He was 22 years old. 3.What does the suspect look
like? The suspect is a short thin man. 4.How to contact the police? Anyone with information can contact the police on 55501212.

1.What was the job of the victim? He was a computer programmer.
2.When did the murder happen? It happened between 9 p.m

Questions for the second reading.

yesterday and 1 today.

3.Were the police sure where the
murder happened? NO, they were not sure. 4.Who was Detective Lu? He was Valley Town’s top detective. 5.How was the victim attacked? He was attacked with a knife.

6.What was the victim charged with? He was charged with breaking into several computer systems. 7.Why was the only suspect suspicious?

Because he was seen running down
Upper Street at 10 p.m yesterday

and he was breathing heavily and
had blood on his shirt.

thief clue detective witness suspect

Do T or F exercises: 1. The victim’s body was found in Valley Town._____ T 2. The victim sold computer programs._____ F 3. The victim worked in New Town._____ T 4. It is possible that there was more than one T attacker.____ 5. The police know that the victim had lots of enemies._____ F T 6. The police have one suspect so far._____ 7. The suspect is a short, fat man._____ F F 8. The police have arrested the murderer._____ 9. The victim’s parents offered a reward for information._____ T

Put the following events in order. Write the numbers 1-7 in the boxes. □a.The victim died . 4 □b.The victim’s parents offered a 7 reward for information. □c.The victim struggled with the 3 attacker(s). □d.The victim left his office in New 2 Town. 6 □e.The police checked the scene for clues. □f.The body was found in the 5 doorway of a clothes shop. 1 □g.The victim was charged with computer crimes.

Here is the detective’s report, please help him complete it.

A young man was m________ in urdered Valley Town. The body was f_______ in the doorway of a ound clothes shop. The v_______ was ictim a computer programmer who worked in New Town. When he l______ his office, he said he was eft going to visit his parents.

The murder t______ place ook between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. last night. The victim was killed w______ a knife and there was ith evidence of a s_______ . We are truggle checking the scene for f_________ , which will help us ingerprints find the murderer. A witness saw a man running down Upper Street with b______ lood on his shirt. But the man said that he was not g______ . uilty

Thank you !

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